Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Gift and Vintage Finds

I got a call recently from Nancy, the lady who stayed and cared for our house and pets while we went to Washington DC.  She obviously noticed my dollhouse in the living room - and she is moving - and she asked me if I wanted some dollhouse furniture she'd collected for years.  I told her yes, how nice of her and made arrangements to come in the next day and pick up the box.  Needless to say I was excited to see what was in all the little boxes! 
Look at all the wonderful miniature items she gave me!!  I also felt sad to know that she'd collected these all those years and never got her own dollhouse.  
How about a closer look? 

A game table with two red velvet chairs and a rug that I'm sure Nancy braided herself. 
 Two paintings for the walls.
A parlour table with carved birds underneath and a REAL marble top!! 

A baby crib, play pen and high chair! 
A fancy "breakfront" china cabinet. 
Parlour settee and chair upholstered in pretty blue fabric. 
A brass double bed with foam mattress, bedcover and pillows! 
A grandfather "case" clock which opens and there is a pendulum and weights. And a Singer treadle sewing machine! :-) 

This is a table with a revolving lazy susan and four chairs with rope seats. 
A nice dining table with a LEAF, 4 chairs - and a porcelain tea set.. so tiny! 
How cute are these? 
An ironing board. 
The kitchen set much like my grandparents used - a dry sink and pump, the ice box and a "kitchen queen" - it even has a flour sifter in the center of the top and a place to add the flour on top, and on the bottom right is a tin covered drawer for keeping the flour, plus a pull out bread board!  :-)
The wood stove is much like the one in my grandmother's kitchen, it heated the whole house and she did all her cooking and baking in and on it.  Also was the brass tea kettle. :-) 
This is a "player piano" that has a music box inside which you wind up on the back - it plays tunes like rag time.. and a violin with a bow.   
Here is the real porcelain bathroom set. 
A fireplace that even has smoke stained brick inside.. teehee.. bellows on top, brass fireplace set.. and andirons!  To the left is a miniature shelf.. lol! 
A comfy wing back chair and ottoman.  Aren't these things wonderful?  I will use what I can in my dollhouse and give some to my DIL Kristi who just inherited a dollhouse from her dad but has no furniture. :-) 
AND.... remember the enameled tin camping plates I fell in love with at the picnic the other day?  WELL..... on a whim that evening I looked on Etsy to see if I could find some and there was this ONE set of 4 plates and 4 cups.  And now they are mine. :-D  We'll be using them on our camping trip that we leave for in a few days - in our trailer. 
Fun cups with the artwork around each one.. 
These are nice big plates, here is the corn dog dinner I made for Dayle the other night. :-)
And that's not all... I found a pair of vintage Westmoreland Glass Jadeite candlesticks to add to my collection the other day.. AND Dayle found this vintage batter bowl on Craigslist yesterday - we picked it up in Vancouver before we did our camping food shopping at Costco.
I love how Jadeite is translucent.  This will work great for making pancakes!
If you like the candles, I got them on the Cath Kidston web store.
I've been finding way too many things I "can't live without". :-)
So... I better get to packing for our trip.  I've been making lists and tidying the house and doing dishes and stuff... did you notice my new header?  That's where we're heading in a few days.  :-)  I hope you're enjoying your weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. WOW! how nice was she....that was so sweet! I love the new header! looks great!
    Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. Take lots of pictures which I know you will.Take care and have fun!

  2. What fun things to add to your collections. The doll house furniture is really neat. XOXO

  3. That was very thoughtful of your friend. I'm sure when she saw your miniatures, she knew you would appreciate her collection. Love your candles, so colorful and fun. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Heather

  4. What a great friend to give you those amazing mini items. wow.
    Love your plates and cups too. Have fun away, looks beautiful.
    We go away again soon with our van so will have more fun pics then lol.

    wendy xo

  5. How wonderful that she gave those pieces to you. My daughter is in love with them and has now professed that she needs a dollhouse:)

  6. How generous of her to give you those exquisite pieces. It will be fun to decorate! Hope you have a wonderful vacation. The picture looks lovely.

