Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year Looks Bright

Hitting re-wind a bit.. this is the dinner hubby and I made on New Years Eve - baked BBQ pork ribs (he made) and scalloped potatoes (I made).  Also had corn.  Our 2 new bakers worked out wonderfully!  A great size and so nicely made, red enamel over steel.  I got experimental with the potatoes and added 1 minced garlic clove and a sprinkle of nutmeg.  The recipe called for 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper, which made it a bit spicy! :-)  But they were good and we had leftovers yesterday, too.  If you want either recipe, let me know.
My sister Roberta found this recipe, you add several things to ready made BBQ sauce and bake them for 3 hours or so, until tender.
This is my younger sister, Denise's recipe for scalloped potatoes.  I love my sisters! 
Yesterday and today have been brilliantly sunny and windy as heck!  Vista House has had gusts of 80 mph!  37 deg F in the day and 30 at night.  I stepped out to get a shot of the sunny day and you would not believe the roar of the wind in these trees!
Our tradition is to take all the Christmas decorations and tree down on New Years Day - which was yesterday and we got it almost all cleared away.  There are a few bits of RED that need to be banished for a while. :-)  I had ordered these little hand made snow globe-like jars with the idea in mind to give some away for xmas - :-D --- but was so charmed by them I decided they needed to stay right here.  They make a great tableaux with some clear candles - a gift from sister Roberta.  They came from Judy Clark on Etsy - 20 North Ora
The church is charming!  This is the front... 
When you turn the jar around, you see the entrance lobby of the church, above it in an alcove is an organ, in the sanctuary is a tiny pew with a book rack on the back with hymnals in it, and a pew, and a Christmas tree!
The other large jar has a little 2 story Victorian house - this is the front...
This is the back, it has a tree in the living room and all kinds of tiny furniture on both stories.  Just adorable.   
After a long day working to tidy the house up - we were asleep and the electricity went out at 4 am.  Poor hubby tried to get the generator going but although it started, it wouldn't produce electricity through the wire.  So, he started a fire in the fireplace to keep the house warm through the night.  Here it is blazing away this morning.  The electricity came back on a bit after noon, thank heavens.  We then had our coffee and breakfast.   
I thought I'd share one of the drawings I've done on the game "Draw Something".  I'm playing with 4 people.  My daughter Amy just got her first smart phone and is playing me from Ohio.  A family friend, Emily, is playing from Roseburg, Oregon.  A blog friend from Gloucestershire, UK.  And a friend name Hashi from Australia but currently living in Los Angeles - from my old days working for Talk City on the internet - she's in Mensa! :-)
I am looking forward to the new year.  My daughter and her husband have promised to bring our granddaughters to visit in July.  It will be the first time she'll have seen her brothers and their families in 2 years.  We look forward to spending lots of time with our grandsons and our sons and DILs all year.  I am also happy to think of sharing things with you all and reading about my blog friends "doings".  It looks bright to me.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Those snow globe jars are really neat. I would keep them out for a while too. I put away all the
    Christmassy things yesterday too. Talk to you soon. XOXO

  2. Thanks for sharing a peek at that glorious sun you have. It has been snowing lightly here with freezing fog. The sun is trying to make it through the fog but likely won't since the day is rapidly disappearing...

  3. I love your cooking accounts Teresa. Are the scalloped potatoes like potato dauphonoise? Happy New Year, how I wished we had your bright weather! Fiona

  4. Beautiful pics again ☺☺ Love the snow globes and I think I would like them
    here right now as temps are heading for 40+ (104+) so would love to look
    at the coolness of them......

  5. Hello and Happy New Year Teresa, So nice to see your post today for the New Year! Your dinner looked lovely and delicious. Sure love the snow globes, I would have kept them too! Wishing you the best Year. So excited for you both seeing your granddaughters this summer. Hurray!!!!!!!
    "See" you later my friend, xoRobin❤

  6. Hey! I recognize that sand drawing! I love playing Draw Something with you, Teresa! You spur me to better artistic efforts :-) HNY~~

  7. Hi Teresa! So glad your electricity is back on now. That wind is really roaring out there today but your fire looks so cozy. I would love to have your recipes. We enjoy ribs and scalloped potatoes and I always enjoy trying out new recipes. Yours look really delicious.


