Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day!  We sure did.  I thought I'd share our day with you.  Actually, our fun started on Christmas Eve as our sons invited us to dinner with them so we got to spend time with our family two days in a row.  Christmas morning began with hubby making some orange cinnamon rolls for us to have with our coffee.  I set the table for Christmas dinner with our sons and their families.
An evening shot of the dining room. 
During a snowy evening my friend Sally drove up and her grandson brought a basket of baked goodies for us. :-)  Guess who liked the smell of it? 
Back to Christmas morning.. after our coffee Dayle put Christmas carols on and lit the fire for our gift exchange.  
Last photo with gifts still under the tree. :-)  
So cozy! 

The sleeping Santa and sleeping mice. 
Our gifts for each other await.. 
I got Dayle a bag of caramel corn and 3 new Carhartt t-shirts and a pair of rubber barn shoes with heavy treads (so he won't slip in the chicken pen and fall on his caboose again) . :-)  He got me a hand blown glass ornament...
... a pearl bracelet, a carved Santa ornament and a steel wind chime!  He is a GREAT Santa!! 
 The Santa ornament was carved out of an egg shaped piece of wood.  Cute.
Dayle was chef and put our smoked turkey in the oven to warm, made corn casserole, candied yams, fresh green beans, scalloped potatoes and sourdough rolls. :-)  Here is our older son Shawn's family, from left, Shawn, Michael, Gabriel and his wife Beth.
Our youngest son, Travis - 3 yr old Caleb to his left, wife Kristi and 4 yr old Hayden.   
Grandpa at the head of the table - a fun dinner, the boys all ate well, the older boys complimented grandpa on the cuisine.  :-)  I raised a toast to everyone and told them how glad I was to have them celebrate Christmas with us -- Caleb thought it was grand fun when we clinked our crystal goblets together. :-)   
After dinner we retired to the living room to open gifts.. do you think these 4 guys are excited?  Much?  LOL! 
Grandpa was Santa.. and handed out gifts one by one so we could watch the kids open them. 
Caleb was happy with his Thomas the Train. 
We got Michael a new warm hat, along with two Wii games and a toy quad. 
Gabe loved his Halo game, Angry Birds game, a fun car and some other things. 
Hayden was thrilled with his new dragon!  He got a car and a Razor scooter and a coloring book. 
I am thrilled to have captured this look on Caleb's face when he got this toy car. :-)  He got a Razor and dinosaur and coloring book too. 
We surprised Kristi with a hand blown glass float from the beach.  She wants to blow her own float on one of our next trips to the beach.
The boys will have lots of fun with these scooters!  We got our sons each a tool kit and I'm making an afghan for Beth.  Everyone seemed happy with their gifts. 
Our daughter Amy sent photos of her family at a church service in Ohio.  Her husband Jay and daughters Jenna and Paige. Aren't they cute?
Amy also sent a photo of the girls with their gifts from Santa!  They must have gotten up pretty early there!!  Jay videotaped the girls opening their gifts from us and posted it on Facebook for us to see.  That was very thoughtful of him.  They were very happy with them and Jenna was over the moon with a Barbie book we got her from her school book sale.  :-)  
I hope you enjoyed sharing our day with us.  I've enjoyed reading about and seeing photos my blog friends holidays.  I hope you had a wonderful time, we sure did.  Now, onward and upward... and..

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a wonderful time you had with your family.

    Hope you are having a restful day today!

  2. Thanks for sharing, the house and your family all look fabulous. xxx

  3. Hi Teresa everything looks wonderful. You obviously had a brilliant time with your family. We got to see our son,DIL and granddaughters on Sun,Mon,Tues &Wed! How lucky am I. Thankings for popping by my blog. Love Anne x

  4. Thank you Teresa for sharing your day with us. It's nice to see the beautiful decorations and the sweet happy faces of you all. Especially love the photo of Buddy and the goodie basket.

  5. Happy Christmas from Ireland! I've just posted our Christmas newsletter and hope you enjoy it! Lovely to share your celebrations and to see how many similarities we shared! My hubby did Santa too and gives the gifts out one by one! Love the snow, we've had mild damp weather here!

  6. Hi, Teresa! You had a great Christmas! So good to see your family smiling and happy:) God bless you to have more such days:)
    Happy New Year in advance!

  7. What a wonderful Christmas Teresa!!!!! Loved the gifts Dayle got for you!!! Such a great family you have!!!
    XO Kris

  8. Beautiful photos, Teresa, and so good you were able to post pictures of your family in Ohio, too! We were able to face time with my two sons who had gotten together to celebrate in NY :) Looking forward to seeing you soon! xx from Gracie

  9. What a wonderful Christmas... Such a nice and beautiful family you have ... Tha is why you have such a beautiful and warm smile on your face all the time. S glad you shared your day with us. Happy New Year to you also! Loves.

  10. So many lovely twinkly lights on your tree! Looks like a beautiful family Christmas. Heather x

  11. What fun! The lights on the outside of your house are so lovely! Your family looks like they had a great time!

  12. Thank you for sharing your personal celebrations -it's great to see such a happy family - very heart warming:)x

  13. What a beautiful Christmas! Looks like Dayle did a great job with dinner, and the table setting looks so pretty. Another year of Christmas well done!

  14. Beautiful photos of a truly beautiful day. You are blessed Teresa,

  15. Looks like a wonderful time with your family! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  16. Wonderful pictures Teresa!! Perfect family times.
    We have ours this weekend ☺

  17. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family Christmas with us. Everything looks perfect and you have a beautiful family.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  18. WOW! Teesa that looks like a fabulous Christmas you all had.
    Thanks for taking the time to let me know of the blog comment problems, been having so many just lately....I have reverted to the old 'simple' version and hope they all solve themselves.
    Hugs xx

  19. Looks like a fabulous day was had by all Teresa. Merry Christmas!
    Jane x

  20. What a wonderful Christmas, Teresa! You all look so happy and festive! and your tree lights are the twinkliest ever!!
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!
    Helen x

  21. It looks wonderful, Teresa, I'm so glad you had such a happy time.
    Hen xxx


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