  7. Wowie...just look at all of that wonderful furniture! I wish I could remember where mine is. It must be up in the rafters somewhere. She was very kind to give it to you!
    I love your new camping plates. They are just darling! You are all set now!!!
    Have fun!!!
    XO Kris

  8. My goodness Teresa, I bet you felt like you'd won lotto. What a wonderful thing for your friend to do and yes I agree with you, its sad that she's collected all these magnificent pieces and never been able to display them. I can't get over the detail in some of the items - just fantastic !! I'm looking forward to seeing how you use them in your dolls house. xoxox

  9. what a wonderful and generous gift Teresa. I am sure Nancy is delighted that you will be able to display all these beauties. Love your camping set...what fun you will have with those. I am hoarse this morning after shouting at the TV last night with the AMAZING 3 golds team GB won in the athletics...took us 100 years to do it by boy did they do it in style! Happy Sunday,
    Jane x

  10. Teresa!!
    What a fantastic gift for that woman to give you! The doll house furniture is fantastic! I have some of the smae pieces. I bet you can not wait to set it up in your doll house!!
    It is sad that she never got her own doll house but I am sure she is happy that it went to someone who will cherish it.
    LOVE the jadite too!


  11. Wow, what a wonderful gift of doll's house furniture you received!! It all looks amazing....I especially loved the little kitchen things, and the cot and high chair set, and the brass bed with it's covers.....:)
    Your new jadeite is so pretty, I love that effect and colour. Hope you soon get everything sorted for your next trip, love the new camping set! Have a lovely week, Teresa.
    Helen x

  12. Love love love! What a lucky week you are having. :) x

  13. Oh I love those tiny bits and bobs for the dollhouse! I can't even decide what pieces I like best. Enjoy all of your new toys :)

  14. What a wonderful gift! The furniture is all just beautiful. Have fun camping-I'm heading to my trailer tomorrow morning! :-)

  15. WOW! they look like real pieces of furniture, such fab detail lucky you, what a collection you have got there.
    Have a wonderful trip, we have been discussing where too next, thinking Portugal may be...friends and us never been before.
    Have fun catch up when you get back.
    Hugs x

  16. Wonderful gift... They look sooo cute. The plates look fun also. I hope you HV fun on tour trip :)

  17. What a nice gift, and how generous for her to give them to you. You will have to build an addition to the dollhouse to fit them all in, lol. Your plates and cups are cute too. Lucky find for you. Have a safe camping trip.
    Susanne :)

  18. The new header is fabulous - hope you have a wonderful time. The dolls house stuff is great you will have such fun deciding whereabouts to put everything. Love your new jadeite pieces. Love Anne x

  19. Wow! Lucky you! Those are some great dollhouse pieces! I love your Jadeite! I picked up a few great pieces at a garage sale this past summer and love the way it looks. I got them for a fantastic price too! $1 a piece!! Have a great day!~Patti

  20. Goodness! You can redecorate...the little house anyway. Love those Jadeite candlestick holders! The are so pretty and delicate looking!

  21. Love your Jadeite collection..I have a few dinner plates and bowls that I use all the time.
    Such a sweet friend to give you all those lovely dollhouse are blessed my friend and I just know you will enjoy them all.
    Happy new week to you. xo

  22. I cannot get over all of those pieces of miniature furniture! that is so amazing!
    thanks for sharing...have fun on your trip.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  23. Hi Teresa, I use to collect miniatures. What a beautiful collection of miniatures you recieved. How lucky you are, will they all fit in your dollhouse? Love all your photos! cathy

  24. The new header is lovely, Teresa!!! AND just the right size...sigh [one of my blog issues =) ]
    I WOWed my way through all the furniture and dishes that have come home to you. Beautiful!!!
    Have a safe and happy camping trip!
    Gracie xxx

  25. My two favorites out of all are the singer sewing machine treadle and the woodstove. How awesome for you!


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