Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Shawl, Soup & Downton

I have never enjoyed a handcrafted wearable item like I have the shawl that I made last summer!  The last time I was in JoAnn Fabric store I picked up another colorway called Sea, in shades of blue, green and purple.  So, I have begun a second shawl for wearing in the late winter and early spring.  I only have a few rows done, but I'm loving the colors of this - it's rather like crocheting in watercolors!  My blog friend at Sweet Posy Dreams blog finished one like this and hers is what spurred me to start my 2nd shawl in this pattern.
This is the yarn, it's made of microfiber, so it's soft and washable.  It's a small-ply, but I use a size G hook which gives it a lacy, loose feel. 
You can see my finished shawl and the link to buy the pattern on this blog post, click HERE
I'm really enjoying working on this one, as I figured out the errors I made on the last one so it's easy sailing on this.  My little sister Denise liked the yarn and has bought 2 skeins of Sea and 2 skeins of Moutain Heather, which has pink, lavender, yellow, green and white, and now I want some of that! :-)
I get a kick out of this.. the top of our pellet stove stays warm but not burning hot due to the air that blows out of the vent and our cat Lucy will lay on there even when the flames are blazing.. isn't that silly?  See Dayle in the kitchen?  I'll show you what he's up to in a bit.   
I tried to get her to turn her head and said.. LUCY!.. and so she stood up.  What a face, huh? 
Here is our hummingbird having dinner.   
Dayle made bean and ham soup, using my friend Shirley's recipe, but he added veggies, such as onion, celery and carrots, and some pasta, too.  But the soup she has in the recipe is very savory, you can find it HERE in my blog on the subject. 
And he also made corn bread to go with it, using the traditional recipe (on the back of the corn meal box :-) - and baked it in our wonderful vintage Griswold cast iron pan. 
Boy this soup and bread was great, and we had it again for lunch yesterday and it was even better!
Lastly, if you haven't seen Downtown Abbey - read no further if you plan to watch it later.  And if you haven't seen Season 3 or the end of it, read no further. 
BUT.. those of you who have seen it.. please join me in a moment of silence... ok, now you can cry and scream with me.  WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I understand actors leaving to accept big money after making a name in a wonderful show.. but really?  REALLY????  ::sigh::  OK, I'm calm.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I am crying right along with you!!! I knew he wanted out of the show but, come on!!! I don't know about you, but I thought the whole season seemed extra short this time...could have been my imagination...I don't know. I loved 2 other scenes too. The one with Tom Branson getting emotional with Mrs...sorry can't think of her name..anyway, where he gets emotional over missing Sybil. Also toward the end where Thomas and the object of his affection make up and become friends. Then there was that last scene....ugh. Now on to your beautiful shawl! LOVE it! The yarn is beautiful and amazing what a skein of yarn can turn into! Looks like you did different stitches in some of the rows? I think I am going to have to check out that yarn and see what I can create. Thanks for sharing and I wish I had some of that soup on a cold and blustery Ohio day! Thanks for sharing..~Hugs, Patti

  2. Old Downton was a blast wasn't it! Made my Christmas Day;) Good news though the lovely lovely Tom Ellis is being lined up to play a new love interest in the next series. You may not know Tom over in the States but we love him here in the UK. Let's hope he signs on the dotted line soon.

    BTW - fab shawl, gorgeous colours:) x

  3. Oh the yarn is so beautiful....just like the ocean. :)
    I can't wait to see your finished shawl.

    Yeah, the whole Downton thing has me torn. It kind of makes you wonder where the story would have went if that awful thing had no happened. I would have much preferred a look like to have taken the characters place than what happened...but I am not writing it, trust me, if I were, there would be crochet hooks and knitting needles all over the place. I think Cora could easily pull off knitting/crocheting a baby blanket or something for the new baby...and I can so see Mrs Hughes quietly crocheting a doily in her room after the days work is all done. Then she could give it to Carson so he'd finally wake up and smell the coffee! I so want those two together...isn't that funny. Maybe I should write a story line of my own!

