Friday, January 4, 2013

Vintage Iron & Tiny Cupcakes

Do you ever chat with your husband about things from your childhood and what your mom used to cook for the family and what she used in the kitchen.. homey discussions?  We were doing that the other day and talking about how our moms used to fry chicken.. mine used  an electric frying pan.. his used a big deep cast iron pan.  So.. I started doing some research online about cast iron chicken cookers and found that indeed they made one just for frying chicken.. deeper sides.  I then did a search on eBay and found several, and then.. I saw this one.. it had a "hammered" look to it and it reminded me of my Mom's favorite cookpot - she called it "battered aluminum".  My sister had that pot for a while then gave it to our brother.  I actually am afraid to cook in aluminum as they've found a correlation between that and people getting Alzheimers.  But I digress... so I called a Portland antique store and and they had a whole collection of vintage iron pots and pans that were refurbished by this one man.  So we went in to look.. and way on the bottom I spied some dimples shining down there and we pulled it out and angels started singing and I fell in love with it and we brought it home.  :-)
The antique shop owner gave 10% discount and this pot was only 1/3 of what the one was on eBay!  And after researching online, I found that the hammered ones are very rare to find.  We now have to scrub the protective oil off this and "season" it by rubbing a thin layer of oil on it and bake it in the oven for 3 hours, and do this 2 or 3 times.  After reading the discussions online, the old iron is much smoother and better than the newly made ones.  
This pan is a "Griswold" - one of the best made of the old pans.  
This pot also has a "hinged lid" - which really isn't a hinge, but the lid has a little flange that fits in a hole on the pan and you can flip it up and it stays up while you turn items in the pan.
A close up of the lid.. and handle.  I just love this stuff!  I look forward to cooking in it.  
I had a look around the antique shop and snapped a few photos.. isn't this little metal barn just adorable? 
The shop was chock full of cool vintage things! 
They had some Jadeite, but I refrained.  :-) 
Yesterday I got a little package with some little tiny baked goods for my dollhouse - you should check out their shop "Winky".  
They sent my little cupcakes and a pie in these adorable little handmade pastry boxes tied with tiny bakers twine... cute, huh? 
I got an apple pie in memory of my mom who was renowned for her exceptional pies - and 3 pink cupcakes - that is my thumb to the right so you can see how tiny these are - of course they're for my dollhouse. 
SO sweet, the pie is "baked" in a bottlecap! :-) 
Don't they do a wonderful job with the frosting on the cupcakes? 
And how sweet is Vicky and her daughter, they added some extras for the nursery!  I put the bottle of milk in the dollhouse kitchen and the toys and picture in the nursery.  Thank you!!
I'm working on a granny stripe chair throw for my daughter-in-law Beth for her chair in her college colors. :-) 
We had an ice storm last night and the sun is shining through the ice on the branches.  We hear little ice cubes blowing out of our woods and hitting the roof and skylights.   
Another cozy day by the fire for us today.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a lovely post Teresa, you were so lucky to find that great pan, I bet you will make some delicious meals in it. I love the granny stripe throw you are making and the lovely little bits and pieces for your dolls house. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Great shop! My grandmothers always made fried chicken in a cast iron skillet. along with just about everything else ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely pan and dolls house goodies. I've yet to attempt a throw. Anne x

  4. Great finds again. Yum fried chicken. You are going to make some memories with that pan and your hungry boys! I love the dolls house are you going to let the girls play with it when they visit? xxx

    1. Lucy, I can't wait for my granddaughters to visit and be able to play with the dollhouse! I let my grandsons play with it and they are very gentle with is, kind of amazing!

    2. I think it is too sad if they do not get played with. I bet the boys love seeing new additions, the fun keeps on growing as you add the details. xxx

  5. Dangerous places those antique shops - for spending too much in! I love the wee metal barn. Husband and I often have those kind of chit chats - nothing like a good bit of reminiscing. Heather x

  6. Did you venture out in that ice this morning Teresa? I was glad I didn't have to start my drive home today. I bought a new cast iron skillet last year at the coast. I've re-seasoned it several times and it still rusts. I think you're right, the older pots are much better quality.

