Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fur Kids

We sure do enjoy our Cairn Terrier, Buddy, and our Tortoise Point Himalayan, Lucy.  They provide endless opportunities of humor as we watch them interact.  We take such good care of them, they're lucky pets.  We have watched on the tv news lately of sad situations of animal abuse and neglect - it breaks my heart what people do to poor defenseless animals.  One situation was 2 young women who actually ran a supposed "animal rescue" organization, but ended up just hoarding them and had pet crates crammed with several dogs and cats in each, with no food or water.  They had the crates stacked up in a warehouse.  I just can't believe what we saw.  I don't mean to upset you - but for those of us who treasure our animals and treat them well, I say -- bravo.  And please keep your eye out and help animals if you can.  Don't buy from pet stores as they get all their animals from "puppy mills".  Below is our happy little guy.
Shouldn't all animals get to relax on a cushy rug?   
Perking ears..  
I'm giving you a bird's eye view of my "nest".  My laptop computer on my right thigh, the dog on my left one, and oftentimes the cat will decide she needs a place on my lap at the same time.  So, she'll come up, and nestle in the middle of things.  See my iPad and my iPhone at the ready to the left of me?  My printer is beyond that, I was printing up agendas and reports for the Friends of Multnomah Falls meeting last night, where I presided as president for my 3rd term last evening.  My lap looks a bit crowded, wouldn't you say?  :-)
And here is a nice close up of Lucy... hubby thinks she has a mean look to her face.. I think she's hilariously cute.  What do you think? 
We went to visit our boys and their families on Sunday.  We treated them all to Popeye's Chicken for dinner.  Michael put on a new jacket that Kristi got for him and it was so funny as Hayden crawled up the back of the jacket and they looked like a two-headed boy!  
Of course, Caleb needed to try the two-headed thing out, too.  LOL!  It's so fun to spend time with them and watch the guys play and wrestle and roll about.  I worked on my crochet I'm doing for my DIL Beth.  But I got hugs and kisses from my grandsons.  They find me interesting with my jewelry and crochet hooks and yarn.  :-)
Our week of sunshine is coming to an end later today or in the morning.  I will miss it.  I am going to try to go get a photo of Mt. Hood later this afternoon, before it goes into cloud cover for who knows how long.  Enjoy your week!  What fun plans do you have?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! Enjoyed catching up on your latest and getting to admire Buddy and Lucy and your grands =) I hope you get some good photos of Mt. Hood....hurry the clouds are rolling in!!! and I hope we get together soon! I am working on making your hearts <3

  2. Awww, your babies look so happy and healthy Teresa! I am a very firm believer to treat animals as you would like to be treated...I just rescued a kitty not to long ago and she is very happy little girl. Lucy does look like she is very mad but also very prissy and sassy!...she's beautiful!
    I am currently working on a quilt and when I am not quilting it...I am working on another crochet blanket, that will never end!
    Hugs, Shari ")

  3. Keep snug Teresa. Those fur babies certainly are lucky to have your cosy home .
    Jane x

  4. So sad about those horrific animal stories, Buddy and Lucy are very lucky as is my boy. Your grandsons are adorable as usual. Stay warm.

  5. Buddy and Lucy are beautiful and nothing better than a well cared for pet!!
    Gorgeous grandson snaps too ☺☺

  6. Buddy makes me want a dog so bad!!! but we need to work on baby first :)
    love the blog!!

  7. Hi Teresa. I share your thoughts on the animals!!! I always feel so badly for dogs that don't get to come indoors. They are such social creatures, and they need to be with people. Our Wheaten Terrier is such an excitable guy, and with his allergies, he has a tendency to stink. But we love him anyways. Greg, more than me. And our new guy, Dusty, he is a big ball of lovin! He is lacking in manners, in so many areas, but we will work with him. I love him so! We have a beautiful long haired calico, that always lived in the house until we got Ducey. Ducey simply will not leave her alone. She sleeps in the garage, on a heated pad I have for her. She comes into the laundry room, but won't venture any further into the house anymore. Poor baby.
    I loved seeing your "nest" and had to chuckle because it is so like mine!!! And the boys in their jacket with two heads....what nuts!!!
    Love to you,

  8. Love your puppy! So cute! My dog was rescued from the Oregon Humane Society and he's been the best pet. Yep, I felt bad for all those dogs that were crammed into that warehouse. Hope they all find good homes.

  9. Buddy is so very cute... I just love him. And so does Lucy. I think they are very spoiled and have a wonderful life having you and Darryl to take care of them! :)

  10. Buddy and Lucy look very content-just like my Chloe. I don't know what I would do without her. I can't stand to watch shows like the one you described, or even watch those commercials asking for money. It upsets me too much.

    Loved your picture on Facebook of Mt, Hood. Enjoy your week too my friend.

  11. Love that first close up photo of your Buddy! Love, love, love it:)
    Yep, sad to see the sun and blue skies leave, but there are some areas that really need a change in the weather to get rid of all the unhealthy, stagnant air and hopefully we will see the sun again before July 4th :) LOL

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous boys and pets. I don't think that cat looks mean, I love all cats!

  13. Awww Buddy looks so handsome, he always reminds me of my very first dog, a Westie :-) Lucy has quite the royal look :-) Whenever I read or hear about animal abuse it breaks my heart to a million pieces.
    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man"
    -- Mahatma Gandhi
    Enjoy your week, Teresa, stay warm :-) xxxx

  14. Buddy and Lucy are gorgeous. I tried (again) to write a comment from my iPad this morning and (again) it didn't go through. In a way I'm glad though as the pics of your furkids comes up so much bigger on my desktop pc and honestly, they are seriously cute !!
    Your boys are real characters too. xoxox

  15. Cute kids! I have a Norwich Terrier and she sure resembles your Buddy. Alot of dog in a little package :) and I might add..she can be onery(stubborn)though!
    But I love her! I can't stand the thought of abuse when it comes to our little four legged friends..it makes my blood boil when I hear those horrible stories.

    Here's an adorable link that will make you LOL. It's "Mudd" the bull dog. You gotta see this :) C:\Users\HOME\Videos\Presenting_____Mudd_ - YouTube.mht

    You have a lovely blog. Take Care, penny x

  16. Looks like you are having fun and busy times. Buddy has such a precious face. Jingles always plops herself in Zack's lap in the evenings -- she doesn't care what she has to do to get there either. There are so many street cats here. It makes me very sad. Recently there's a gray Persian that someone has put out. I wonder if he is deaf as he doesn't even turn my way when I talk to him and won't come to me. I rescued three last year, but not sure if I can get this one. I don't understand how anyone can just throw an animal in the street to fend for themselves. Just awful! Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  17. Your dog is so cute, and I love the look on your cat's face!

    You are busy with your grandkids! They must keep you on your toes!

  18. I'm more a dog person than cat person but both your animals are cute. I love my husky and as big as he is, he comes in at night to sleep. I've brought him in tonight since the weather is getting colder and the wind is blowing quite a bit. Love the photos of the grands. Boys are so funny.



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