    Blessings to you and yours always dear friend. :)

  4. Oh Teresa, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one boo-hooing so hard at the end. I love this show but it sure has a way of twisting you around. The shawl is gorgeous!! I love those colors. I just found out about the Deborah Norville yarn and I want some!!! Jordan's blanket will need to be finished first. I have made myself a promise to get this done before I start anything else and that promise is getting very hard to keep. hee, hee.

    Have a great day, dear Teresa.


  5. Oooh, I love that shawl, the colours are great. It's not a yarn we have available over here that I'm aware of but I will have to double check.
    What a clever husband you have.

  6. I am not OK. I am still seething! He's in New York working on Broadway and says he gets recognized in America more than in Britain...wonder if he's been fussed at on the streets yet :) I wouldn't be surprised. The meal that your Hubby fixed is one that I dearly love...my recipe is ham and navy bean stew and corn bread...yum! Love the shawl! The colors are gorgeous!

  7. I love the colours in your new yarn, very ocean like & calming :) I like your idea to use a bigger hook and make it lacy, definitely works well with this pattern, you sort of see more of it that way if you see what I mean?

    Tell Dale his cornbread and soup look very yummy! x

  8. I was disappointed in the ending too. But you know what...this might be an unpopular opinion...but I don't like him very much. His character, I mean. I don't really like Mary all that much either. They annoy me separately and as a couple. I didn't always feel that way, not until this season, actually. LOL, I'm picky, huh? :P I love your shawl, I have never tried that yarn but I am really glad to read such a glowing recommendation for it. I may have to check it out.

  9. This always was one of my favorite yarns and colors. I'm already sad Downton is over, can't believe he didn't ride the gravy train longer. The only one I can see that has earned the right to move on is Maggie, which is rumored she will after next season. I also wasn't thrilled with a few directions the help took this year. Why oh, why did they go and have to do that.....great looking soup by the way.

  10. Ooo Lucy, How sweet cat she is..:))
    I like your shawl so so much. And also your colorful yarn is so beautiful...
    And your meal seems delicious.. Yummm...:))
    Best wishes...:))

  11. Hola Teresa que hermoso este chal los colores alegres,vivos y se ve bien abrigado como tu gatita y ni hablar de el cocinero de lujo, buena compania hermoso paisaje tu hogar se nota muy cálido besitos.

  12. Love the look on Lucy's face. "What DO you want Mom?" And your shawl colors, oh my. I hope it's finished by the time we have lunch next month so I can pet it in person. :-) So pretty.

    I think you know how I feel about Downton. Love, love the show but dislike when the characters decide to leave and they have to die. So, so sad. Now it's back to grieving time again. But I also loved the scene with Tom and Mrs. Hughes. She's a great actress and such a sweet character too.

    I have chili in the crockpot and cornbread planned. We had it last night but there is plenty for leftovers and with snow falling outside it sounds perfect!

    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  13. I haven't gotten hooked on Downton...yet. But I've seen all kinds of grief on the Internet. I might have to break down and start watching.

    Your shawl...all my favorite shades! It's scrumptious!!!! What a fun make! I always look at shawls and think they are beautiful, but I don't know if I'd really wear one! I suppose bare shoulders in air conditioned buildings here in summer might be a good reason to make one! I'll have to think on that! Love yours! Hugs...

  14. That is such pretty yarn Teresa and you new shawl is coming along beautifully. We saw Downton last year here and yes it was a pretty dark ending wasn't it! Jane x

  15. Looks like you are having fun with the new colors and making another shawl. Love it! The soup looks yummy too. I love soup on cold days. Corn bread made in cast iron skillets always comes out nice and golden. I learned to make it when I married my hillbilly husband. He was a corn bread guy, his mom made it almost everyday of her life. Your cat is pretty, she knows the best place to be when it gets cold, smart kitty.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  16. The Downton ending was pretty sad, but I wonder what they are up to?!

  17. Loved your first shawl and love this one too. HAD to have the pattern so have just purchased it.Oh dear, another WIM !! xox

  18. Love the new shawl! Your soup and cornbread look delicious! It is cold and raining here, and I should have made soup. But I didn't. Darn.
    I just watched Downton today, because I fell asleep on Sunday. I was mad about the ending. Come on!!! First Sybil, now him? Who next?
    xo Kris

  19. That's going to be a wonderful shawl. I love that yarn. I've made a couple of shawls that look very similar and used the same kind of yarn...just different colors. Mmmm...that soup and cornbread looks so yummy!