    The goodies for your dollhouse are super cute and look yummy enough to eat! :-)


    1. Betsy, we went out day before yesterday when it was fine. Your iron should never rust - as you should always oil it after you've cleaned it. Find an antique one! :-)

    2. I know. It's frustrating. I oiled it every time but I was told by a friend who has lots of cast iron that it was "inferior grade". The griddle I bought at the same time is wonderful and works great. I was hoping for a skillet like my Grandma's and will just have to keep looking. :-)

  7. I think that pot is going to be put to some good use, fried chicken....yum, nothing tastes better than that. I love the bakery items you got, they are going to look perfect in the doll house. We are cold and dreary here today, but no ice! Bet Dayle was happy with the game yesterday.
    Hugs to you both,

  8. Hi Teresa, Oh boy, that iron pot is great. Love the hinged lid and it stays open, that's rare. Erie, Pa wow, that is something, I'm originally from PA. Love the little baked goods too! Nice fine.
    Happy weekend to you both, xoRobin❤

  9. Once again, love this post, and the pot is perfect for fried chicken (call me when it's ready to eat, lol). Now those cupcakes are simply divine, and look almost real. That would be the perfect size for the diet I need to be on, lol. I saw a few things in the shop that I have right here, the Mammy & Pappy salt & pepper shakers (in the wooden display case) and the wooden spools (next to the metal barn). Nice thing about those heavy pots is that you can also bake in them as well as use them on top of the stove. You will love it and get a lot of good use out of it. Great find! Keep warm working on the blanket, it is really shaping up and your DIL will love it.
    Happy weekend, keep warm,
    Susanne :)

  10. Very nice pot! I have one almost like it and I use it will love it!
    I think I would have packed that little barn home....very cute. Cupcakes are darling and I am still wishing for some of that winter stuff to come my way....just rain and rain, a little sunshine and then more rain.
    stay warm and cozy!
    xoxo, Shari!

  11. Love, love, love cast iron! Congrats on your new piece:)

  12. Dear Teresa, I read you and I saw all your photos for christmas and New Year. I felt very happy and I wish to you and your family an happy and healtly New Year. Your christmas tree is so so beautiful and smily... Congratulation for you and your family.And your friends are so happily in your coffee time. Bravo dear. My wish to you and your family for the New Year and 2013 smiles and creations in the New Year that now starts. Marieta Iosifidou, a friend of you from Greece.

  13. Oh my, what a find!!! My Mom always made fried chicken in a cast iron pan!
    That new pan of yours looks perfect!!
    Also, I love the new things you got for the play house!! Those sweets are adorable!
    And I love the blanket you are making for your daughter in law!!!
    Have a "cozy" weekend by the fire!!!

  14. Love that new iron pot, Im sure you will make lots of delicious meals in it!

    The ice storm looks pretty but probably caused a bit of havoc on the roads...hope you are all ok.

    Have a lovely and cosy weekend!


  15. Well done on resisting the jadeite I bet that was hard!

    Have fun with the pan.

  16. Oh my goodness, that pot is positively beautiful! I've never seen one like it and I have to admit, I now have a crush on it. I've seen things from the Winky Shop and I just might have to buy something for my dollhouse. I just finished my afghan and I'm really happy with it!


  17. Teresa - Thanks so much for posting about my snow houses. I have supplies to make more of those but thought it was maybe too late to do more. If you have someone who wants one, tell them to convo me on my Etsy and I'll let them know what I have available to make up, I am doing some Springier (??) ones next week. The houses aren't as detailed but they are going to be cute. They have red lids with buttons all around them.

    Glad you are enjoying yours.


  18. What a great find! That barn is wonderful - I can see it all decorated for Christmas - you just might have to go back and get it!

    What is the name of the antique store, and where in Portland is it?

  19. Teresa, I am so glad you are cozy and safe at home! [I posted last night before I went to bed about getting caught out in the ice.] The history of your new pan is interesting! I loved learning about it and am imagining you cooking yummy food in it. The new decorations for the doll house really are clever...bottle cap pie plate...perfect :) You are making great progress on the newest blanket! Bravo, and hugs to you and Dayle and Buddy and Lucy and your Feathered Friends, from Gracie. PS. I really enjoyed reading the comments above mine from around the world :) Sooooo cool!!!

  20. Griswold was my ex-husband's last name and it's actually what my husband now calls me as a nickname. :) That pot is lovely! I had cast iron pots a long time ago but obviously didn't know how to season them properly as they all rusted. That pan you bought looks fantastic! And those little sweets for your dollhouse are just precious. Amazing what some folks can create! Sending warm wishes your way for a cozy, creative day. Tammy

  21. Lovely new buys Teresa, I loved all the photos. Enjoy your baking x

  22. I like your new pan and the story behind it, will be on the lookout for one now. It reminds me of one my grandmother used to have. I popped over to see if your tiny treats arrived safely and was pleased to see them on display in your dollhouse. Thanks for sharing them!


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