Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July in the Countryside

The 4th of July is Independence Day in the USA - and we celebrate our freedom.  Our little town of Corbett, Oregon has put on a festival each year for many many years.  We just walk or drive up to the top of our road, park the car and haul out our chairs and enjoy the parade!  Here is grandpa with all his grandsons. 
The first to arrive are the motorcycles, cars, trucks and firetrucks.  Most of them toss out candy for the kids.  Our 4 had a blast racing about picking it up.
The color guard of service men carry the flags. 
Our local volunteer fire department and their trucks. 
Here is the grand marshal, Woody Davis, and his family.   
On the float behind the truck is many of his family - and on the trailer is their family's covered wagon and his sister, Pam is up there, she's a friend of mine and was happy to see our boys and grandsons there! 
This is a beautiful pair of draft horses, Percherons, pulling a magnificent carriage. 
My friend Nev Scott was the Queen of the parade and she had a 5 generation court of her family members! 
 Isn't that the most wonderful and comfy looking carriage?
A vintage fire truck. 
The car of my dreams, a Rolls Royce convertible!  Only the one in my dreams is bright red. :-) 
How about this gorgeous vintage Cadillac? 
Isn't this a neat old Ford? 
My favorite part of the parade is the horses!  Little Caleb liked them too!  These girls looked gorgeous in their sparkly outfits! 
Then these two gorgeous Belgian draft horses pulling a cart full of kids and families. 
 How cute are these young rally squad girls?
Our local high school mascot is a Cardinal -- this one came over to see our kids.. yikes, I wonder if Caleb and Hayden will have nightmares about big furry birds? 
Don't you just love this woman driving this great old tractor and pulling a cart full of kids? 
Ohhhh... pretty vintage RED Jaguar! 
In between cars and horses.. this was our view across the road. 
Our guys loved this big oversized Army truck. 
While we were enjoying the parade, our daughter-in-law Kristi was organizing this great buffet for us, she had put together goody bags with fun things inside and the yard was all set up for games and fun.   
They filled a bunch of water balloons for the kids to play with, here is Caleb with his arsenal in his shirt. :-)  He's wearing some cake around his mouth.. lol! 
We tried to get all the boys to smile for the camera, but Caleb wasn't playing along.. the boys all had a very fun day.   
And so, summer has arrived and the weather ahead is predicted to be pure joy.  We're having cool nights and warm days and no clouds.  I hope you have a great summer ahead of you!  The rest of July looks nice and easy, not a lot of plans.  In August we'll be taking our trailer to our annual lake trip.  Summertime.. and the livin' is easy, the fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fabulous! I love this snapshot of the 4th of July, it all looks like such fun!

    1. Hello, here's Sam.

      I'm french and these pictures are marvellous for me.
      Sorry for my english because I don't speak fluently... ;)

      It's so different of the life here, in "Alsace".

      Have a nice day.


  2. Thanks for taking me to your parade, Teresa! I enjoyed it! [Your comment about the cardinal made me LOL :)] We did not go out to celebrate anywhere, but family and friends came for hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill/campfire and the kids waved sparklers and called out "Happy Birthday, America!!!"
    Hugs from Gracie <3

  3. I enjoyed the Parade too, thanks to you. Happy Days :) x

  4. What a great parade Teresa, I felt as though I joined the celebrations. I love the girls on their horses too. You DIL is a sweetie to prepare that party food. It looks like a lovely day for you all.
    Jane x

  5. Teresa~
    I love small town parades! My favorites would have been the horses (always) and the vintage cars/trucks, but I would have liked it all---the cardinal is a bit scary though (LOL)! Did I ever tell you we once owned a 1949 Plymouth? At the time I hated it, now I would love to have it back...or maybe a vintage Mustang or VW bus:)
    Isn't the color of the sky today glorious?

  6. Nothing like a good old 4th parade with candy for the kids. Thanks for sharing. Everything here was cancelled due to the storm last Sunday and all the drought. Temps up to 101 for three days straight. Glad to see some place in the country was cool still. What a fun day.

  7. Helo Teresa really enjoyed joining in with the celebrations. I think I joined you last year as well!!! It all looked such fun. The food your DIL prepared looked delicious. Oh for some fine weather here- they have severe weather warnings for where I live for tomorrow - amber alert - next one i highest alert. Thanks for sharing. Love Anne x

  8. I am so glad you all had what looked like a pretty fantastic day! I just love parades and you were in a good spot! The parades here are getting so big that it really takes about a hour just to get out of all the traffic when we only live about 10 minutes away...

  9. Looks like you had nice weather for the parade. It has been hot and in the upper 90s on the east coast. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  10. What a great parade. The Jag is a soft top version of the one we had as our wedding car! Love it! Wish we had some of your weather though. Still waiting for summer here, and beginning to feel we may have to wait til next year :(

    Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  11. Actually looking at the jag again, it's not quite the same, but reminds me alot of our wedding car !

  12. A perfect family celebration Teresa!!
    XO Kris

  13. Wonderful sunny pictures of the 4th of July Parade, I so enjoyed them all! And it's so bright and sunny and summery :) Your summer plans sound just perfect, Teresa...and I love that you included some of the words of the song summer time :)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  14. Okay, I'm catching up on your last few posts here. I feel like I was at the parade too. All I did on the 4th was sit here and crochet and watch crappy TV. The Captain had to work 12 hours that day. All that food looks good!

    That Voo Doo wedding looks like a hoot. That's my kind of wedding. Actually no wedding is my kind of wedding. Been married three times and still have not had a wedding! Don't want want though. Newlyweds need to spend their money on so many other things than a ceremony. That's just the way I feel. I know some girls dream of their wedding for years.

    I love the yarn you used for the slouchy hat! How did it turn out? Love those colors.

  15. What a wonderful tradition and marvelous day!!!
    Happy 4th to you!

  16. What a great slice of home town America!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!



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