Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Things

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will recognize this flower below.  If you are new, I will fill you in on the story of this Christmas Cactus... My mom passed away a few years ago and had lost her memory in her final months, well actually years.  She had always had a "green thumb" and grew plants and flowers that flourished under her care.  She passed that down to me.  :-)  I knew she was not doing well when I saw a cactus in her room that was nearly dead with lack of care and water.. so I brought it home and watered it and put it in my garden window in the kitchen.  Not long after she passed away, that little "rescue" cactus put on buds and bloomed.  I know it's silly, but whenever one of these flowers bloom on that plant, I think that it's my Mother.. reaching out to me to say hello.  Isn't it pretty?
Dayle and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls today again.. the water flow was heavier since we'd had a few days of rain.  There are some colored leaves, but not very many yet, it's a VERY late color year - I blame it on the 3+ months of no rain. 
The only leaves that have much color are the Vine Maples. 
The lodge.. see the French doors on the left side?  That is the Visitors Center where we work. Today a cute older couple were there from near Ipswich, England - I told her I was a blogger and she said she was too!  They were so cute and told us that they were newlyweds - I asked where they met and she told me "at church"!  Then she whipped out her iPad and showed me wedding photos - the adorable part is they were members of different churches near each other, so they got married in HER church and then walked over and got married again in HIS church.  They were just so CUTE!!
Heading to our car after we closed the center for the day, I saw these Snow Berries..  
Looking down into Multnomah Creek.. the salmon will be here soon to spawn. 
Another vantage point of the falls from the volunteer parking space on the other side of the bridge over the creek. 
On the way home on the Historic Columbia River Highway, we stopped to snap a photo of this darling little stone house that I've always admired - their window boxes over-flowing with colorful impatiens.
Right before we got on the freeway to head home, Dayle spotted a kite surfer and zoomed in to get this photo.. the men and women who do this sport amaze me.  You can see how low the Columbia River is - see the sand bar?  That will quickly disappear when our rainy season begins in earnest.
I finished my dish cloth while volunteering.  I did an edging of SC, CH 1, SC.  Now what am I going to work on next?  Hmmmm. 
I thought I'd share a photo of one of my favorite necklaces that I've made.  We were going to go to see the King Tut exhibit in Seattle years ago and I wanted to make a necklace to wear in honor of the Egyptian king.  So, Dayle went up to the local grocery store and asked for a piece of cow bone from Dave the butcher and he cut this oval out and shined it up for me.  I had a scarab that I'd gotten at a bead store which I set in the center of the bone, then carved wax and made the 2 gold pieces using the lost wax technique at my jewelry class - then did the scrimshaw myself and made the bezel to set the piece in - then strung the necklace using amber beads, malachite and glass.  
I am excited as I've signed up for a precious metal clay workshop with a local jewelry artist - it will be in a few weeks.  Can't wait!!  Well, we have to jet off to have dinner with our son Shawn and his family at Flying Pie Pizza.. I think we'll stick with the salad bar.  Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a sweet story about your mother's memory. It's beautiful. Love all photos of course,but the one of the little stone house looks like it belongs in a fairytale story!Adorable! How exciting on the new class sounds like lots of fun.
    Hugs, Shari

  2. Wonderful photos. That stone house is just charming. Love your necklace, too!

  3. Saudades de você Teresa.
    Que lugar lindo, belas fotos.

  4. Teresa, it is definitely not silly that you think the blossoms are your Mom saying hi. If she had such a great green thumb, she probably is smiling down at you for taking such good care of the Christmas cactus.

    I absolutely adore your photos. You live in such a beautiful place. I would really like to come out and see that area if I can get the Hubs moving in that direction. : )

    Will you be able to get pics of the salmon spawning? How cool that would be.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Teresa, you are amazing! That necklace is just beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the Christmas cactus and hearing your story about it again. It's such a sweet story and a beautiful flower. I believe she does see it and appreciates it, and is saying hello and letting you know she's still with you in spirit. I also enjoyed your story about the old couple. I bet you meet a lot of interesting people there at the visitors' center!

  6. Another fun day at the Falls. You are doing the same as us here. We are turning yellow and then they are just dropping right off the trees. But, we've had rain now for two days, so that is much needed before the winter settles in. Always a treat to see what up there.

  7. It would be wonderful to visit those falls, always love your pictures.
    Beautiful necklace. I understand the thinking your mum is saying hello
    with blooming from the cactus. I have a thing with pelicans where I often
    see just one on it's own, my dad loved them so I reckon his way of saying
    "hi ruff".

