Monday, October 15, 2012

Cozy Weekend

Fall weather finally has arrived at the farm.  We had a totally unusual 3+ months of sun and dry weather - now it's cool, cloudy and rainy - normal! :-)  We didn't leave the farm the whole weekend, just rested up from our trip and enjoyed our cozy home.  I was done with my shawl and headband, so I thought.. hmm.. what to do next?  So, I went "shopping" in my office and found what I was looking for.. some autumn colored cotton to make a small project, a dish cloth.  Dayle baked some snickerdoodles so the house smelled of cinnamon.  Ahhh.. nice.
The yarn is KnitPicks "Dishie" - the color is "Heat Wave Multi".  I cannot recommend this yarn enough - it's heavy duty, the colors are very fade resistant and it works up very nicely.  KnitPicks is an online store only and the funny thing is the warehouse is across the river from us in Vancouver, WA!
Almost done!  I used the crochet pattern for Gentle Ridges dishcloth.
Just a shot of my china cabinet.  I think I need to empty the whole thing and re-do it.  But what I realized is that I don't just use this for display.. it's a hard working cabinet to hold things as my kitchen is a small galley sized place with no extra room for things.  So, it's stacked to the brim!  Did I tell you that I got this antique cabinet for $200?  When I got it that was a lot of money.  My mom and I were talking on the phone and she told me her friend was getting a divorce and was having to sell some of her antiques.  Mom said she would buy this one oak china cabinet but it was too TALL for her house.  That piqued my interest. I think I told her I'd take it sight unseen and I cannot even remember how we got it from there to here.  Isn't that silly?  But I love this thing.
I love my Jadeite, I think I'm pretty done with the collection, just need a few more "chili" bowls.  I don't have any on the table now as I don't think it goes with fall orange. :-) 
This odd couple below sits directly in my view from my easy chair.  The chair is a high chair that has been handed down in my dad's side of the family since the 1800s!  Story time -- the Teddy Bear was Dayle's when he was a little guy, as long as he can remember.  Needless to say, it's well loved and I'm thrilled to have it here.  The Cabbage Patch doll.. Dayle's mom was a talented seamstress, she even worked at Jantzen sewing swimming suits and clothes for years.  When his mom was in her late 40s she became paralyzed from the waist down from unknown causes.  She then poured her heart and soul into sewing for friends and family, making school clothes for her youngest daughter and knitting and crocheting.  She got into making Cabbage Patch dolls and gave them as gifts.  We found this one and a box of clothes she'd made when we were clearing out their home when they were moved to an assisted living facility.  She now keeps the teddy bear company in my great grandmother's high chair. :-)
My view.. the high chair and beyond.. my doll house. :-)
My grandmother had the chair and took a photo of me in it on Thanksgiving day the year of my birth, I was about 7 months old.  She taped my photo and a handwritten note under the seat.  My aunt got the chair in rough condition and had a woodworker re-glue it back to together and refinish it.  I'm thrilled that he did not "refinish" the underside of the chair and you can see several layers of paint (grandma loved to paint her old furniture!).  Aunt Mary Ann told me during one of my visits that one day I should have "the chair" since grandma had put my photo under it.  Thank you Grandma and Aunt Mary Ann!  She told me that she wasn't ready to part with it - and I said, that's okay, but when I have grandkids, I'd love to have it.  And so, when my grandkids began to arrive, I asked if they could send it and they did.  :-D
The underside of this chair is kind of like life.. we age, we apply a new coat of paint, it chips and we still go on.. I plan on aging gracefully. :-)
The kids.
I followed a blog called Mias Landliv for a long time and then she quit blogging and so I removed the link on my blog list.. well, she's back blogging and you should visit.  She lives in Norway and is a quilter and crocheter and has a wonderful decorating style.  A year ago or so I saw a really neat lantern on her table and searched and searched until I found a similar one.  Here it is. :-)
Well, I have a Friends of Multnomah Falls board meeting to prepare for.. so I'd better get busy with that.  I hope you have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. My mom has a friend who knitted me a bunch of cotton dishcloths a while back. They are THE BEST. LOVE, LOVE that lantern! Did you happen to find it online?

    1. Hi Michelle, I did find it online.. I think eBay? I love the size of it and you can put all kinds of neat stuff in it for the seasons.

    2. M.. I checked my eBay mail file and found the lantern...

  2. What a perfect way to spend the weekend. Much the same here, but we did get out to see a movie, ARGO. Quite good. Now, about the chair........

  3. So glad you had a restful, cozy weekend, Teresa. Thanks for all the stories in this post. I enjoyed each one. I enjoy the reminders those who came before me left for me to use and pass along. The priceless treasures like Dayle's teddy and your high chair and the handmade doll that reflect love are especially precious. xx from Gracie

  4. I just love visiting your blog. It's like visiting with an old friend. The photo's and stories are delightful. Thank you!

