Sunday, September 30, 2012


Our Hawthorne trees are covered with red berries.  I don't know what they are good for but they are pretty.  
Our pear trees produced well this year.  We've enjoyed several.  And we've eaten several plums too.
The Red Barn. 
We got one nice big pumpkin for by the back door, but I think I need a few more.  Don't you think? 
We've had several wildfires in our area over the last month and our beautiful gorge is smoky and hazy.  I took this on my way home from volunteering at Multnomah Falls. 
My best friend from 7th grade, Shirley, celebrated her birthday yesterday and we joined them at the Hawthorne Fish House - a gluten-free restaurant.  I had the Halibut Fish & Chips - the fish is dusted with rice flour before it's deep fried.  It was good!  I gifted Shirley with one of my Jadeite cups and saucer.  I think she liked it. :-)  Her brother and his wife and her best friend from High School and her husband were there too.  Shirley is such a good friend that her pals stick with her forever. :-)
The restaurant had a cat roaming around the outside dining area.  Lucky cat! 
We then headed off to my younger sister's house where we would be celebrating our older twin sibling's 70th birthday!  Robert and Roberta - childhood nicknames of "Butch and Sis".  :-) 
My brother's daughter Johanna made these cookies - pumpkin ginger cookies!  They were so soft and moist and tasty!
She also made these "pie cookies" - a crust on the bottom, a sour cream filling with blackberries she picked in her yard, and a crumb topping.  Yum! 
Butch and Sis and most of Rob's grandkids.  Cute, huh? 
We went together and bought the twins each a "zero gravity" camping chair.  What they are are recliners for outside.. brilliant idea, huh? 
I think he likes it! 
And it was! 
I had to share this pretty butterfly collection that my sister and her husband got at a butterfly garden in Florida.  It's really pretty. 
This one was really pretty. 
The blue ones are amazing. 
Some of the nieces and nephews. Aren't they cute?
Today is one of the unscheduled days this month.. we'll be getting things ready for our trip to Ohio.  We leave on Thursday.  Shirley & John are housesitting for us - I'm so grateful!  Buddy will have their little dog as a pal all week and will be well taken care of.  Along with the chickens, the cat and the fish in the pond.  I'm so looking forward to seeing my granddaughters and daughter!  Have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa...thanks for inviting us to such a wonderful day with your family. I always seem to get hungry when I visit you....there is always good snacks and delious food here!!! My uncle Bob used to make a wreath out of the red berries,it always came out so pretty and here is a idea for another another big one and a smaller one and stack them to place in the corner by your will make the other pumpkin happy!! Have a wonderful and safe trip.
    xoxoxo,Shari ")

  2. What a fun day with the gang. I always look here for some food goodies to dream about. Those blackberry bars with sour cream sound like heaven to me. I think those berries on the bushes are for feeding the local birds. Nothing like a RED BARN in the FALL. Can't wait to see mine this week up in Door County, WI. We leave on Wed {gone 10}. Lots of riding this year, sprinkled with some shopping.

  3. What a lovely day celebrating with best friends then the family you love. Your pictures are so beautiful, the haze from the fires makes it look like the Blue Ridge Parkway, gorgeous. I am so excited for you seeing those beautiful girls soon. I can't wait to see how they have grown. If you see my son while in Ohio, give him a squeeze for me.
    Hugs to you and my buddy Dayle,

  4. Oh my, you've been a busy girl! Looks like everyone had a good time. Your photos are beautiful. It's like stepping into your world for a few moments while I read. I love it :)

  5. Que família linda.
    Lindas fotos.
    Que DEUS abençoe à todos.

  6. What a wonderful time you are having!

    Your porch looks great, love the wreath.


  7. Love your pictures as always. Like that pumpkin too.
    Great to have fun with family and exciting going to see the grandaughters
    and daughter.
    take care


  8. What a wonderful birthday party with such happy faces, yummy looking food and gorgeous pictures. That blue butterfly is beautiful. Enjoy the coming week. xoxox

  9. Looks like great family times for you. I know you are going to enjoy that trip to Ohio!!!

  10. You have a really nice family! That is great that everyone gets together for special birthdays! It is beautiful here in Ohio! The leaves are just now starting to change color and I am enjoying it very much!~xo, Patti

  11. It looks like Robert and Roberta had a fabulous birthday celebration. They are the youngest looking 70 yr. olds I know!! I remember your family's visit to Oklahoma right after they got their drivers licences and each one wanted to do the driving! Wow - seems like yesterday!!! Happy Birthday to such sweet cousins!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your brother and sister!!! We have those zero gravity chairs and love them!!!
    All of that food looked soooo good!
    I am so happy you get to go visit your daughter and grand kids!!!

  13. Thanks for including us in your celebrations! I enjoyed visiting, and seeing so much beauty around you! Now I am curious about hawthorn trees and the gluten free restaurant! I am so excited about your upcoming trip, and glad you have the opportunity to make many happy memories with those so dear to you. You are often in my thoughts with love. xx from Gracie

  14. Mrs. Teresa, Wonderfully beautiful post! Thank you for sharing the birthday celebrations with us. That butterfly collection is amazing. I would love to find something like that to hang in my home....It would sure help me thorough the grey winter months.

  15. Your Hawthorn is ... wow ... full of fruit. :-)
    Have a safe trip to Ohio.

  16. Beautiful berries on the hawthorn tree. A beautiful family as well. You must be so excited that you are soon off to see you daughter and granddaughters. I wish you both a safe trip and a wonderful visit. Love Anne x

  17. Looks like a full weekend. You live in a beautiful area. That is a wonderful picture of the gorge.

  18. Glad you had fun...have a fab time seeing your daughter and granddaughters you must be so excited ;0)
    Jane x

  19. Gorgeous picture of the hawthorn beries....and the red barn!! What a lovely time you had with your siblings on their lovely that you could all be together too :) I am so pleased to hear that you will soon be off to see your daughter and wonderful that will be!!
    Helen x

  20. Beautiful pictures of the farm. And those butterflies...gorgeous! Looks like you've had a full plate!


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