Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shawl & Ear Warmer

Happy Weekend to you!  We are enjoying a cozy warm day inside as our weather has finally turned to rain and clouds after a completely unusual 3+ months of sunny dry days. I snapped a photo of the pretty orange tulips that greeted us when we got home from our week away.  The flowers were a gift from my friends Shirley & John, who took care of our house while we went to Ohio to visit our daughter, SIL and granddaughters.  Wasn't that nice?
The warm orangey tones of my fall tablescape make me happy. 
Peeking out my back door looking at the grey and mist and checking on the chickens.  The moss on the sheds is happy to have some moisture. 
I took my shawl on the trip to finish and finally did!  It was chilly in Ohio and that gave me the added incentive to finish so I could wear it around my neck over my leaf printed jacket, along with my orange and black velour hat I made years ago.  I was definitely autumn colored while we went on our jaunts to the historic towns in Ohio.  I love the lacy edging!  You can get the pattern here:  CLICK HERE 
The yarn is Deborah Norville's Serenity Garden - color is "Gems".  I ordered it online. 
My favorite part of the shawl is the wide lacy edging. 
I thought of making a hat to match the shawl and then I was over at Kris' blog - SIMPLIFY (CLICK HERE) and saw she is making these snuggly head bands/ear warmers so I thought I would try one and this is what I came up with.  It's the lace pattern in my shawl with a crochet flower.  I have shoulder length "silver" hair and put it up on my head with a barrette - this is a fun alternative to a hat as my "rooster tail" sticks up out of the top.  LOL! 
The shawl and headband.. pardon the clashing color of my turtleneck tee.  I should have changed it!
Have you ever made a head band?  It's a fast fun project.
I had to share this preschool photo of my granddaughter Paige.  She's a darling child.
When we were in Ohio and our daughter took us to a farm store, there was a tray of little painted pebbles - we got 2 for the girls, 1 a pumpkin and the other a ghost - this is mine. Dayle glued a pin on the back so I could wear it as a pin (which I'm doing right now).  Isn't it cute?
Funny story.. we only have one chicken laying eggs so far, Buffy the Buff Orpington -- she didn't lay one egg while we were gone.  Yesterday hubby comes in and brings in this egg - he's convinced they missed him.  What do you think?
We're enjoying this fall weekend.. what are you up to?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love your shawl and the ear warmer. Such bright pretty colors. And I agree, the girls missed you guys and that was their welcome home gift.


  2. Oh what a beautiful shawl and ear warmer! They will be so nice for you this winter. Lovely fall scenes around your place. I do love fall! I agree that the chickens missed having you around and now they will lay eggs again! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Teresa,
    You are adorable! And your crochet work superb!
    Love your blog. Keep up the creative work!

  4. Loved seeing more pics of your shawl. Neat ear warmer/headband. I have
    made a few for my son's girlfriend's and my daughter and they love them.
    I reckon those chicken's did miss the man of the coop lol.

  5. Fabulous. I adore this picture of you soooooooooooooo much. Too cute. Looks like a great day there.

  6. Now that I look. How did you wrap that shawl. Looks like a new way to me.

    1. Hi Kate, I wrapped it more like a scarf, and it's fun how it looks with the lacy edges layered like that.

  7. Teresa, I LOVE that shawl!!! That lacy edging is wonderful. Can't wait to try that out! I love your headband to match. You are stylin' And I also love your hair!!!
    I agree, the chicken missed you and waited for your return to lay an egg!! Mine are NOT laying well, and haven't all summer. I thought it was due to the heat. But the heat is gone. Still, out of seven girls, I am only averaging 4 eggs a day!!
    Your little granddaughter's photo is darling!!!!
    : ) Kris

  8. I have to make that shawl! You and Pammy Sue have me wanting one so dang badly....and now old one wants one too LOL. Love the ear warmer too ;)

  9. Hi, Teresa
    Your granddaughter Paige is beautiful--I LOVE her preschool photo! I also LOVE the combination of your lacy-edged, multi-colored shawl and headband--it looks amazing together!!!
    You are SO talented:)

  10. Hi Teresa,

    Your shawl and headband turned out very lovely, just like you. You have good house watching friends that leave you flowers. We have a wonderful friend that watches over our house and Chloe to when we need someone. It gives peace to enjoy your trips when you know all is well at home. I'm glad you're home safe and sound and ready for more adventures.


  11. Congratulations on a gorgeous Ta Dah, you look fantastic in your latest creations! I bet that your chickens did miss your husband, it's the only sensible explanation.

