Sunday, September 9, 2012

Viewpoint & Little Boy Fun

On Friday evening, I met with 6 people to discuss the "future" of the historic View Point Inn that was built in 1924.  It sits on a beautiful piece of land above Vista House with it's view West overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.  The Inn was featured in the movie "Twilight", the prom scenes.  There was a fire in the upper story last year and those of us who love the building have watched in horror as nothing has been done after the fire to save the building.  The gaping holes in the roof were left uncovered as the rain and snow flooded inside.  The water has damaged the lower parts of the building that were perfectly fine after the fire.  From reports of one of the men at the meeting, the basement is full of water and the crawlspace too.  Then we all went to the building to see what we could see - and it was not good.  The photo below is BEFORE the fire.
And how it looks now.. a year after the fire.
The original wood floor is all buckled and cracked.  This is the great room - with a rock fireplace.  The "owners" had no fire insurance when this happened and from reports, they are thousands of dollars in debt.  At one point we'd heard that the owner's declared bankruptcy, so it should be in the hands of the bank.. and they aren't dealing with the issues.  At the meeting someone said the "owners" still own it.. no one seems to really know who owns it.  Then we noted that the original wainscoting woodwork has been stripped out, and it the original light fixtures are gone.. vandals are stealing the bricks from the exterior walkway.. it's a disaster, a mess, a big huge bummer.
Here is the dining room when I visited PRE-fire.  ::sigh:: 
This is the porch, it used to be screened in and the last owners glassed it in to be able to have more tables for their restaurant venture. 
This is the view from the Inn, looking West towards Portland, Oregon. Just imagine the sunsets that have been enjoyed from this wonderful old Inn.
I am sorry to report that the experts at this meeting feel that there is nothing left of value in this building and is not worth saving.  ::HUGE SIGH::  I completely disagree, I think that if someone with funds was able to get it, that it could be brought back from the brink of extinction.. what do you think?   

OKAY.. now I will talk about happy things.  This is my koi and they are growing bigger. 
When I got home from the meeting, feeling all depressed and depleted, these two were waiting for me, my son brought them out for us to keep them overnight and the next day while his wife recuperates from having her tonsils removed.  He brought them and pizza. We enjoyed dinner together and then our son Travis headed to work.  This is the next day as we had fun outside.
The fish were hiding from them.. :-) 
Then they did some adventuring.. and posed for grandma. :-) 
Around the big tree... 
They went up to the top of the falls and I heard them call to me.. "GWAMMMA"!  They had climbed on top of the stump of a huge Douglas Fir we'd had cut down a few years ago.   
LOVE the zoom on my Lumix... I just adore this image of brotherly love. 
Grandpa had to move the tractor.. and of course he had passengers. 
I decided we needed to go on an outing with the boys so we headed to Cascade Locks for lunch and some fun.  After lunch we got ice cream cones for everyone and then drove down to the park to eat them and let the boys play.
The Marine Park is a gorgeous place, right along the Columbia River.  See the sailboat on the river and the tall Douglas Fir trees?
This is the view of the gorge cliffs of Washington across the river.. and the pretty green grass and swings. 
This play structure is why I wanted to take the boys here.. it's in the shape of a Sternwheeler boat! 
Speaking of which, it just returned from a cruise so I snapped this photo. 
Caleb swinging on the bars.. the boys had a blast on this and made a new friend, too. 
Grandpa gave them a twirl on this spinning tire swing. 
As I walked through the lush green grass I spied a feather, so I snapped a shot of it in honor of my blog friend Meredith at Mereknits
We then drove East in the park to show the boys the boat marina and were just THRILLED to see all these amazing vintage Cadillacs drive past us.  There must have been an owner's rally and had all been on the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge cruise.  I pulled to the side of the road and snapped my camera away... 
Dayle figures the years these autos spanned was from the early 1900s to the 40s. Every one of them were completely restored and beautiful.  
And this.. oh my! 
And this one in pale yellow. 
And pale blue! 
And this British racing green one..  
This is the marina - we had our 26 foot Ranger 26 Stargazer sailboat moored here for several years when we first got her.  There is great wind here on this part of the river.  Sometimes too much! LOL! 
We then drove down to the old locks where the fisherman line up and got this shot of the Bridge of the Gods.  The river was high, Bonneville Dam must be holding water back, it's right around the bend from the bridge. 
They just re-painted the Historical Museum here, isn't it pretty? 
I love this image of the river under the bridge. 
Let's zoom in a bit.. ahhh.. pretty. 
Last but not least.. a friend of mine, Sharon Quade, had seen my photo of the "Blue Moon" the other day and forwarded me a shot her cousin had taken.  He took it with a Lumix camera through a Zeiss spotting scope.  I asked if I could show you and give him photo credit and he said yes.  The photographer's name is Ray Hamlyn.   
Today we are taking it easy.  I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead of you.  Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Εξαιρετικές φωτογραφίες!!Το μπλογκ σας είναι πανέμορφο!!Φιλιά!!Sophie from Greece!

    1. Sophie, I used Google Translator -- Great photos! Your blog is gorgeous! Kisses!

      Thank you!!

