Friday, December 28, 2012

Blog Friends and Doll House Family

I met 3 of my blog friends for lunch today!  Betsy from The Simple Life of a Queen, was in town to see her baby granddaughter so we sent out the word for a lunch get-together.  Gracie from One Saylor's Log (far right next to Betsy) joined us and also Taci from Taci's Studio.  Betsy lives in Spokane, Gracie out near Sandy, Taci in Clackamas and I live in Corbett.  It's been SO fun to make friends first on our blogs, and then "in real life".  I taught Taci how to do a blog post from her iPhone while we were sitting there and also taught Gracie and Betsy how to post their blogs on Facebook.  Everyone was happy to learn new things and we had a great lunch!
Taci brought a cute little sheep she'd designed and crocheted to show us.  I thought of my blog friend Meredith from Mereknits when I saw this.   I bet she could make one!
Again, we all stuck little treasures in our bags to give to each other.  Taci's husband is a coffee roaster and she brought us these bags of fresh roasted coffee beans.. you can order your own roasted beans from her husband's website!! I can't wait to try it in the morning!  Betsy brought each of us these Lucy inspired crocheted ornaments and Gracie gave each of us one of her crocheted snowflakes!  How fun are these ladies?  I gave each of the girls a tiny little skein of glittery cotton yarn.  
After lunch we had a group hug and Taci headed to a doctor's appointment and Betsy, Gracie and I headed to a JoAnn's Fabric Superstore on 82nd.  We had fun finding things we "needed".  I got a new dotted shopping bag to carry my goodies in - a huge skein of colorful cotton yarn, 5 skeins of the yarn I made my shawl from, and I'm going to make a matching hat, some 1.5 inch hoops for making little crocheted wreathes, some pin backs and some cotton perle cotton for making my crocheted hearts.  
This yarn is in a huge skein.. I will be able to make many dishcloths with this!
The Serenity yarn is so soft.
This red embroider cotton is what I use to make my Scandinavian hearts - have you tried making some?
 I finally found a proper family for my dollhouse on eBay and they arrived yesterday.  I will set them up in the house tomorrow.  That will be fun!
 Mom and Dad are very handsome.
The nanny with the 3 children - hubby and I noticed that the baby looks more like the nanny than mom.  :-)
I thought you might like an update on the chickens.  I am perturbed about something.  We bought the pretty speckled hen under the assurance that it was a Ameracauna who would lay mint green eggs.  We are now getting 2 eggs a day - BOTH BROWN - and she's the one laying the 2nd brown egg.  Harumph.  I have no idea what breed she is.  Of course we'll keep her, but this Spring I will be finding a certified green egg chicken. :-)  No eggs from the Wyandotte or the Cuckoo Maran (dark brown eggs) - as yet.  Dayle put a light in their henhouse to extend the day 2 hours to keep the chickens laying and it's working!
So.. how was your Christmas?  Ours was just dandy.  We keep the tree up until New Years Day - when I take all the decorations off and the tree goes upstairs to the storage room.  I like doing it that day as it makes me feel like we're making a new start with clear surfaces and a new look.  We're going to start eating more healthy -- after we get rid of all the goodies around here. :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*


  1. I am completely jealous, three of my favorite bloggers meeting up with each other and I can't be there, wah! I have yet to meet Betsy , I plan on dropping by soon. I am so glad you had a great time with each other, your gifts look lovely and you are right I want to make that sheep!
    Hugs to you dear Teresa,

  2. I agree with Meredith.....I am too jealous!!!. What a fabulous day with the sweetest ladies ever! Maybe one day we can all be in the photo! ")

  3. What a wonderful time I had with the three of you today. It was so nice to meet Taci. I wish I lived closer so we could have more "play dates". The Joann's superstore was a veritable treasure trove of goodies. :-)

    I can't wait to see where your family decides to stay in their new home. I'm sure they'll be happy in such elegant surroundings.

    Thank you for a fun afternoon!