  8. Oh Teresa, I always have so much fun when I visit you here! I will never, ever, tire of the photos of the Falls. I love the story of the little couple from England! So neat! And the story of the special. I am sure it is your Mom!! When my Dad passed away, and my mother sold their home a year or so later, I dug up the three rose plants that my Dad had planted only a couple of months before he got sick. When those bloom, I always feel the same.
    I LOVE the piece you made out of he cow bone!!! So beautiful! I know you are going to come up with so many more beautiful pieces after you take your next class!!! Love the yarn for the dishcloth! I must order some!!!
    XO Kris

  9. Hi Teresa, nice pictures at Multnomah Falls.
    I was so amazed when I saw the picture of your Christmas cactus and your story about your Mom..,I also got a Christmas cactus from a friend the day after my dad passed away 3 years ago... And every time it blooms I get so happy because I feel/ think that is my dad visiting me also... I couldn't help but have a smile on my face and feel so close to you... Sometimes it seems like the world is so small and we have so many things in common with somebody even if we have never met in person :)!

  10. Your Mum's cactus is looking great again Teresa. The falls are also putting on their autumn show...our trees are only just beginning to turn too and we had 3 months of continuous rain so not sure why it is! How exciting re the PMC class, I so enjoyed the ones I have attended and can't wait to see what you make.Your necklace you have showed is really inspired. Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

  11. Wow, I just love your necklace! You're definitely very talented, can't wait to see what you'll create at the jewelry workshop! :-) xxxx

  12. Beautiful memories of your mother - love the sentiments surrounding the cactus flower. Isn't that little cottage gorgeous? Obviously the owners take good care of the gardens - so pretty. Have a good weekend. xoxox

  13. That necklace is remarkable! You are such a talented woman. The pieces you make never cease to amaze me :) You'll do fabulous with your new class!

  14. Hello Teresa. Your mother's Christmas cactus is lovely, what a sweet story and I am so glad you brought it back from the brink of loss. My mil use to have one too and so did a friend of hers. I think those 2 women were in competition to see who could have the largest blooming plant back in the Kentucky holler where they lived. Simple joys, simple pleasures, simple friendships held together by common threads and loves. That stone cottage is adorable. I really need to get busy and remember to take my camera with me. Trouble is I am the driver any more and would have to stop to take photos....but on the other hand, that could be a plus, I could stop when ever and where ever I wanted, lol. You have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words. It means a lot to me.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  15. Love that little house! So adorable. Your necklace is awesome! You will love metal clay. It is so fun to work with. Have a great weekend!

  16. Hi there Teresa lovely photos - DH and I are still talking about a possible trip - oooooohhhhhh how exciting would it be. Love that cottage. The necklace is beautiful, I had a scarab bought for me by at colleague but I left it on my desk at shool and when I went back to sort out all my things after being on sick leave I could not find it. :-( I don't think you are silly about the Christmas cactus - I remember seeing it when you told us about it before - mine is full of buds again. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Love Anne x

  17. Fancy marrying in two churches! What an unusual story. I love that little stone house. That really would be perfect for me. xxx

  18. Hello Teresa..I do remember your mum's Christmas's such a touching story and I'm sure it's amongst your most treasured possessions....very special.
    The little house is so sweet...It reminds me of some of the little cottages in the Lake District where my grandma grew up....I will so enjoy seeing what you get up to at your workshop!
    Gorgeous pics too!
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S No rain Teresa?...I think it all came our way!

  19. How lovely to see your mother's cactus is in flower again, Teresa. I do remember the touching story behind it. You have been busy this week, lots of lovely pictures to enjoy. I love the rich autumn colours of your crochet yarn, and the wonderful necklace. You are such a creative lady.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)
    Helen x

  20. I love the zygocactus but never really had much luck with them, my lovely neighbour and his wife both died last year within weeks of each other and I asked if I could take something from the garden to remind me of them. I rescued two zygo's, one a orangey pink and another a lighter pink, both have flowered beautifully around the first anniversary of their leaving us and I hope they will keep flowering for many years to come. Love the visitors centre, i too work in a V.I.C, a lot smaller than yours though in a little village in tropical far north queensland, while you have your falls we have our platypus and tree kangaroos

  21. Did I tell you I adore your photos always? They are all gorgeous!!! Love to hear about the your mother, such a sweet story! The flowers are so beautiful - as much as your heart! And the necklace is so lovely, your handmade jewelry is fantastic!
    Wishing you a great weekend!
    Hugs to you, LS

  22. Thanks so much for taking us along through your life with words and pictures... beautiful stories. I enjoyed each one!
    xxx from Gracie


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