  2. Teresa, I agree with you about the inn. There must be someone with the means to save it...maybe your post can attract them to do so. You have such precious photos of the boys....and I enjoyed all of your photos and your comments. I would like to think that I could take such pictures with a Lumix, however me thinks the artist who snaps your photos is gifted to do so no matter what camera she uses :). Thanks for another perfect post. xxx from Gracie

  3. Teresa, I agree with you about the inn. There must be someone with the means to save it...maybe your post can attract them to do so. You have such precious photos of the boys....and I enjoyed all of your photos and your comments. I would like to think that I could take such pictures with a Lumix, however me thinks the artist who snaps your photos is gifted to do so no matter what camera she uses :). Thanks for another perfect post. xxx from Gracie

  4. Once again I'm in complete agreement with Gracie! How awful to have that beautiful inn fall into complete disrepair. It's still beautiful a nd the "bones" are there. I wish there was something that I could do. And the pictures of the gorge and the cars are beautiful. You have a real talent foe photography. You gave yourgrandboys a weekend to remember. The memories they are storing up of the fun times with you and Grandpa are irreplaceable. What a blessing you are for them.

  5. First I was just so enthralled reading about the Lodge and the horrible fire, then your gorgeous grandsons and then what do I see a beautiful feather just for me. You are so kind to think of me during your lovely day. The feather is gorgeous, I wonder what wonderful bird left it for us? Thanks so much Teresa, you made my day.

  6. I don't know where to begin! The Inn...what a tragedy! I hope that it can be saved. Your photos are just so crisp and stunning. There is beauty all around you. The pictures of the boys are so good!!! They are all boy!!!! Hope your daughter in law is now feeling better too. The moon picture is amazing!!!

  7. Oh, it's such a shame when those beautiful buildings like the inn aren't repaired. Wish there was someone with the means to make it whole again. It's so nice to see all your pretty photo's of place you live. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice week, groetjes, Gerda

  8. I believe the inn could be the right group of people! Press on Theresa!

  9. That is really sad about he Inn Teresa. I hope someone will come along soon! I see many possibilities in that place! LOVE the cars....we had a car show here this past weekend also but didn't get to go cause I am fighting a terrible cold...It hit me late Friday evening and won't go away! The photo of the moon is fabulous...amazing! Hugs, Shari

  10. I just hate to see historic building go like that. We lost one down the block a couple years back and now the lots seats empty waiting for new homes that will never happen. I can't tell you the amount of trees they cut down too. Any who, looks like another fab weekend out there. Glad to see you are see lots of sunny weather and are keeping out and about and busy. PB today - 19 miles and a new course with lots of hills. Petered out and ready for the hay as we say here in the midwest.

  11. What a terrible shame that they can't restore that beautiful building :( The picture of the dining room looked so elegant and I'm sure it would have been an absolutely charming dining venue. I can't get over the vivid colour in your playground photos - do you have your camera set for the bright colour? I also have a Panasonic Lumix - might be a different model to yours. Mine is a DMC-TZ20.

  12. What great pictures ... I just love living in Oregon...there are so many great places t see... Im so glad u HV sooo much fun with your grandchildren .... , I love the picture of the moon... Thx for sharing!

  13. First of all, What a fantastic post filled with so many beautiful pictures!!
    It is heart breaking to see the before and after pics of that beautiful Inn. I feel with the right amount of money , it could be brought back to it's original splendor but it is the money that is always the problem, isn't it? What a pity!
    Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things with us!!


  14. Such a shame about that beautiful old Inn...I share your love of beautiful old buildings and sense of loss when they are allowed to sink into ruin. Maybe it can still be saved though?? There could still be someone who might step in and rescue it. I hope so! Loved all your pictures today, so bright and sunny, and such happy times with your grandsons.
    Helen x

  15. Oh, I wish I were a rich man....Really. It is so sad to see the Inn like that. If I were a rich man, I'd buy it and fix it because it's current state is just heart breaking.

    Can't wait to show the Hubs your car pictures ;)

  16. How about contacting some of the Twilight film people to see if they would donate toward it's restoration? The films have made so much money, I don't see why they wouldn't want to help in some way; especially since they used the Inn for part of the prom scenes.

  17. Teresa~
    I totally agree with all the others. There has to be a way to repair/
    restore/save this incredible historical site. I wonder if there are any government (state or federal historic preservation) grants available for this purpose.

    I agree with Mary's idea...and how about the news media? Has someone contacted them? I just find it amazing that the owners didn't do anything to protect the building from more damage...Now I am upset and angry (and I was already angry enough today).


    PS: Your grandsons, as always, are adorable!

  18. Such fun with the BOYS!!!! What a shame if the inn could not be repaired was lovely.Your photos are always the best!

  19. You always amaze me with so many gorgeous photos!!! I love them and enjoy so much! The boys are just adorable and those cars are really fab!!!
    Hugs to you,

  20. Found your blog through One Saylor's Lot and I looked forward to catching up on your blog. I love the blue moon photo. Gorgeous.

  21. Loved all the pictures. Havent been up there in awhile time to do that soon.

    down the I-5


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