Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Voodoo Wedding

My nephew got married today - at Voodoo Donuts here in Portland!  What fun it was!  Introducing Derrick and Tish - newlyweds!
Tish's brother drove up from California to attend the wedding and to give her away.
The donut shop owner is actually legally able to marry you!
He is quite the showman!
Here it is, all legal and I was an official witness!
Our son Travis came and brought our 2 little grandsons. They had a great time!
Caleb and grandpa. 
Lots of donuts ready to sell! 
Official wedding donuts. :-) 
Wedding guest donuts. 
Derrick has a titanium ring and Tish's is a big sparkly one!
The boys got to play pinball machines for the first time!
We all then drove to my sister's house for a wedding reception BBQ!   
We helped the boys climb up on this low hanging oak tree branch.  :-)
My sister baked a pineapple upside down cake.. Dayle had a slice, it's a favorite of his. 
I brought home a box of these.. for investigational purposes.. to check and see if their famous maple bar with bacon on top is really as good as they say.. :-) 
I'll let you know.. we just shared the big glazed donut... and it was good! 
Tomorrow morning at 10 am we'll have a houseful of people as the 4th of July Parade goes by at the top of our road - it starts at 11.  I will take photos and show you what our "small town" parade looks like.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. A wedding in a donut shop? That is priceless!!! wow!!! :-)))

  2. What a fun day....Congrats to the couple. But, missy, now I want a donut and it's bed time here. No fair playing with sugar and me this late at night. Have a great 4th. Laying low here in the heat. Drooling, Kate

  3. What a unique place to get married... love it!!
    Love the striped pants he was wearing....
    Hope you and your family will have a wonderful day tomorrow.. we are also having a big BBQ!

  4. Teresa, I am so glad that you have so much to celebrate with your family! ...happy and unique memories :)
    Have a safe and fun time tomorrow...***Happy***Birthday***USA*** :)

  5. Wishing the newlyweds much happiness! I have never been to that donut shop, but my DDIL brought me home some donuts from there--yum were they good (think my son did too one time). In fact, I believe one of my favs was in a photo!
    Adorable photos of your grandsons!

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  7. whoops deleted lol, here it is again

    Boy what a great place to get married!! yum lol.
    The bacon topped ones look yummy as, I love savoury and sweet together.
    Happy 4th July Teresa from old ozzie ☺☺
    and congratulations to the couple.

  8. How extraordinary!Congratulations to the Happy Couple.Looks like everyone had such fun. Was that a Scotsman cardboard cutout lurking in the corner of the second pic? Beautiful Bride and Very Handsome Groom. Happy Independence Day to you.

  9. What a fun wedding it must have been. So lovely and casual at the Donut place and the home bbq looked great too. They say you learn something every day .... I've never heard of donuts with bacon on top !! The donuts over here are always sweet - especially so if they're from Crispy Creme. Oh yum .. I shouldn't be thinking of these things. Have a great 4th July.

  10. Amazing! I just loved the photos of your wedding party and it was fun reading your blog. I would like to plan my wedding in the same manner as I liked you wedding idea a lot. Have a happy wedding!

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  11. Love this...soooo fun..and yes Good things do come in Pink boxes...so darling I want to visit this fun shop.! xoxoxo Happy July 4th to you. xo

  12. That looked so much fun Teresa. I think my son and DIL should have done that! They met when my son bought some doughnuts from Sarah from Dunkin Donuts- where she worked on Saturdays. :-) Looking all that food had me drooling. Happy July 4th. Anne x

  13. Looked like a great wedding - memorable and lots of fun. That place has gotten so famous for their bacon items!

  14. That's a fun wedding and very different Teresa....all among the dougnuts! Congratulations to them.
    Jane x

  15. Congrats to the newly weds! I'm loving those stripped pants! And those doughnuts.....yum!

  16. I have been away forever... It's good to be back and beeing able to read you. The dounughts look amazing... and your 4th of July looks like a lot of fun!!! your parade looks better than mine and the food and games are up for good memories!!
    Hugs, Shanti

  17. Every time I go to PortlNd I say I'm going to Voodoo donuts and yet I've never been there. I've heard the map,e and bacon bars are "out of this world". What did you think?

  18. Sorry about my spelling. Too small of keys on the iPhone!


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