Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pouffy Pillow Ta-Dah!

I finally finished the other side of my pouffy pillow!  I used the free granny circle pattern and my Lucy Stylecraft color pack left over from the neat ripple afghan behind it.  For the reverse side I used Chroma from KnitPicks in the color "Lollipop".  I set up my photo "shoot" on the deck, it's a perfect day here! 
The hydrangeas are in bloom and the waterfall and pond are making lovely watery sounds and the air is warm... just super nice.
I brought out my Jadeite cup and saucer with some green tea and a bran muffin to enjoy the afternoon.
I have my crochet project in my sea shell bag that I got in Shari's Crochet giveaway - my current project is the slouchie hat for my DIL Kristi.  I'm getting near the end on it.  Then I will start on my shawl I saw on Pammy Sue's blog.  :-) 
I really like this granny circle design as you can't see the "join seam" so it doesn't detract from the design.
After these photos I am sitting out on the deck crocheting and visiting with my hubby and  our son and our 2 grandson's are riding their "quads" around the pasture and through our woods... this is Michael who is 12 and is shooting up fast!  
This is the other side of the pillow.. I'm dismayed that you can see a "seam" and wished I would have done a continuous spiral and not the "step up" design.  So, this is the back.
I do like the colors and the yarn, it's a wool acrylic blend in a single ply, much like handspun yarn. 
The boys. 
Going ridin' 
Into the pasture... 
A newly bloomed brilliant Stargazer Lily. 
The chickens are settling into a better behaved bunch.  Dayle cut some cantaloupe up for them. 
Zooming across the ridge in the hillside behind the house. 
The pouf, it's filled with feathers. 
Kristi's slouchie hat is coming along. 
Last night the moon looked almost full so I tried my new camera on it.  Hmmm.. I might try again tonight.
OK, time to go see how Dayle is coming on the final chicken pen security feature, digging down outside the fence and attaching wire fencing to the bottom and covering it up with dirt... JUST in case something decides to dig under it and try to get our hens!  :-)  Our other son just pulled in with our littlest grandsons - so we'll be cooking up a quadruple batch of macaroni and cheese tonight.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Que trabalhos lindos Teresa.

  2. Love how your pillow turned out! That first picture of your grandson is downright scary. It gives me the creeps!

  3. Hello there...what a lovely nice day to sit outside and crochet....Question?....did someone else make you a shell bag just like the one I sent you? You had mention that it came from Kashi's Giveaway! :)
    The boys look so cute all dressed up in the bike geer...first photos looks like he is ready for battle...LOL! Looks like they had a great day and looks like it would be so hot underneath all that stuff! Chickens look happy and enjoy the day as well....what a great treat for them.
    Talk again soon....Shari ")

    1. Hi Shari, I made an error.. it's fixed now. ::blush:: I was doing this post out on the deck and the kids were running around and I was rushing to finish so I could hang out with everyone. Thanks for calling my attention to my goof!! I love the bag you made! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    2. Oh..it was all ok Teresa...I knew it was just a little minor goof ")

  4. Oh....me again...the pillow and blanket are lovely!

  5. Thanks for another good post, Teresa!

    I love looking at your beautiful crochet projects and flowers and photos!

    It is wonderful you have such a safe place for the boys to zoom around,
    and that they have such fun safety gear to wear to protect themselves from the
    horrible scrapes my kids suffered through, back in the day.

