Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brightening a Dark Corner

When the Christmas tree comes down, I really miss the pretty bright lights in the corner of the "parlour" that I can see from my "nest" in the den.  Dayle and I discussed it and decided we needed a lamp for that corner.  So, yesterday he was reading Craigslist and found a vintage 1920's era "bridge" lamp with a pretty shade.  I emailed the seller and asked her about it and made an appointment to go see it.  We loved it and bought it and brought it home where it is now brightening our lives. :-)
The seller, a really nice lady, had purchased the silk and beaded shade from the maker who had a lampshade shop in Portland's Sellwood area for years.  The shop closed a few years ago, so the shade is actually the best part of the lamp.  It was REALLY difficult to get a good photo of it, the silk on the outside of the shade is "plum" and the inside is a lovely antique parchment color. 
 This corner is now a lovely place to sit. :-)
There is plum braid along the seams of the shade and the beading is wonderful. 
We have shelves on both sides of the fireplace - a perfect place to put family photos.  I have my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and grandchildren on these shelves.  They tell the story of my family and I love them. 
The new vintage lamp illuminates my family.  
One of the doilies that my DIL Kristi gave me has found a home on the back of the chair. 
Our wedding photo is on the left, and my parents wedding photo is on the right.  Dayle's baby photo is in the center and my sister and I are on the left, modeling matching dresses that my mom made for us. I'm the "little sister". 
Children's books for our grandchildren are on the bottom shelves, an easy reach for the little ones. 
Isn't it pretty?   
This is a photo of my maternal grandmother, Lela, tending a large flock of chickens.  So, I come by chicken raising naturally. :-)  My sister, Roberta, made the leaded glass frame for me and gifted this photo to me for my family photo gallery.  
I also have some family photos of Dayle's family, though not as many.  The clock on the top shelf was a wedding gift to his parents at their wedding, his mother gave the clock to him.  It doesn't work, but I've encouraged Dayle to take it to a clock shop and get it fixed up to work.  I have 2 antique Indian dolls there and 4 miniature canoes.  Yes, I have way too much "stuff".
I also have a vintage set of leather bound Encyclopedias - my Mom bought these at a garage sale in the early 60s and she just loved them and hauled them around for years.   
The interior of these books are amazing, it's hand done marbled paper. 
This is the inside.. they're from 1891! 
I flipped the book open to get a photo for you and landed on a map of Dorset! 
The covers are beautifully embossed leather. 
Dayle's mom's china cabinet is filled with my collection of Shawnee Corn Pottery. :-)
For the very first time, a pair of Hummingbirds has stayed here over the winter.  Dayle has taken very good care of them keeping the feeder filled with fresh home-made nectar.  Sweet little things.
And I just HAD to share my 15 minutes of fame.. I was number 1 in Scrabble ratings for a few hours before my dastardly nephew Josh pushed me back to #2.  :-)  I took a screen shot to remember this moment forever.  LOL! 
We are having a wonderful run of cloudless days - the sunshine has been filling the house up and we've enjoyed it immensely!!  How is your weekend going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love your new lamp. I also like your photo displays. We have a lot of old family photos, but all hidden away. How nice that you display yours.

  2. Teresa,
    What a lovely and charming corner!!
    Your new lamp is stunning and the shade on it is to die for!!


  3. That really is a pretty lamp! Love your photo display. And your wedding photo, beautiful. groetjes, Gerda

  4. Always love your pictures Teresa and you have amazing things.
    thankyou for sharing ☺☺

  5. Teresa the lamp is a perfect fit. I love the asymmetrical shade, and the beads! I have a lamp shade here in our family room with beads, and I love it. It is an old Stifle lamp that Gregs mother bought for his bedroom, many years ago. Your find is perfect. I love it when we find something that goes so well with our needs!!!
    Love the print of the family member with her chicken flock! And the family photos....oh so sweet. Love yours and Dayle's wedding photo!!!
    I am finally feeling better. I stayed home from the trip to the cabin. I needed to rest!

  6. What a happy post full of wonderful family memories. It made my heart sing as I looked at your photos and could read of the love you feel for each of those people who have held a place of honor in your life. The lamp sheds a beautiful glow on that corner. How blessed you are to have wonderful memories.

    Those encyclopedias are amazing! We also have lots of children's books on the bottom shelf for little eyes to read and hands to touch.

    Thank you for inviting us in today to visit. We had sunshine too for the first time all week. It's cold though, I think it was 7F this morning!


