Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Meanderings & Gift from Cairo

Today I headed off to meet my 2 sisters for our "Girl's Lunch" and joining us was my friend Shirley who's moved from Seattle back "home" where she grew up.  I hope she can join us on these lunches henceforth.  You can never have too many sisters, can you? :-)  We had a great time, talking politics, happily we all agree on who should be elected in November. :-)  After lunch I took my sister Roberta to Costco and helped her get a new camera, just like my Lumix!  When I got home I took my camera and my shawl and my "gift" out for some photos on the deck.  
Can you believe that I'm running out of yarn before I am done with my shawl?  I just ordered 2 more skeins from Joann's Fabric website.. you really need to check prices when you order online as I almost bought from another company and the cost was DOUBLE what it was on Joanns!  Isn't the lacy edging pretty?  I have 5 more rows to go though and will need more yarn.  I got 2 more skeins just for good measure.  I also got the same yarn in blues and greens in case I want to make another shawl.
I just love the colors in this.. it's Deborah Norville's Serenity Garden Yarn, it's microfiber, very soft and the color is "Gems".
And my friend Marita brought me this wonderful scarf from Cairo, it's hand loomed of Egyptian cotton and the fiber is just luminous!  It was funny as the restaurant we had lunch at yesterday was very cold, we were sitting under the cold air vents and I was shivering.. Marita said.. well, I brought you a gift which just might help you out!  And I immediately wrapped it around myself for the rest of the meal.  I love it!
The weft of yarn that it was woven on is twisted into a fringe on either end. 
 I love the colors of red, yellow and light blue.
Buddy has decided that the goldfish and koi are bad things and protects me from them, he watches them intently.  :-) 
I wish you could join me to sit on the deck.. the air was warm and fresh and lovely, the water making it's melodic sounds... the hydrangea flowers are drying on the bush.. just a few are still bright.
Dayle's geraniums are still gorgeous. 
Are you fed up of seeing photos of our barn, yet? :-) 
The lady garden statue is getting hidden.. oh HONEY.. can you fix that? :-)  Oh, and chop that brown fern down while you're at it.  LOL! 
Can you just feel the warm and fresh air blowing by? 
Mom.. I will protect you from those fish.. oh yes I will.. don't you worry.. 
I went for a walk around the farm yard and snapped this photo of a couple of gorgeous plums that were too high to pick... isn't this a gorgeous color?  Plum Pink! 
I guess I need to put hubby in the tractor bucket and run him up there to pick some plums! 
The apple tree is laden with fruit! 
This is an old tree and I have no idea what kind of apples these are. 
Then I spied this gorgeous plum.. it's so ripe and sweet that the juice is dripping out the bottom like honey!! 
The chickens were watching my every move.. whaddya got for us?  Huh? HUH?  Do you believe these pampered hens have not laid one egg yet?  Hello?  I have two words for you... stew pot!  :-)  (Just kidding) 
Lacey, the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.. do you see anything blue about her? 
Shelby the Ameracauna that is supposed to lay blue/green/aqua eggs. 
Buffy the Buff Orpington, Shelby, Lacey, Beyonce the Ameracauna and Hershey, the Cuckoo Maran which is supposed to lay dark chocolate brown eggs.  None of these claims can be verified as none of them is actually producing the goods yet. :-)
I'll leave you with a pretty shot of the fancy geranium.. I just love these flowers.   
I hope you had a nice week.. ours was a tad bit TOO busy.. I think I'll rest up this weekend.. what are your plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lindo, lindo o xale.
    Parabéns Teresa.

  2. Two new shawls, both uniquely beautiful...but I have to admit that I am the most excited about the one you are crocheting, Teresa! The colors and design are wonderful, and the lacy edge is such an elegant finish.
    As for your chickens...even though you can not verify what color eggs they could produce :( their plumage is lovely!
    I'm glad that you had good visits with your sisters and friends, even if your week was a bit too busy, and I hope you are able to rest and recharge this weekend.
    Thanks yet again for posting more amazing photos that nourish me with their beauty and inspire me to recognize and appreciate the incredible beauty around us.
    Oh, and please thank Buddy for me for being such a grand guard and keeping you and Dayle safe :)
    xxx from Gracie

  3. Hi Teresa! Beautiful pictures and I love your shawls. I have to agree with Gracie though, my favorite is the one you've made. Did I miss the name of the pattern somewhere? I would love to try my hand at one if you feel like sharing.

    I love how Buddy intently guards for you.

    Now, I'm off to rest my aching feet and back from being in the kitchen.


