Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grand Days

We had our 3 year old grandson Caleb here for 4 days.  He was a very good boy!  Here he is having a bowl of "mac cheese and peas".  He's such a character!  We had fun with him.
Grandpa helped him build a General Store with our 2 sets of Lincoln Logs.  He was quite proud of it.  After he was done, he picked up all the logs and put them away without even being asked! 
Buddy the dog has had a tenuous relationship with the youngest 2 of our 6 grandkids.  They are active and can be rough with him.  But this time Caleb was more gentle with him and they became good friends!  It was a joy to watch.  I quietly grabbed my camera and recorded the activity on the footrest of my chair. :-)  Some nuzzling was going on.
Some smelling.. lots of giggling..
And then.. awwwww....!  Our son and DIL got in at 4 pm and her mom brought Hayden here for them to pick up.  
Life is getting back into our normal routine.  I loaded the dishwasher last night with most of my Jadeite.. it made my heart glad to see all of that translucent green vintage glass glowing in there as I opened it up. 
Plates and bowls.  I forgot to tell you that one of my auction purchases - 4 Anchor Hocking Alice (floral) plates arrived all broken to bits.  It was such a shame to see those 4 plates that had survived from the 1940s all smashed up.  I contacted the seller and she apologized for the poor packing and agreed to send 4 more.  They arrived yesterday and were much better packaged.  All clean now and ready to use!
Our sunflowers are still looking gorgeous! 
Another sunny Autumn day looking out my back door through my Fall wreath. 
Here is a photo I just received of Jake and Brooxie - she is a reader of my blog and they stopped at Multnomah Falls to visit me a few weeks ago while I was volunteering in the Visitors Center.  Wasn't that nice?  They are back home now and sent me this photo.  
I will be heading to the Falls in an hour to have lunch and volunteer for the afternoon with my sister Denise.  I'll see if there are some photos that need taken.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh those curls! Just adorable! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with Caleb.

  2. Just LOVE those Buddy-Caleb photos! You really should print and frame some of them!
    That would be so upsetting to receive a package of things from the past and then find them ruined--I would just want to cry because, to me, it is part of our history and once gone, they truly are gone. It is nice that the seller was able to send you more.
    Have fun at the falls--wish I was there today but maybe someday...
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Weekend plans? Not sure yet---might be up to the mountains to check on our autumn colors. You?

  3. What precious photos of Caleb and Buddy. And oh those curls....Caleb's, not Buddy's!!!
    Looked like a good time for him. And those sunflowers, so vibrant and beautiful!!!
    How fun to meet some blogger friends face to face!!
    We have our grandgirls this weekend!!
    : ) Kris

  4. Have to echo the other comments - what beautiful curls, absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure the house must seem very quiet now. x

  5. What a wonderful time you had Teresa, glad those 2 boys furry and not so furry are getting along fine ;0) enjoy your Jadeite, looks fab. I am hosting a family party on Saturday for my dear Dad's 80th birthday....can't wait as my brother and family are coming down from Wales to join us and my Dad doesn't know. Surprise!
    enjoy your weekend, Jane x

  6. How sad about the bowls...:( Glad the seller replaced them for you. Love your jadeite!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Thanks for letting us enjoy Caleb and Buddy, and your sunflowers and jadeite and new blog friends, Teresa. We have a surprise guest for my youngest daughter coming this weekend. The 'kids' are having a bachelor and bachelorette party at Bullwinkles on Saturday night and I am holding down the fort to be with the two older grand girls...the baby gets to go to her first bachelorette party:) I have started crocheting a pumpkin! xxx from Gracie

  8. Teresa, your gorgeous photography on your blog of the Columbia River Gorge prompted us to visit the area and we were thrilled....quite a contrast from our home in Georgia. Meeting you and your sister was such a pleasure! :)

  9. Awww Caleb and Buddy are so sweet! All your pics are lovely (as usual). That one through the wreath is a beauty.

  10. I just love those Buddy and little boy photos ...too, too cute. The similar colour of their hair makes it.

  11. Gorgeous photo's as usual and he is a cute little grandson. Mine has now gone
    back after spending 6 nights with me and lots of fun.
    We enjoyed going to the movies together too.
    Love the sunflower ☺☺

  12. What a lovely place you live in Theresa, and so nice to see someone enjoying their life....the broken plates must have been heartbreaking. Love the look of the Lincoln logs, we don't have them over here. Enjoy your day up at the falls! Thanks for debating on my "how much?!" post, putting a price on when you don't particularluy want to sell is easy, make it silly and cheer if someone pays it and happy if you get to keep it, a win win situation. Fiona x

  13. Awww those pictures of Caleb and Buddy are just the sweetest thing! It doesn't get cuter than the last pic! :-) xxxx

  14. That Caleb is just a sweetie, so glad the Buddy and he are friends. You are a tremendous Grandma.
    Happy weekend,

  15. How cute Caleb is. Just came over from Gracie's and I so agree it is such fun meeting up with other bloggers, especially when they get to stay in my home.

  16. Saw your comment on another blog and thought I'd drop by. So glad I did. Your grandson is precious with that gorgeous head of curls. I poked around in some other posts too -- beautiful flowers, fiber, crochet -- you're my kind of gal.

  17. Hi Teresa, Those photos of Caleb and the dog are priceless! What treasures! I bet you just eat him up!!!! And your dishes...they're gorgeous. How fun. I can totally relate to that feeling you had when you opened the dishwasher! And isn't that a beautiful photo of your friends? How lovely the world of blog turns out to be! New friends abound. Glad you're mine! Hugs, Annette

  18. You Jadeite is looking great! Glad you had fun with Caleb!


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