Sunday, July 29, 2012

2 BBQs in 1 Day

Summer in Oregon.. we only have a few warm sunny months so we try to cram as much fun in before it's all over and the cold and rain begins.  Today our son and his wife had a birthday party BBQ for Gabriel at noon.  Shawn tried something new and wrapped the hotdogs with bacon and BBQed them.. and they were delish!!  Gabe asked for a banana cake with whipped cream frosting and it was great!  
They had a slip and slide up in the back yard for the kids to play on.  Gift time! 
The other kids were fascinated with the presents.. Gabe loved them all. 
We headed home long enough for a rest up and to pack up our picnic basket to take to the Friends of Multnomah Falls Annual Volunteer Picnic at Guy W. Talbot State Park in the little town of Latourell below the Falls of the same name.  It's a potluck and the dishes began to fill the banquet table.  Ours was Orange Baked Beans in the turquoise Le Creuset French oven.  They were a big hit.   
One of our volunteers was in charge of decorations and several people brought flowers for the tables... the sun was lighting these up so I snapped this shot. 
One of the ladies who came and brought her 2 grandchildren had these wonderful vintage  plates with cowboy designs on enameled tin - aren't they wonderful?  They're from the 50s. 
One of our volunteers has done the cooking for years.  He BBQed hamburgers, hotdogs and bratwurst. 
Such a nice group of people that volunteer with us. 
Oh my...  
One of the guys always brings these same two cakes from the French Baker, "Petite Provence".  Oh my.. the chocolate one had ganache over the top of cake and lots of creamy filling.. mmmm...
Almost 40 people attended! 
When the event was over, we headed home.  This is the Latourell house - the people that the community and the waterfall are named after.. it makes me sad to see this historic home rotting away.  The family still owns it but no one cared enough to save the house.  :-(
We left the little town and crossed Latourell creek flowing down through the woodland from the falls above. 
We wound our way up the historic highway and arrived at Vista House - it was 7:15 and the sun was slanting across the landscape - the farmland you see behind the structure is actually across the Columbia River Gorge - it's Washington State! 
We then headed West and pulled out at Portland Women's Forum to get this shot -- I never tire of seeing this..  
Hubby hopped out of the car and climbed up a fence to get this shot of the Vista House and the gorge with wild sweet pea in front.
So now we're home and exhausted from the day and are watching Masterpiece Mystery! - Inspector Lewis - and getting our English fix. :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. do pack a lot in on your weekends!! So much fun, and so much good food!!! I have the same turquoise dutch oven! I have several pieces and love them all!
    Your photos were spectacular!!!
    xo Kris

  2. All this food is making me really hungry about now! Everything looks delious and those cakes...YUMMMMY! Beautiful photos as always. Hubby needs to be careful climbing ladders....that looks like a big drop off just for a photo ") but beautiful..he did good!

  3. Gosh I'm exhausted too just reading about your fun/food filled day :) I've probably gained a pound or two as well !! More great pics - I think my favourite one might be the one of the dinner plate full of food. Such a shame that old house has been neglected - you know, it kinda reminds me of that old movie Psycho. xoxox

  4. What a beautiful place Oregan is...on my wishlist of places I'd love to visit! You had a whirlwind but lovely weekend!

  5. Thanks for taking me along on your travels again, Teresa [and Dayle] I had a good time =) A happy birthday celebration, a picnic, sight-seeing and Masterpiece Theatre...a good day. We roasted hotdogs around the campfire tonight which was fun and yummy, but had a little too much excitement when we moved some wood and disturbed some yellow jackets who stung a few of us in protest. Ouch!!!!! All is well now, though. What adventures will we have this week???

  6. Always wonderful joining you in all you do Teresa. Enjoying the warm months and family is a must. Here it is winter and we are away still making fun in the rain and cold lol. Latourell house is a beautiful looking place even though neglected, see many farm houses like that here in Oz. Shame. Love your pics and still getting to know my new camera ☺

    wendy, take care xo

  7. Such a beautiful day, beautiful scenery and fun with family and friends.

  8. Now, that's a picnic. What a fun day. By the way, my dutch in the royal blue. We just had it out this weekend and made home made sauce from all our tomatoes. I never get tired of a visit to your beautiful landscapes. Have a sweet week.

  9. It was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L aweekend in Portland. Everywhere we went on Saturday people said, "It's the perfect weather. Can it just stay like this the rest of the year?" As we drove back to Spokane through the Gorge yesterday we relished the fantastically blue skies over the Columbia and cliffs. The sail-boarders were out "en mass"e at The Dalles and Hood River. What a wonderful drive home. Today, I'm heading out to our trailer. It's back!!!! Whoo-hoo!

  10. What a busy weeekend you had but so enjoyable. The children are so lovely. Great photos as always bringing all you write about to life. The food looked so good- I was hungry looking at it. I am trying to eat more healthily but it is so hard sometimes (sigh) love Anne x

  11. I love looking at your blog, your's is the best I have seen. All that food, your plate of food looks delicious, especially with your orange beans. The children looked like they had a wonderful time. Ashame about the house in despair. Hope you ate some of the chocolate cake for me! (cathy-ed4448

  12. Saudades de você Teresa.
    Seus posts sempre tão bonitos.
    Que família mais linda.
    DEUS abençoe à todos.

  13. Bacon makes everything better! lol Love the flowers in jars and those vintage plates! Happy Birthday to Gabe!

  14. Banana Cake...sounds delicious and I'm having a craving for sweets now!

  15. I can imagine you never get tired of seeing is beautiful landscape. And that was a good picknick, it all just looks yummy. A nice group of people.

    Groetjes, Gerda

  16. Hello !
    Thank you for all the pictures (the last one is particulary fantastic !! bravo to your husband), and for all the explanations of course.
    Nice to see a french touch in your beautifull day : "Le Creuset French oven",the cakes from the french baker "La petite Provence" !
    I always like to see and to read you.
    Julie (from France)

  17. Beautiful photos and the food looks and sounds scrumptious! It is too bad about the historic house, I bet it was really pretty in it's day. Hope you are enjoying your week. Heather

  18. Such a lovely post Teresa...wonderful company, pretty flowers and I love the vintage enamel plates too!
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  19. Hey there! I live in Oregon and often go visit the abandoned house on Latourell and have always wondered about it's history and story. Do you have anymore information? Like why and when it was abandoned?? Love your blog!


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