Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Will Not Forget - And More

Today is September 11th - and I am taking this time to remember that day and remember the lives lost and the tragedy of it all.  My heart broke that day.  To think that there are people that would go this extreme to kill innocent people for.. what?  I just cannot conceive of that kind of thinking.  America was not destroyed that day, and in many ways it made us stronger. Dayle and I were out and about today and I saw this flag at half mast and I wanted to share this with you and hope you take a few moments to remember with me.
Here is the flag at half mast.
Since I ran out of yarn for my shawl project my hands were empty, so I decided to crochet a 3rd hanger cover - the top one is the one I just made.  I love these as my clothes don't slip off the hanger like on the plastic ones.  
It's fun as I put a different color on each side - here are the other sides of the 3 of them. 
Close up of the 2 sides before I crocheted them together.  You crochet 76 chains, chain 3 more which counts as the first double crochet, 4 more double crochets into the 3rd chain from hook.  That makes the first 5 DC shell - continue to the end for 13 shells.  Continue on other side another 13 shells.  Finish off.  Make a 2nd one.  Crochet them together with single crochets - when one side is done, slip the hanger hook through the top between side of the center shell - continue crocheting sides together on hanger until done! :-)
I've added to my Jadeite collection!  1 serving bowl, 3 Jane Ray plates (I just got the 3rd today), 1 soup bowl (not pictured) and a sugar and creamer set.  :-)  Thank you eBay and Etsy!  And the mail lady!  LOL!
I think my Mom had one of these. 
I just adore how the light shines through this Fire King glass! 
I think I need to have a luncheon soon so I can use these... :-D 
I met with a State Parks man today to pick out the spot for the Portland Women's Forum monument to the woman who's efforts saved this viewpoint for all of us instead of being privately developed.  I will show you more as the project proceeds.  :-) 
When you turn to the right from where I was standing.. you see this.  The Columbia River Gorge. 
And so.. thank you for visiting me today and reading my eclectic thoughts and activities. And take a moment of silence and think of a world free of terrorism.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa,
    I posted today for Greg's birthday and almost made some mention of 911. In the end, I did not. But rest assure, I am thinking about the lives lost, the lives affected, and the price for freedom, all day!!!!
    Love the Jadeite. May I come to your luncheon?
    PS Love the hangers. I have made a few too.

  2. I am remembering with you, Teresa, and am grateful that I live among people like you and Dayle who choose to protect, build and repair and give and love in the wake of destruction.

    Thanks for sharing your hanger pattern! I have never tried to cover a hanger. Yours are pretty and I know they are practical.

    The dishes are lovely.
    I will be interested to see the statue when it is home : )

    xxx from Gracie

  3. Indeed a very sad day for the whole world Teresa. I can recall watching the events unfold on TV and my husband (now deceased) saying 'the world will never be the same again' - oh how true those words were, sadly. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives. xoxox

  4. Oh, how I wish I could come to your luncheon! If you have one, I will be there in spirit. Drink a spot of tea for me. Hee-hee. Your jadite is beautiful! My sister collects it too. She has a huge cabinet full of it. Maybe I can get her to send me a picture to share with you.

  5. Remembering today and really, how can anyone ever forget?

  6. Thanks for the beautiful picture of the Flag, it is such a horrendous day in the history of America, glad you took the time to remember.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  7. September 11th will always be a poignant day for those of us that have this etched it our living memory. Personally my thoughts are very confused about it...it is a sad day.
    I really like you crochet clothes hangers...I think they would make great gifts for people. You have chosen very pretty colours. I will have to try and make these.
    Any sign of an egg yet or is it 'Chicken Stew'? XXX

  8. Hello Teresa I was thinking of you all yesterday. It was a terrible day. I can remember exactly what I was doing etc when I heard. My son had also flown to the States at that time and we were very concerned until we heard from him as you can imagine.
    The idea with the coat hangers is brilliant - I get so cross when my clothes slip off the plastic ones.
    Your bowls etc are gorgeous and can I come to lunch please :-) Love Anne x

  9. Hello Teresa:

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, (and for reading it too!)

    I, too, was deep in thought on the 11th. My flag was out and it was the only one in our neighborhood. Have people really forgotten, or just gotten too busy to remember, that horrific day?

    And then...yesterday happened. Innocent lives lost once again. Will we never learn. All of this accomplishes nothing except more hate.

    On a brighter note, I love your hanger covers. So practical. I think I know what my next project for myself will be. :-) And I love all of your jadeite. You have quite a collection.

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy crocheting! (Oh, still no baby in Portland!)




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