  4. Oh Teresa, I am so envious of you all getting together!!!! What fun! And I am sure they are very happy to learn the little things you teach them. How nice of you to share your techie knowledge! And the gifts you exchanged, all so fun. I can't wait to go find Taci's website for coffee! We are huge coffee lovers here! You got lots of goodies at JoAnns. I have not seen the Bernat cotton twist at our stores yet.
    Love the family for your dollhouse! They will be right at home in their cozy cottage!
    So the chicken is not a geen layer eh? That is too bad. The green layers, will have greenish looking feet. The brown layers will have brown ear lobes, and white layers will have white lobes. My green layers all have a pea comb, green feet, and whiskers.
    I had a Moran, the ones who lay the dark chocolate looking eggs, but she didn't make it. I will be getting a few more this Spring. Mine were all molting, and not laying. Until recently, when two of my green layers began to lay again. I have four who lay green eggs. So pretty!
    I spent the day taking Christmas down. Tomorrow I will give a good cleaning, and Greg will help me take the tree down. It always feels so fresh and clean after I do this.

  5. Thanks for helping us get together, Teresa! Sooooo much fun:) We are debating when to take our Christmas decorations down...either on New Years or the 12th Day of Christmas. I am sorry about your chicken challenges...and learning from your experiences. The doll house family looks very fine indeed and it will be fun to see them make themselves at home:) xx from Gracie

  6. What a great time you had, and what lovely treats you bought each other!
    My bestest friend introduced me to blogging, but we have been bff since college. So far I have only met one other blogger!


  7. Great post, a little bit of this and that. I always love looking at other peoples craft supplies. I think your doll's house family look great too. I hope they will be very happy in their new home. Nice to see the chickens looking healthy too...hmmm the mystery of chickens eh? I am deciding they are cetainly not a precise science! The Crochet sheep is toooo cute, I want a flock! You and me both on the Healthy Eating for the New Year...we will share notes... xxx

  8. You are the best social butterfly! Always busy and doing! How fun to see your new purchases! I love trips to the yarn store to fill my "needs". Am intrigued with the hearts. Are they from a pattern you've shared? Or is there a link I haven't seen? I LOVE hearts! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs.

  9. What a fun thing to do....I love meeting blogging friends...glad your Christmas was merry and bright. Now here we go to 2013! xoxo

  10. How amazing to meet your blogging friends Teresa. It looked like a fun lunch. Your new doll family are indeed very lucky they are to move into such a luxury house ;0) We keep our decs up until 12th night ;0)
    Jane x

  11. You made me laugh today and I sure needed one. I had to smile about what you said about the dollhouse baby and nanny, LOL. I use to keep my Christmas tree up till the second week in January, mainly because it always seemed like we got all our snowfalls after Christmas. I always loved the lights at night too and with it getting dark by 5pm we had plenty of long nights to enjoy them. You are lucky to have blog friends so close. I have a few too here in Ohio, but with all the things going on with my hubby I don't have time for much else. A day home is just like a reprieve from doctors, hospitals, dialysis appointments and other health obligations. My days are jam-packed trying to just catch-up with household chores. I love coming here, and love that you are so generous to share your good times with all of us. I might add that those hens are so pretty, and I love brown eggs....deviled, fried, scrambled, boiled and poached, lol.....have a great weekend and Happy New Year!!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  12. I always feel like I was just at your house or with you when I read your blog... Oh wait ... I WAS also with you... Ah, ah. I had a lovely dau and lovely time with you lovely ladies. Thanks for posting a link to our coffee website. How kind of you. Lovely family for your doll house. Have a wonderful New Years!

  13. How wonderful to be able to meet with your blog friends. It's lovely seeing a pic of you all together and what lovely, thoughtful, little gifts! Looks like you're ready for the next projects. Happy New Year to you and yours. Joan

  14. A criação do meu blog em 2012 me trouxe muitas alegrias e uma delas foi te conhecer. Quero lhe desejar um 2013 maravilhoso, cheinho de saúde e muito amor.
    Um beijo grande.

  15. Great fun for you to meet blog friends!! Just had my family xmas gathering and a lot of fun too.

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  17. Hello dear lady! I'm glad to see you had a lovely Christmas! I hope 2013 brings you much joy!!!

  18. What a wonderful get together. You all received such lovely gifts and shopping afterwards looked like lots of fun, too. Wishing you and yours much health and happiness in the new year. Tammy


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