  5. Let's see, I have a lot to say.....LOVE that yarn!! I will try to find it on their site. I had some wonderful sturdy cotton in very similar colors, that I had gotten at the yarn shop before it closed. I have never found any other cotton for dishcloths that I am as happy with. I would like to try that one. Love the colors!!
    That highchair is such a neat treasure to have!! I loved hearing about how you acquired it, and how the photo of you was placed underneath! What a thrill to have such a family heirloom! I love your hutch! I totally understand the long galley kitchen thing, with very little storage space. I have things tucked in the strangest places!! I love the way your jadeite looks in the middle of the cabinet.
    Happy to hear you are enjoying true Fall weather! We are almost 100 again today. Crazy!!

  6. Teresa, first of all I love that oak cabinet. I have one similar in my house but it has two sides. I will take a picture of it and blog about it soon. It holds my grandmothers, and my husband's families treasures. The story of the high chair is priceless, I love that your picture is posted underneath it and that is how you knew it was yours. Dayle's bear is so adorable, I am so glad someone watched over it all these years. How sad about his Mother, but it doesn't seem like she let the paralysis get the best of her. That doll is adorable and so are you,

  7. What can I say except what everyone has already said...Love the hutch,love love love the yarn. I have been making some dishcloths myself...they are so soft! Really L O V E the highchair and the story behind it...I love to hear stories about our's priceless! Love your view to your doll's gorgeous! I just realized I said "I love "about seven times...I can't help it, I love it all! Hugs, Shari

  8. Aren't you happy it's finally fall? Me too!

    I make dishclothes out of cotton yarn but I knit them... that one needle thing with crochet scares me!

    And what a fabulous story of the high chair!

    Now I'm off to check out this Norwegian friend (I'm half Norwegian :))...


    PS and I love to mix my jadeite with orange... or red.... or pink... or black...or aqua.... or yellow.... :)

  9. Hi Teresa....It's nice to be home, isn't it? Sounds like a relaxing cozy one too! Love the story about the high chair....makes it all the more special! The yarn reminds me of candy corn!~Hugs, Patti

  10. Loved today's family stories Teresa and love your baby photo! I also have been a frequent visitor at Mias Landliv for sometime now--love her quilts:)
    PS: How far along is the autumn color in the Gorge?

  11. Hi Teresa,

    I'm late to the party tonight, but I've been busy cuddling my new granddaughter and going along to her two week check up today. Yes, I'm still here in Portland and dear daughter and son-in-law are in no hurry for me to leave. Seems they like the laundry appearing clean in the closet, dinner on the table and the house cleaned!! Go figure. Of course the trade off for me is that cute granddaughter and getting to know my son-in-law much better. If hubby were here it would be perfect, butt I am missing him.

    Now about your post-I agree with all of the comments. I too, prefer Knit Picks Dishie over any other cotton for dishcloths and the color you chose is wonderful. I also loved the glimpses into your family history and treasures.your blog is always a wonderful pick me up. It is raining in the gorge right now isn't it? I can hear the raindrops falling as I type. Have a wonderful week Teresa.

    For some reason blogger won't let me post from my iPad or iPhone. I sure hope it works when I get home because I have some cute pictures of little Miss Piper to share with my friends.



  12. Such a heart warming post Teresa, I love the story of the high chair.

    Have a great day!


  13. Thanks for sharing so many great stories. love the washcloth, great color :)

  14. There is something lovely about spending a quiet weekend at home, especially after traveling. My mom has the high chair that was her great grandmothers. It's really neat how it was passed down to the point that my children were able to use it.

  15. Such lovely pictures...and now after seeing the yummy fall yarn...I am in the need to make something fall-like. :)

    Blessings always friend.

  16. I love the dishcloth and the yarn! You have beautiful things - that high chair is a treasure. I have a lovely wooden child's chair that my parents got for me when I was little. It currently is at my sister's house, but I will get it eventually! I have a bride doll that my dad bought for me the year he died (he died December 23rd), and I plan to display her on the chair.

    I long for Oregon...

  17. BTW, where did you find the crocheted pumpkin pattern?

  18. Thanks for the peek into your home. It is so lovely and warm feeling :)

  19. Glad to hear you had a lovely cosy weekend at home together. DH and I had a long weekend away in Wales together and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Love the story re the high chair and so lovely that your photo etc is still taped underneath. I have a lot of things belonging to family members who are sdly no longer with us and it is lovely to have them to remember them by. My treasures are very special to me. Love the colour of the yarn you are using. Love Anne x

  20. Love your table, the season colors, and those sweet little pumpkins. How cheerful it is. The high chair, what a treasure, even more so with the writings and picture.

  21. Hi Teresa, you are such a good blogger... and follower. One would think that after being all day knitting/crocheting at the shop I would come home just to be happy and relaxed but every day when I come home I am tired and want to check out for a little bit and do my photo albums or watch tv. And I haven't been good at leaving comments or even reading blogs. I've missed it.
    Thank you for always popping by and leaving a comment in my blog!!
    I hope you enjoy the fall, love,

  22. Hello again!!!
    It's knitting and not crochet... and kind of (way too) expensive... but it's close to you and made me think about you.

  23. Hi Teresa! How nice to see your lantern. It really is very similar to mine (apart from the colour). I am so pleased you were able to find one, seeing you had your heart set on in ;-)

    Thank you for your kind comments in my blog, and for the lovely mention of mine in here. You are too kind (I have had a few new visitors thanks to you!)


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