  7. Great lamp (love antique + vintage stuff) and it fits perfectly where you have located it! I have some old things too that I really enjoy--old books (my great grandpa was a college professor), old photos (I like the idea of displaying them--perhaps I will make copies for that purpose...) and more. I treasure them:)
    You were a beautiful bride Teresa!

  8. Ohhhh I love the lamp, what a beautiful shape and the beading is so delicate like rain or dewdrops.

    My weekend has so far consisted of doing a snow walk with son to bus stop where he catches the bus to see how long it will take him as he normally cycles, but in the UK we have had lots of snow which has tuned to sheet ice in places.

    Today will be a lovely dog walk with wife and dogs to local park to let them have a good run off the lead and then this afternoon writing and posting my blog.


  9. What a nice lamp Teresa, love it!

  10. What a gorgeous lamp shade, it has found the perfect home! I loved seeing your shelves, and oh my, what a stunningly beautiful bride, Teresa! :-) xxxx

  11. Wow such a lot in this post. You got yourself a fantastic lamp their. Amazing how a bit of light in the dark corner really makes a difference. That is a perfect 'sitting' corner now. I love all your photographs, obviously the Lela photograph is my favourite. :) Those Humming birds are so cute...we don't get any in the UK. xxx

  12. What a beautiful beaded lampshade - it makes that corner look really cosy. Wish I could find something like that - I have a brass standard lamp that my grandfather made (probably about 60 years ago) and the shade is looking rather sad. Its not the original shade so replacing it isn't a problem. Love your photos too - you were an absolutely STUNNING bride (oops, nearly put bridge there lol) .. Dayle looks amazing too. xoxox

  13. I love your family history corner:) x

  14. What a wonderful corner you have created. The lamp is beautiful, and among your family. What treasures. A cup of tea, a hook and yarn and its perfect.

  15. I loved seeing your family photos, and the lamp shade is gorgeous. Your nephew is something beating you at scrabble, the nerve!
    hugs to you and Dayle,

  16. I love your new lamp...the books and all the family pictures...thanks for sharing your home with us...blessings

  17. I was thoroughly enjoying my visit with you when you commented that you had too much stuff, then I laughed out loud, and while I know what you mean, I want to argue with your conclusion. The stuff around you speaks to me of appreciation, not for the sake of accumulating or hoarding wealth, but of your love of life: beauty, relationships. You appreciate and share your appreciation with me. I am better for knowing you, and am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for posting and sharing your life with me, Teresa. I treasure my time with you and Dayle. (and Buddy and Lucy and your flock of feathered friends)
    In answer to your question, we are celebrating my oldest SIL b'day this weekend and I am headed off to church, then plan to post this afternoon :)
    ps.....I have noted my lowly rank in Scrabble and send you congrats on your #1 rating! =)

  18. What a really beautiful vintage lamp you bought Teresa, it looks perfect in the corner of your room. What a lovely place to sit surrounded by all your family photos. I showed my Hb the photo of that wonderful to see one outside your window. The snow just keeps falling here but we are snug and enjoying the weekend in the warm,
    Jane x

  19. I love your lamp, I much prefer them to harsh overhead lights.

    And it really does look super in your corner, looks like it was made to be there.


  20. The lamp is just beautiful. So many lovely things in your post. Teresa. Love the colourful cat from your previous post as well. Yesterday DH and I took mum home . She had been staying since last Sunday. It's about a 3 hour journey. We were undecided about what to do as there was a lot of snow on Friday. Anyway we decided to go for it. Luckily the motorway and main roads were clear. Came back today as more snow forecasted and it had been snowing here all morning. It took an hour to clear drive and get the car back on. Just chilled out tonight - no pun intended :-) Anne x

  21. Your lamp is quite the find and goes beautifully with your decor.

  22. Hi Teresa...Your lamp is beautiful...I just love the beading...such a wonderful find. Your display of family memories look lovely and your wedding pic is fab!
    Love the photo of the little Hummingbird must be a real treat to have them visit each day!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  23. Hi Teresa, that lamp is perfect in that corner and I love all your family photos. Your wedding photo is gorgeous. And that leaded glass frame your sister gave you is amazing. I have too much stuff but honestly, I don't know what I'd do without. I could never live in sparse surroundings, that's for sure. Have a great week. Tammy

  24. Love the lamp. It's perfect for that little corner. I also love all the family photos. I have them all over my house as well. Have a great week!

  25. Thank you for the tour of your shelves. I love family photos old and new. That lamp is stunning!!!


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