Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amusement Park

The "little boys" (that's what we call our youngest grandsons) didn't get to go to the State Fair with us so grandpa decides that we should take them to the Portland area Oaks Amusement Park.  Grandpa did not know that everyone in 6 counties would be there yesterday... that 8 thousand businesses would be holding their company picnic that day.  We realized that our choice of day may have been a poor one when the parking was wayyyyy out of the park all down the road and spilling into the nearby neighborhoods.  But we perserved and found a parking spot in the lot and headed into the teeming crowds.  First ride was the little train.. toot toot!
Then the big slide.. and yes, that is Grandpa there.. the little boys went down so fast I missed a photo of them! 
Then the carousel.. my job apparently is official photographer.. :-) 
Riding a horse is serious business.  
Wave to grandma! 
Then the ferris wheel..  
There they are! 
Then they rode on these boats that went UP and down.. UP and down..  
There they are.. it was HARD to get a good photo of this ride, it twirled and spun like crazy.. grandpa got a little dizzy on this one.. :-) 
Hayden manning the gun on this rocket ship. 
This adorable little church is near the park, a lot of people get married here.
We decided to head out at 5 pm, unfortunately, so did 8 million other people.  We were stuck in traffic to get OUT of the parking lot for an hour!  We took our son and grandsons out to dinner at the "Original Taco House" afterwards.. then dropped them off at home.. then came home.. the boys had a wonderful time!  Now I'm getting in the Fall mode, but our weather forecast is for sunny days for the next week and who knows past that.  But we have had no rain a month.. amazing!  Today I'm heading to the Veteran's Administration Hospital to install a museum display celebrating the Constitution for the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I hope you have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fun, Teresa!!! We have never been to Oaks Amusement Park, even when we lived so close to it in Milwaukie, but I will have the kids read your post so that they can see what is available. Sooo sorry about the traffic jams you have been caught in lately :( . Sooo excited you are headed to the VA hospital for a such a happy reason. I hope you get some great photos of the mountains from there. Louis and I used to love to see the sights from there, and the grand reception area cheered us, especially when a gentleman sat and played the grand piano there. Oh, and thanks for the recommendation for a place to eat in Newport for the next time we go :) xxx from Gracie

  2. Oh I know those boys had a blast and that made it all worth it, right? Their smiles say everything!

  3. Despite the traffic problems it looks like the boys had a great time. We had our GD today. The weather was lovely and this afternoon went to the park and had icecream. GD had a wonderful time. She starts school tomorrow- can't believe it. Anne x

  4. What have you not done this summer? Between you and Kris I can't keep up with all the fun. Those grandkids sure keep you in smiles and out enjoying another nice weekend. Psssst....what I wouldn't give for a trip to have a taco right about now.

  5. Hello lovely Teresa...I love your new header!
    Such a heart warming post too...you have had so much fun this Summer with your lovely family, haven't you?....and how pretty is the little white church!
    Hope you are having a good week,
    Speak soon,
    Susan x

  6. I can see why many couples marry in that little church - so beautiful. Who had the best day - the big boys or the little boys? Enjoy the warm days while you can - at last we're getting a few here too. Its been a long cold winter. Have a great day xoxox

  7. Great post! I am a BIG Oaks Amusement Park fan--love the place! This summer we took my DIL, DD and 3 of my grandkids there and had the BEST time:) I was the official photographer, by choice, as the only rides I like are the train and carousel...I also love the Oaks Pioneer Church as I do most historic churches!

  8. Another great day with family and another lovely post! I would so love much to look inside that pretty little white church! Shari!

  9. Hi Teresa,
    First, what fun that looked like for the boys! You are such great grandparents!!!! LOVE that church!!! I hope your Fall is right around the corner. For us, we are till in triple digits. At least we get to sneak away to the mountains for some cooler weather. We had a fabulous weekend up there!!!
    XO Kris

  10. Looks like a LOT of fun!

    We cant wait for November, when we have a huge street fair in our town.


  11. What fun! Your grandsons will have such wonderful memories of these times spent with you! I loved that sweet little church, so pretty. Wishing you a happy week, Teresa.
    Helen x

  12. Grandma and Grandpa of the year!!!! Those boys (and girls) are so lucky to have you both.

  13. Looks like so much fun for the boys! You are such a good grandma! Can't wait for the State Fair of Texas to open. We haven't gone in a couple of years, but I think we'll go this year. Glad y'all are having such great weather. Must be nice! Love you, and love your blog! <3


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