Thursday, August 2, 2012

Farm Photo Safari

The dog wanted a walk.. or mainly to see what Dayle was up to.. so I stuck my camera in my pocket and off we went for our walk.  Hubby was at the top of another ladder scrubbing the slide-outs on the trailer.  We're preparing for departure in a week for our annual camping trip/family reunion.  Our President Lincoln rose is in bloom!  See the dirt patches?  Those are courtesy of our large community of moles. :-)
Look at the velvety color on these petals. And it smells sooooo good! 
Another rose on the bush with 3 buds behind it. 
The pink rose with yellow at the base of the petals - I don't know the name of this one. 
A few years ago we got a bag of assorted lily bulbs and this Tiger Lily is a product of those.  Love it! 
Beyonce the chicken. 
The girls are getting along way better now that they've spent a few weeks together and they have a nice big yard to enjoy.  Shelby is the brighter one.
Buffy, Lacey, Shelby and Beyonce -- the littlest and youngest, Hershey, is at the bottom of the pecking order. 
Our apple tree is loaded this year! 
The garden around the creek and waterfalls is ... shall I say "lush".. instead of overgrown? :-)  I planted a hardy fuchsia next to my garden statue and it's finally, after 6 years or so, filled out nicely! 
Can you just hear the sound of the water falling? 
Purple hydrangea - these are great hardy shrubs! 
Dayle has wintered over these pretty geraniums for years now, on a shelf near the glass door of the stairway to our basement.  There are pots of lavender and peppermint behind them. 
Our potted red banana wintered over in my office, but when we first put it outside it got battered badly by cold blasts of East wind... but it's doing fine now!  Behind it is a very lush variety of bamboo, and behind that.. our woods.
This tiny little rose bloomed from a tiny little pot, I need to get these planted -- I got 4 of them from this wonderful garden - "Heritage Roses".   
When I took the dog back in the house I noticed the sun over the flower fields across the road so went out to get a photo.  What a nice thing to have across the street, eh?  The moles have been very busy in our front yard! 
A zoom in to show you the flowers grown by several Laotian families, they sell pretty bouquets at the Portland area farmers markets.  These are dahlias. 
This is our poor unused front porch.  We used to sit on the swing a lot, before we had the new deck installed and then the "water feature" put in.  Yes, I need to sweep and put some rattan chairs and a table out here to make it more inviting.. I'll get to that one of these days. :-) 
Night before last I got this shot of the full moon.  :-)
I have some fun things to share with you, but that's for another post.  I have some housekeeping to do today!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. No leave us with our curiosity piqued, and wanting more!!!! Love the flowers! Roses, lilies, dahlias...all favorites. How very fortunate you are to have such lush beauty at your every turn! The porch told me it would love to have one of your fun afghans and pillows out there for an afternoon of reading soon.
    Glad the girls are getting along nicely now. I had thought that I was especially lucky with no one fighting in my clan. But I now notice that one has some evidence of pecking about the neck area. I have watched them closely and only see one culprit. And it is the little one of the lot. Go figure!!!
    Happy Day to you, and hurry with your news!! Inquiring minds want to know!!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Hi Teresa, such a pretty post. Your flowers look so healthy and I love the statue of the girl in your garden by the waterfall; she looks like she would have a story to tell. I'm with Kris on the afghan and pillows on the front porch swing, looks like a great place to cozy up with a good book. Take care and have a great day. Heather

  3. I just love all your photos! Your roses are so beautiful, your chickens are even pretty! What an awesome capture of the moon. My favorite is your pond. I adore your pond. Thanks for sharing your photos, life and your family with us to enjoy. Cathy

  4. Such gorgeous flowers! And your chickens!! I'm so jealous!

  5. Beautiful flowers and the chickens are so pretty. Lucky you having your own wood, creek and waterfall. I do love where you live. Love Anne x

  6. I adore seeing your waterfall/pond area. Just beautiful and the colors you captured here are so vivid!

  7. Your roses are stunning! I love roses and don't have a bush in my yard..looking for a good climber for my front porch! Have a great can it be that time already. xoxo

  8. LOVE your front porch! If it gets morning sun I would have my breakfast out there---I love covered porches! You know you can always put a small water feature on it--if you like the sound of running water (which I do).
    Love the dahlia fields across from you:)

  9. What a view across your street. I'm so jealous of your flower field view. Would you believe we used to eat tiger lilies when I was a child? I'm surprised I grew to adulthood! Where are you going camping? I can't wait for those pictures.


  10. So glad Buddy wanted to go for a walk, and you took your camera along! And the moon shots you have taken recently are really stunning! Annnnd we have an active community of moles over here, too, so you are not alone in your hospitality. Annnnnnd harmony in the chicken fort will no doubt lead to good egg production! Thanks for posting ... leaving us with a tease of fun posts to come, Teresa =)
    Gracie xxx

  11. Lovely property you have ... It's so nice to have all this space :) beautiful!

  12. Gosh I love those pictures beautiful flowers to say the least Teresa.
    WOW what a garden you have. And as said before I love full moon shots ☺☺
    Thankyou for visiting my blog too ☺♥

  13. Love yor garden, gorgeous roses!!! And waterfalls, oh my. groetjes, Gerda

  14. I love wandering around your garden with you Teresa. That picture of the rose close-up is awesome. You should enter that in a photographic competition !! Have a nice weekend. xoxox

  15. what lovely photos Teresa. Glad to see you girls are settling in well. I LOVE your front porch...I could just see myself swinging there in the sunshine...gorgeous. Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  16. All of your photos look like they come out of a fairy tale!! They are all so lovely. You live in a very beautiful place. you get everything to bloom?
    I have some things that have bloomed, is mainly a lot of greenery! I want flowers to...not just the green stuff!
    Hugs to you!Shari

  17. What a wonderful place to live, thank you for sharing it with us x


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