Thursday, September 13, 2012

Enjoying Autumn

We're having a nice fall.. Indian Summer.. warm and windy.  Dayle has been working on repairing a plumbing issue.. he broke the pipe to our outdoor faucet by accidentally hooking the hose with his riding mower.. so he's had to dig and fix plumbing.  I was looking through my tablecloth collection in the old oak china cabinet and found this great old hand crocheted piece that I got from my 100 year old friend Weltha Wilson years ago.  She made this herself.  I put this on the table and put some of my Jadeite collection on the table and enjoyed the fall light across the dining room.
I plan to have a tea soon with my 2 sisters and friend Shirley.   
Last evening I made a big pot of homemade clam chowder.  It turned out delish.  Have you ever made it?  You peel several potatoes, cube them, put them in water to boil (water just to cover the potatoes), add a stalk of sliced celery to the potatoes. While they are cooking you chop 10 slices of bacon into pieces and start sautéing them in a frying pan, while thats frying, chop an onion and add that to the bacon.  When the potatoes are tender, add the bacon and onions, add some garlic powder to taste, pour in 2 pints of heavy cream and 2 cans of clams with juice.  Salt & pepper to taste.  Add a 1/2 a cube of butter in the pot.  Simmer all together for a while, and serve with crackers or crusty bread.
My younger sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls today, so I invited her to stop on the way and have chowder for lunch with me.  We usually dine at the lodge before we go on duty.  It was a simple lunch of chowder, crackers and apple cranberry sparkling cider. 
I wish you could join us for lunch! 
We crunched up crackers and added them to the soup.. it's not that pretty, but it sure did taste good! 
Then we headed off to the Falls.. I started a pair of crocheted booties for my friend Rocio - she went to school with my daughter and just had her 2nd daughter, 5th child.  Her first child is a girl, then 3 boys, and now this little girl.  I can't wait to see and hold her new little sweetie.  That is my sterling silver F hook made by Celtic Swan.  I just love my silver hooks!   
All that is left to do on this one is the top trim and add a pink ribbon tie.  I love accomplishing something while I'm volunteering in the Visitors Center at the Falls.  This is my own design. 
The leaves are not changing colors yet.  There is very little water coming over the falls - we haven't had rain for almost 2 months.  What is coming over is spring water, no snow melt or rain to add to the volume.  A really neat thing happened today, one of my blog readers came in to say hi - her name is Brooxie, from Georgia.  It was great fun to chat with them and get to know her.  :-)
I took this shot of the pond night before last - it's dusk and Dayle had just done some work on all the lights around the water - and Buddy is out there making sure the fish don't "get us".  It's fun to sit out there on these warm breezy fall evenings.
I think we'll finish off the chowder for dinner tonight.  I do like to cook in the fall - things like beef stew, homemade chili, and this chowder.  Do you have any Fall leaf color where you are?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow...I bet it smells good in your house. I would like a bowl please! I am playing catch up on the things I missed while I was out sick. Your little hangers are just so cute! great job. That crochet bag sure looks nice sitting in there on the table!!! Perfect for carrying yarn! Shari

  2. I am going to have to try your recipe for clam chowder---it sounds almost exactly like the one my grandma made and hers was the BEST I have ever had (besides that is why I bought some lactaid...for creamy yummies)...
    LOVE your crocheted booties! You SO impress me with your designs, your use of color---you have SO much talent! BTW, love the handmade crocheted tablecloth that your friend gave you too!
    I cannot believe the difference in the falls---I wonder what some of my fav coast range falls look like.
    Yes we are having autumn color--no where near the peak yet, but I was suprised today to pass a tree whose trees had all turned yellow. LOVE this time of the year--hoping to see some aspen in their autumn finery soon:)

  3. Yikes typo---I should not be allowed to make comments when I'm tired...or posts either for that matter:)
    I meant to say we passed a tree today whose leaves had all turned yellow.
    Deep breath, warm tea, bed...

  4. Hi Teresa,
    First, that tablecloth is stunning. I can't even imagine the work! Yes I can, it was many, many hours!! Lovely. And your jadeite looked so pretty on it. The soup sounded so delicious! However, it is not quite soup weather here. I do love to make a big pot of soup in the cooler months! I did see your Autumn ceramics that were added to the table!!!
    I love the photo of your dog standing guard over the pond! How fun to meet a blogger! I love to meet folks that read my blog!
    Maybe one day, you and I will have the good fortune to meet!!

  5. Oh my! Where to start? Your clam chowder looks yummy. A bit like Mo's perhaps? I need to make this sometime soon as clam chowder is a favorite of both hubby and I.

    The tablecloth is beautiful. I can only imagine the hours of love that was poured into it. I've made several myself and know how much you must have meant to her for her to gift it to you. The jaydeite is beautiful on it.

    Our trees aren't changing color yet either and we've had no rain to speak of for the same length of time as you. A few sprinkles about two weeks ago, just enough to move the dust around on the car!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  6. Lovely autumn post today! Your clam chowder looks delicious! I loved the picture of your room with the autumn sunlight, and the beautiful jadeite collection. And your sweet crochet!! The booties are adorable, such a lovely gift for a new baby.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Teresa.
    Helen x

  7. Hi Teresa that clam chowder looks delish- it is something I've never tried. The crochet tablecloth is beautiful and your jadeite looks so pretty on it. The pond area looks so pretty as well lit up like that.Sweet little booties. Love Anne x

  8. Ooh, I adore your jadeite, that would look fabulous in my new kitchen. The chowder sounds delicious.
    Hen x

  9. hello, I'm visiting from Dorothy's blog. Just have to comment on that beautiful tablecloth of yours and also that lovely dinnerware on it in your photos. That chowder sure looks delicious too!

  10. That chowder looks DELICIOUS!! Now I'm hungry and it's only 8:00 am, lol. Making hearty soups and stews when the weather starts getting chilly is one of the best things ever. I'm also loving that last picture of your pond and Buddy at the end. It really looks magical!

  11. Teresa, that table cloth is amazing, and so special as it was made by your friend. I wish I could join you at the table and have a nice chat with your sister, beautiful photos once again.
    Happy Weekend to you,

  12. That tablecloth....OMG! Amazing! I love that the weather is starting to get cooler. I love putting all the ingredients into a crock pot and coming home to the delicious smells and dinner all ready. It just doesn't feel the same in the summer, you know? Have a great weekend!!

  13. What a lovely blog ... your table, so inviting. What a beautiful cloth and the setting pieces. Glad I found you! Certainly will be back to browse through. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. I love chowder! I've never made one myself. The last time I ate clam chowder was two years ago in Montreal. Yours looks delicious. I can smell and tast it. Hmmmmm.

  15. Lovely photos - I love your ceramic pumpkin, I collect pumpkin themed things! My best finds are from the States, found in a shop here called TK Maxx.

    And your crochet hook is so stylish too, havent seen one like that before.

    Have a super weekend, Helenxx

  16. Oh my, I wish I could join you for exotic having clam chowder, love the sound of your recipe but wonder if we can get timed clams...and I love your tablecloth, a talented lady indeed. Fiona x

  17. Yummy! That looks so good! The weather just turned much cooler today and the clam chowder would be good on a day like this! I will have to copy your recipe. Your table setting with the jadite looks so pretty with your crochet table cloth!~Hugs, Patti


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