  4. Oh my, your shawl looks absolutely gorgeous!!! The color is amazing! How many skeins did you use? I love it and can't wait to order this yarn for mine!
    The woven scarf your friend gave you is so beautiful! I love that color too, it looks so soft! Bet it will be greater on you! As always, I really enjoy all the photos in your garden, naturally beautiful!!
    Hugs, LS

  5. I'll never get tired of seeing pictures of your barn Teresa .. or any of your pictures for that matter. I adore that shawl you're making - so very pretty. Have a lovely restful weekend. xoxox

  6. Your photos are stunning Theresa, your barn is quintessential American Pioneer style I think..well how imagine your barns are anyway, it is beautiful. I adore your scarf, love the yarn, but what a shame you needed more. The scarf your friend bought you has very similar colours to the one you are hooking! What is the pattern? Fiona x

  7. LOL, Buddy is a brilliant dog! :D What a beautiful woven shawl from Egypt, and your lace edging is gorgeous! I think nobody will ever get tired of pics from your farm/garden/barn ;-) xxxx

  8. That shawl is beautiful! The chickens look to just be starting to grow their combs and wattles. I imagine you have about 4 to 6 more weeks to see eggs from these girls :)

  9. The shawl is just beautiful! I love the color and the lace edge just makes it perfect! Great job!~Hugs, Patti

  10. Teresa, I had to laugh about the chickens! Produce or else!!!! Your farm is still looking so magnificent and fruit trees! That plum looks so juicy and yummy. You really live the life and deserve it all. I know there is a lot of work that goes with it too.
    Happy weekend to you, xoRobin❤

  11. Your shawl is gorgeous! And those plums look delicious! Have a great weekend!

  12. What a gorgeous shawl Teresa, that edging is so lacey and sweet and the colours are fab! Your hens are so lovely, I would love to have the space to keep them. I shall enjoy seeing photos of yours.Enjoy your relaxing weekend, we are off to see our newlyweds ;0)
    Jane x

  13. That scarf is beautiful! Your shawl is coming along nicely as well. Your blog is full of such color and prettyness! The fruit (particularly the plums) look absolutley lucious. It always puts a smile on my face to see what you have to show us :)

  14. So much to see. I just love your shawl and the lovely colours....and what about that fruit!! Just love your barn too. We don't have anything like that here! You just keep guarding your Momma from those fish, Buddy...she needs your help! Enjoy your chickens. Joan

  15. I love your shawl and the weaving is so pretty. I think I would get some golf balls and try to show your hens that they need to put 'Golf balls' in the nest. It might give them the idea...

  16. I want a apple tree and I better not hear next week or so you are cooking stew!!!! Those are the most beautiful chickens I have ever seen. Lovely post!
    Hugs, Shari!

  17. Me again....I forgot...Your shawl is gorgeous and a lovely gift from your friend!

  18. I wish I was sitting right next to you discussing those two beautiful shawls. I swear I am not in love with the one I made, maybe have to go purchase more yarn. Buddy is a hoot, you never know what those fish are up to. Have a wonderful weekend, rest up and enjoy that beautiful weather.

  19. Gorgeous post, Teresa! I loved the colourful fruit and flowers and I will never be tired of seeing photos of your red barn!! The shawl you made is absolutely beautiful, what a gorgeous border, it finishes it so perfectly and I love the colours, just right for autumn.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  20. Ahhhhh! You and Pammy Sue have so got me jealous! I want to do this shawl too but the "Summer Shawl From Hell That Is Sucking The Life Outta Me" is taking forever. And I am jealous that you live in such a beautiful area and I live in the arm pit of the south lol. I am such a northern girl *sigh*

  21. Okay, your shawl turned out soooo gorgeous! And you know you are going to have to give up that edging pattern, don't you? Don't try to slip anything by me! Give it up NOW! ;)

    I bought more of that yarn in another color too, but I don't remember which one I picked. It's hiding in there in my room somewhere. Wish I had all those plums so I could make some plum jelly. I LOVE plum jelly. I also love your barn. It's painted so pretty just like a barn should look.

  22. Your shawl looks lovely Teresa. Love the edging. Isn't is wonderful to have fruit trees on your property, just go out and pluck off a fresh juicy plum or apple. We have 2 apple trees that never do much of anything. We had a plum that lived 2 years. I don't know what happened to it. The plum was Meghan's tree and one of the apples was Rachael's tree. Their dad planted them when they were little girls, they were so excited. He planted the second tree for cross-pollination, but evidently his green thumb wasn't as green as it should have been.
    Susanne :)

  23. You live in Heaven on Earth my friend! Your place is beautiful! I love sweet Buddy trying to protect you, that is so cute. Your shawl is breath taking. Wow. I love it. :)

    You so talented and you always have such awesome pictures on your blog that inspire me each and every time. Thank you. :)

    Blessings always :)

  24. Hi Teresa the shawl is just gorgeous. Our apple trees have not done very well this year unlike last years harvest. Our apple trees are called 'Ballerina' trees perfect for our small garden as they are slim and upright. I harvested a few potatoes as well. Again a poor crop compared with last year.The plums look delish - I love plums. Love Anne x

  25. Hi Teresa
    your blog banner is pretty. love your babies they are cute oh and your gift too. Wonderful.


  26. I've just had a lovely time catching up with your blog Theresa, your shawl is looking so pretty, can't wait to see it finished.

  27. Lovely photo's, I always like to see your red barn. I'm just catching up with your blog now. Love your new header. The colours. And your gorgeous shawl. Must go dive in my stash and dye yarn!! Groetjes, Gerda



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