    My kids are reading through your chicken fort posts to see how Dayle
    is building it, and I am hoping they will be inspired to build one for us =)

    So glad you were able to enjoy the perfect weather we had today, too!
    Hugs from Gracie

  6. Teresa, that spot there on the deck, with the beautiful flowers and hostas, with the soothing sound of water, so inviting!! What a great place to sit and crochet, or read, or do nothing. Love the pics of the boys all outfitted head to toe in protective gear. And the meadow, the barn, the land you live on, it is so beautiful!
    When I hear you tell of your family gatherings, it really does remind me so much of our life, and the sorts of things we do.
    The moon was spectacular again tonight I noticed as I was locking up the coop!
    Oh, and the girls look quite happy there in the new "digs" that Dayle built. Eggs soon!!!!
    XO Kris

  7. Beautiful moon shot, love a good full moon. Well all your shots are great.
    Love the motorcycle gear the boys wear!! And the cushion is excellent Teresa.
    Still enjoying rain and cold while away and walking and riding our bikes xo


  8. Love the cushion, Teresa, and the blanket, too. Perfect setting.
    Hen x

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous! Love the colors, so nice and pretty. Love the bag also .. You are so lucky! :)

    Oh and belated Happy Birthday to yr grandson. I was on vacation and didn't get good reception to write before. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. :)

  10. Ooooh! Your hook has been 'smokin' I love the round Granny cushion. Great photographs as always. Those chickens are going to be safe and sound with all the TLC going in to their security. The two older boys are beginning to look very grown up. Doesn't time fly! It sounds like you are all having a fantastic Summer. xxx

  11. Oh wow, your cushion is fabulous, and so clever to avoid the seam The Lucy colours go so well with real flowers...never mind about the back, it has character and is hand made with love! Very envious of where you live too, stunning photos and imagine having enough land for quad bikes.....great fun! I would love to have chickens one day, don't need quite as much land for them. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects in progress too. Fionax

  12. Just cracked up at the above comment from Inthesky and your "smokin hook" Love it!! Fx

  13. Hi Teresa, I love the pillow. The back too. I think the yarn is neat and I can't wait to see the slouchy hat. Talk to you soon. XOXO

  14. Another lovely post full of lovely things. I've just finished a 'Lucy Bag' and was also dismayed at the slip-stitch joining which totally spoils the look of the bag but your cushion really is pretty and I love the zingy colours.
    I love the pic of your grandson in his gear - he looks like a Startrooper!I could quite happily move into that cute little outhouse to the right of the quad bikes, the one with the little windmill outside - I'd be a very good and quiet tenant!!!lol
    Daughter-in-law will be thrilled with the hat - nice colours - did you knit the ribbing headband or is that crocheted too - love your crochet hook?

  15. Love the pillows and the photo shoot. The boys are getting tall and they look like they are having a grand time. I think you are going to make the BoHo shawl am I correct? I can not seem to get on the Lion Brand website because my computer does not allow cookies, I can't get the pattern so I may have to opt out of this one. Pammy Sue stated a shawl frenzy.

  16. Looks like a beautifully relaxing place to crochet. Your pillow turned out great and looks really nice with your ripple. Happy day to you. Heather

  17. Awesome photos (as always) :)

    I love your pillow. So bright and cheerful....the hat is coming along nicely, too. :)

  18. I love your gorgeous new squashy pillow and all the super bright colours in this summery post. What fun the boys are having riding around the pasture too! Enjoy your lovely summer days, Teresa!
    Helen x

  19. Hi Teresa - a lovely post as always and super photos. The pillow is so cheery just love it. You are certainly very busy with your crochet hook. My DIL visited this afternoon with my anddaughters. We were outside for a little while and the girls watered al my pots for me - use water from the water butt which has certainly got filled up with all the rain we have had this summer. Love Anne x

  20. Wow Teresa, that cushion is beautiful! And such gorgeous pictures! I am loving the slouchy hat as well, do post a pic when it's finished! :-) xxxx

  21. Everything is so pretty!!! The cushion, your hydrangeas..your back yard for that matter. I don't know that I'd ever leave if I ever visit. I can't believe how much those boys are growing!!

    You know that we get the blue moon this month? The next time this happens is in 2015.

  22. Teresa, I love your granny circle pillow, your delightful patio, and that you're married to your high school sweetheart. :~) Thanks for the glimpses into your world!

  23. It looks terrific - in every location!


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