  12. The shawl and headband are just gorgeous! How nice to have yr own eggs... What a treat ! Also yr granddaughter is sooo pretty! U r a lucky gramma with so many gorgeous grandchildren! :)

  13. What lovely autumn colours you have around you Teresa. That is funny re the egg, I am sure animals know things are different. Your little granddaughter looks so very sweet in her school photo. Glad you found some beach beads similar to mine. I did reply to your question both times on my blog..hope you saw I explained that lady no longer makes beach beads and the few I have are very popular so I could only sell them as made up pieces..hope that made sense ;0) Enjoy Sunday, the sun is shining here too.
    Jane x

  14. I love this post Teresa, so full of all the autumn colours I am so keen on!

    I love the shawl and the headband and will definitely check out the patterns, thanks for the link.

    Your table looks so pretty, especially the pumpkins.

    Isnt your grandaughter a cutie, and I like the way the teachers have put a fall-themed banner into the background, such a nice idea.

    Im sure that chicken waited for you return - I think animals do miss their owners, I know that the greediest of my two cats sure loses his appetite if we are away and leave him with my brother.

    I baked my first pumpkin pie of the autumn season yesterday, I absolutely love it!

    enjoy the rest of the weekend, Helenxx

  15. What a gorgeous photo of Paige. Your autumn table and your shawl look awesome. xoxox

  16. Hi Teresa...It's a misty and chilly morning here and your lovely post is a perfect read full of beautiful autumnal colours....lovely tulips, gorgeous shawl and headband (you are so clever!) and little Paige is adorable....such a pretty photograph!
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  17. Shawl envy, ear warmer envy and pebble brooch envy...all this envy tis not good! I love the ear warmer...what pattern did you use? I have tried a pumpkin, I got past the part I was stuck on after you helped me on facebook. Then I got something wrong again! Grrrr! I will have to try again, yours are so cute and neatly finished. xxx

  18. Hey Teresa, thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Your shawl is so colorful and beautiful. I've made only one shawl (the pattern is called trellis shawl) -- but definitely would like to make another. Everything sure looks pretty where you are. It is still hot here 97 degrees at the moment -- but temps are slowly, slowly getting cooler (moreso at night and in the mornings). They tried to raise the price of eggs here and now can't find any in the market because everyone threw such a fit. I need to look up a vegan applesauce muffin recipe. :) Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy

  19. Love your shawl. I have been trying to knit a shawl off and on (mostly off) for a while. I think I would really make one if I did it in crochet. I'm off to check out the pattern!

  20. Hi Teresa - I found you through Cozy Little House! I love the photo of your grand daughter with the chalkboard - what a clever idea!

    Your yard is so lovely!

    I knew that you came from Oregon when you mentioned the looong dry spell - my sister lives in Wilsonville and was just telling me yesterday how grateful she is that it finally rained. I am originally from Portland, but moved to Juneau, Alaska 33 years ago.

    Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  21. Very pretty shawl and head band set! Perfect fall colors too :) It sounds like you are getting back into your routine there in Oregon. It is great you had such a good time with your family as well. Hopefully your chickens will start laying again now that you are home again! Enjoy this lovely fall weather!

  22. Teresa, you look adorable with that headband, I love the ones Kris has been making. Of course the chickens missed Dayle, I missed him and I have never even met him!
    Your shawl looks a million times better than the one I made, I may have to give it another go.
    Hugs to you,

  23. I bet the girls did miss your husband! CUTE headband and the shawl is just gorgeous.

  24. Well, it is unanimous, Buffy and the rest of the hens missed Dayle:) I really love how the scarf turned out...yarn, colors, pattern!!! And the headband is cute, too. This weekend I attended a wedding shower for my youngest and finally found a mother-of-the-bride outfit. I am tired and off to bed...hope to get revived to see you soon :) xx from Gracie

  25. Love your shawl, So pretty !! Cute headband too !

  26. The shawl and the headband are gorgeous! The colors are so wonderful! I agree with your husband...they missed him...Face it, the chicks dig him ;)

  27. LOVE how the shawl turned out, and your headband is just too cute! What a great set! I love the picture you took through your wreath (at least I think that's what you did...LOL).

  28. The shawl is probably the nicest shawl I have ever seen, and the yarn is stunning, absolutely and an stunning colourway too. Great work, I was kicking through leaves today, love the colours! Fiona

  29. yea..this shawl is awesome when complete! you look so nice wearing it :)
    lovely colors!


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