  8. Those ribs do look good and I also like those snow globes!

  9. Happy New Year from gator country! Teresa, thank you for your wonderful posts in 2012...looking forward to more in 2013. I, too, would truly appreciate the yummy recipes. We would love to cook ribs, and I've been looking for a new recipe for scalloped potatoes so this is timely. THX so much in advance.


  10. Your warm fire looks SO good! Most of the places we lived during my childhood had fireplaces and I (sigh, sigh) miss having one so very much! Perhaps one day...
    Your food looks good and I would love to have the recipes. My hubby adores both ribs and scalloped pototoes...and I adore my hubby:)
    Wasn't the sunlight the last two days totally incredible? I loved every single moment of it! I am thinking any task is made easier when light is coming through my windows...of course it gets me in the trip taking mood too.
    Very happy to hear about your daughter and granddaughters!

  11. Yum, yum, yum...the ribs and potatoes both look delish! We are starting our "healthier eating" for 2013 tomorrow. Ugh. I hate that I'm going on another diet! I always say never again, but here I am AGAIN anyway. Oh well. We are trying the low carb thing again. Sigh.

  12. The food you made looks so delicious! :)good cooperation with your husband:)
    i liked the jars very much, what a great idea to make tiny houses inside them!
    have a great day, Teresa!

  13. Your neck of the woods does look bright:) I'm so glad you can look forward to Amy's family coming to visit!!! The snow globes are fun to see. Usually we do not get much wind here because we are in a little valley, but the last two days the wind has been keeping our wind chimes busy! We did not lose power, however. I 'm glad your power is back on! xx from Gracie

  14. Your house looks wonderful Teresa. It's hard to go back to the normal routine. I go back to work tomorrow and my daughter turned 16 today. We've been busy... Happy busy! I hope to blog about it tomorrow.
    Love your new year meal. Might want your recipe sometime:)
    Life goes back to normal with a promise of a new year full of great experiences.

  15. Happy new year Teresa. Your roaring fire looks so cosy there. You have so much to look forward to in 2013..enjoy every minute.
    Jane x

  16. The stained glass detail in the snow globe is amazing - love the colours! Happy New Year! Heather x

  17. Your post has made me hungry, those ribs and potatoes look delicious! I'd love the recipes if you have time to post them.

  18. Yum .. your potato bake recipe sounds delish !!!! Always enjoy seeing your table decorations for the different times of the year. I'm thinking red hearts will be the order of the day soon. Stay warm .... we're sweltering here !!! xoxox

  19. (((Hugs))) for the bright New Year. I am quite getting used to the 'rhythm' of our blogging years. I also love the unexpected too. The food looks delicious but I have been to Weigh In today and it was not good news! Back to the salads and self restraint for me! Booooo! xxx

  20. Ahh...that food. Yum! And I love your little snow globes! A friend made me one of Christmas and it sits on my kitchen island.

  21. I wish my drawing was better ~ although you can usually guess them!

  22. I tried and tried to leave a message last night via my ipad....but couldn't.
    Yummy food!
    Loved playing you on Draw Something. But I am stinko...and you rock!!!
    xo Kris

  23. While sitting here a bit ago and munching on some Fritos (low salt mind you) I was thinking, "I need to loose some weight!" Then I come here and see those yummy dishes you and your hubby baked up and thinking, "I could sure go for some of that!" Some of the best food dishes are right here in blog land and so tempting. Nice to hear you are happy with your new baking pans, money well spent. Have never played Draw something, but love the word games like Scrabble and some of the card games as well. Always look forward to seeing what is new with you. have a good weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  24. Love the new baking dishes...I use similar ones for things like lasagne :) Love the snow jars too, must see if I can get one next year?!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  25. Yummy food, a roaring fire, beautiful bright skies, seems like a perfect way to bring in the New Year,
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  26. The food looks yummy Teresa I would really like your recipes. The snow globe are gorgeous. Such wonderful news re your daughter and family, so happy for you. Love Anne x

  27. Love your little glass darling.
    Sounds like you will have lots to look forward to!
    Happy day to you my friend.


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