Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Constitution

Yesterday I went to the Veteran's Administration Hospital way up in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon - to install a museum display in the big lobby there to commemorate the Constitution of the United States of America.  I do this each year to celebrate Constitution Week for the Daughters of the American Revolution of which I am a member and Honorary Regent.  My partner in this endeavor is Dorothy Madden, we each bring things for the display.  These guys are the 3 soldiers of the American Revolution that I've collected on eBay. :-)
This is the whole display.  My things are on the left.  
I made this sign for the display. 
This is my replica of the Constitution on the right, my inkwell and feather quill pen, an antique hourglass and my treasure, an antique writing box with two inkwells, little drawers for pen nibs and sealing wax, and an antique seal with a carved ivory handle, plus 3 of my collection of dip pens.  I imagine this being used by an officer in a war, a ship captain or a world traveler in long ago days.  I would love to know where it's been. 
My soldiers! 
My oak box closer up. 
I have a collection of inkwells.. this is just one of them.  Click HERE to read the words written by our forefathers. 
Here are the flags hung in the lobby of the VA Hospital - of all the branches of service in the USA.  

OK.. I must dash.. I have a lunch date with my friend Marita who is a graphic designer and just got back from Egypt and brought me a present! :-)  AND then I will go swimming for an hour.  Gorgeous day here!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy swimming and lunch with your pal.
    What a lovely display. I know you would love the Cantigny Park and First Regiment Museum here in Wheaton. It was started my John McCormick who also started the Chicago Tribune. Maybe, you need a visit to Chi-town.

  2. LOVE that writing box! So very cool. Wouldn't it be great if it could tell it's story? Enjoy your lunch!

  3. I have loved having a look at your wonderful display-- Thank you so much for sharing.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  4. Learning from you is a joy for me, Teresa! I did not know there is a Constitution Week. The things that you gathered together to celebrate the week are very special indeed, and not only bring attention to the treasure we have in our nation's constitution but also celebrate your artistic ability to appreciate all that it takes to enable that treasure to be realized in our daily lives. Thanks for another inspiring post! xxx from Gracie
    PS hope you are enjoying your lunch with Marita, your Egyptian present and a good swim :)

  5. I love your display Teresa and especially like the writing box. I will look at the words your forefathers wrote a little later. I love history and really enjoy learning more about your country from you. History was one of my main subjects when I went to college along with R.E. Hope you enjoyed your lunch and swim. Love Anne x

  6. Very nice display Teresa. I love the inkwells. Something about them makes me want to have one....I see myself writing in such pretty handwriting with it! Have a great time with your friend and can't wait to see what she brought you!

  7. It would be nice to know where that little box has travelled. The whole display looks very interesting but what I found the most interesting was your partner's name Dorothy Madden. My mother's maiden name - Dorothy Madden. Coincidence eh? Enjoy your day. xoxox

  8. Teresa~
    LOVE your inkwells--very, very cool! Hope you had a great time with your friend and am curious and eager to see your gift from Egypt! My great grandfather traveled there in the early 1900's - his book about his Middle East travels was quite interesting:)

  9. I've enjoyed catching up on your recent posts. I haven't had Internet for a few days. What fun you've had. the parka nd a visit with an old friend! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and sharing with us.


  10. Lovely display, and such a beautiful oak box! Have fun swimming and with your friend, I'm a bit curious about what she brought you from Egypt! :-) xxxx

  11. You are so busy you make my head spin. Great display love the ink well. Hope you had a lovely lunch and swim.

  12. Love love love the Amusement park post! Such fun for ALL!!!!! : ) YOU continue to amaze me with your busy doings.
    I love how you enjoy LIFE.


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