Sunday, September 2, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

On Friday there was going to be a BLUE moon, which means that the moon is totally full twice in one month.  I hopped in my car and headed up to Portland Women's Forum - I soon saw this "Harvest" moon - a big golden sphere above Larch Mountain.  I zoomed in and got this image.  
When I arrived at Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint there it was, over the Viewpoint Inn.  Did you see the movie "Twilight"?  The prom scene was filmed there.  I think I've told you how devastated I am that there was a fire at this historic inn a year ago and the owners didn't have fire insurance and so this lovely building stands with a huge black gaping hole in the roof and all winter the rain and snow poured inside and no one.. NO ONE.. is even putting a TARP over it to save this building.  I am meeting this coming Friday with people from the Historic Preservation League of Oregon to discuss the future of this building.  I'll let you know what I find out.  In this photo the sunset is reflecting off the windows of the vacant building.. it's almost like it's begging for help.
Yesterday my dear husband and I headed off at a bit after noon to go visit my best friend from 7th grade, Shirley, and her husband John and to see their new home.  They've recently moved from Seattle to Oregon and have purchased a home in Sherwood.  

We were zooming along until traffic slowed to a crawl - pretty soon emergency vehicles came screaming by, sirens wailing... 8 police cars, 4 ambulances, 1 fire truck and 2 "incident response" trucks.  We even had to turn off the car and Dayle got out and visited with other guys standing on the road - then a LifeFlight helicopter landed and took off soon thereafter.  There was a 1 car wreck, 1 fatality and 2 people life-flighted out.  Poor people in that wreck.  This delayed us an hour.

As soon as we got to Shirley's house, we headed out to lunch at "Trees" restaurant nearby.  This is the entrance area and deck dining to the restaurant.. isn't this cool?
A nice dining room - we were between rushes, at 3 pm or so.  Shirley and I had the salmon club sandwich on ciabatta bread and the guys had burgers.  The cook even came out and chatted with us!  She had gone to culinary school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and had several Cajun dishes on the menu.  Next time I will try her gumbo.
Here are my adorable and lovable friends, Shirley and John.
The chef told us what was available for dessert and she mentioned she only had 2 pieces of her own homemade pecan pie left, so we ordered them and each couple shared a slice.  She told us there was a "secret ingredient" and challenged us to see if we could figure it out.  She came back to see what we thought and I told her "chocolate"?  She goes.. well, you are the first one to figure it out.. she said she puts a layer of Nutella before she puts in the custard mixture and pecans!  It was yummy!
Outside the restaurant was a pretty fountain.. ::click:: 
And some of the first Fall leaves I've seen... ::click:: 
We then headed back to see more of their new home and visit.  Their soaring ceiling makes their home so spacious!  
John and Shirley have been collecting depression glass for years now and have their favorite pieces in this lighted glass cabinet.  They just recently have picked up a few Shawnee Corn dishes.. which we have in common.   
I love the two vintage Vaseline glass measuring cups in her kitchen window. 
I brought a house warming gift for them, a Shawnee Queen Corn bowl - they loved it! 
After seeing their upstairs rooms we all got comfortable and chatted for a long time.  I even brought my crocheting and worked on my shawl while we talked about old times.  
Today we're relaxing and watching HGTV and looking forward to taking our son Travis and our two littlest grandsons out for lunch - Kristi just had her tonsils out and we thought she'd enjoy some quiet time while she recuperates.  I hope you're having a good weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. That shawl is one of my favorite things I have seen. It is so pretty. Love the moon photos. As usual you have a great post.

  2. What a lovely post Teresa, I just love your photos today. My Mum told me all about the blue moon, sadly it was cloudy here so we didn't see it but glad to see it your end! How lovely to have your friend near you now. Have a lovely week, there is certainly a nip in the air in the mornings,
    Jane x

  3. Hello teresa another lovely post, I never tire of seeing your photos and hearing about what you have been up to. The moon is fabulous , I hope that something can be done about the historic inn- so ad it has just been left to the elements. We have enjoyed our weekend. Yesterday I went to ardmaking and today popped to see my DS, DIL and granddaughters ( who are all very dear to us) as they returned from a camping trip yesterday. Love Anne x

  4. Hope you can save that inn. It looked so lovely and picturesque in that movie.

  5. Hi Teresa, I am so glad your friend has moved closer, I know from past posts how much you love her. Poor Kristi, tonsil removal on an adult can be very difficult. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Love your shawl. The one I made was out of fingering weight yarn, I gave it to one of the Mother's I work with who has medical foster children, I loved the delicateness of it but would like to try the pattern again with heavier yarn. I found the Stiffy, it is drying right now!!!
    Hugs to you,

  6. We didn't have a great view of the blue moon here in KY. A bit cloudy, but we did catch a peek here and there. Your images are great!

  7. We enjoyed seeing the moon on our way home from Newport, but I did not get a picture of it, and am so glad you did! Beautiful!! Also, I am glad Shirley and her husband are back so that you can visit again more easily:). I too hope Kristi makes a a speedy recovery!!! Thanks, Teresa, again for another great post...and I hope we can get together again soon :)
    xxx from Gracie

  8. Your shawl is gorgeous, and it looks quite a bit different from mine even though it's the same yarn. Don't you love it? Shoot...I meant to go out and have a look at the blue moon last night, and I forgot! Oh well. Thanks for showing your pics of it. Nutella Pecan Pie??? Sounds riiiiiiich!

  9. Another wonderful day, wonderful visit, wonderful time with friends, wonderful colors of crochet...the list goes on and on. It's a full moon. Icks....hope to get to sleep tonight.

  10. Great weekend...we can see that u r enjoying it...beautiful Shawl Teresa! :)
    Hope u have good labor day Monday.

  11. I really hope that historic Inn can be saved, it is beautiful... and so is your shawl! :-) xxxx

  12. Pretty things, great friends and the wise old man in the moon making his face known twice in one month...times are good! Hugs, Annette

  13. Hi Teresa
    I am up here at the lake. It is heavenly! Your moon photos are great! Looked like a fun time with old friends too. Your shawl is looking bout done? Love it!
    Our daughter and her family encountered the same thing you did yesterday, when leaving the mountains. A very bad wreck and very bad traffic. It always shakes you up!
    Hugs from Big Bear

  14. What beautiful Blue moon photographs. The restaurant looked like a really great setting and I love the way your shawl is coming along it is so pretty :) x

  15. I love your new banner...those flowers are stunning! Oh if only I had a garden like that...I could cut flowers for my whole school staff...what joy. Happy September and your photos are always a joy to looks at. xoxox

  16. Umm...Nutella in a pecan pie...HOLY COW! That sounds so incredibly yummy! Your shawl is looking so beautiful!


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