  20. Those are beautiful colors Teresa--love!
    Did you enjoy our beautiful sunny day?

  21. Hi, Teresa!
    Loving your shawl, I think that colors is what makes it so nice :) and you crafty thumbs of course!
    I always like your homely pictures, I feel good when seeing them. That soup looks yumm! My parents also make something like this.
    Lucy is a cute, beautiful cat.all cats like being warm, and always search for such places to sit or lie on.
    I didn't know you have a hummingbird! :)
    Have a nice week ahead!

  22. Beautiful yarn - I'd not seen that colourway before and it is just beautiful! Lovely shawl :) And Lucy is gorgeous! Elisabeth x

  23. Your new shawl has the most amazing colours, it's absolutely stunning! xxxx

  24. I haven't seen it yet, I am dreading it because I knew he was leaving after this season. I want to cry already and I haven't even watched it yet.

  25. Gorgeous shawl Teresa and adore those colours. Dayle's cooking looked delish. Could not believe the ending of Downton!!! I was shouting out No! No! No! Silly really but I was not a happy bunny. Have fun whatever you have planned next. Anne x

  26. Gorgeous shawl, I do love those colours and the lovely pattern. You do make me laugh, Teresa....love your last paragraph about Downton, sooo funny and well put!!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  27. I screamed and cried at the end of this season. What are they thinking? Can it get any worse? They made sure you knew he was dead.

    Your shall is lovely. I have a thing for making shawls, but I don't wear them.

  28. Well, goodness, that shawl looks awfully familiar! ;)

    Mmm, soup and cornbread. I do love that combination. Somehow I wasn't too surprised about the end of the episode. I don't know why. Maybe I had heard a rumor somewhere that he wasn't coming back.

  29. Live the new scarf... The colors are just gorgeous . Can't wait to see you for our lunch. Lucy is so cute :)

  30. Love the shawl....and there was a few oh no's in our house too for the ending of Dowton...cant wait for the next series to start, wonder where it is going next then?
    Hugs x

  31. Your shawl is beautiful! Those colors are so peaceful. :)

    I never got on the Downton Abbey bandwagon until recently but I don't want to watch this season until I've been able to catch up on the other two. From everything I hear it is a wonderful show and I am looking forward to catching up. :)

  32. What? What? Nooooooooooo!!! How could Downton do that on my birthday when I was not watching??? Well, I am glad you and the commenters above prepared me for the worst. I cried over Sybil's death, but being forewarned about Matthew, I may be too, mad to cry over his demise when I watch the episode...sigh...

    I LOVE the shawl you are working on, Teresa, and really want to start on mine with the yarn I bought in the first colorway you used.

    The wood stove we had in CA got VERY hot and my daughter's kitty learned the hard way not to hop onto it when the fire was burning :-( I am so glad Lucy has a cozy spot she can enjoy!

    Dayle's culinary efforts look sooooooo yummy. My girls made some cornbread today...maybe I will make some soup tomorrow.

    Your little feathered friend is beautiful, as is your whole post, Teresa. I really enjoyed my visit with you. Thanks!

    Hugs from Gracie :-)

  33. Love the yarn colour. Haven't seen that brand in Canada.
    Enjoy Downton Abbey. Can't believe that some actors would sooner cash in on their current popularity and get no where rather than stick with the sure thing. So no sympathy for Matthew and Sybil.
    Love all English shows - PBS is my favourite. Have you seen Doc Martin - I would love to live in that village. Also enjoy the reruns of As Time Goes By. Watch anything with Judi Dench.
    Love your blog. Spent some time in Orgeon a couple of years ago. We thought we would do a fast drive down from Calgary to Santa Barbara where our son was doing his post doc (on top of the various flying trips). But then took 9 days exploring the Orgeon Coast. Loved it. Want to explore it again. Certainly on the retirement time bucket list. Take Care.

  34. Just found your blog via Sweet Posy. Love the things you share! A few comments right away - our cat is also Lucy and also loves to sit on the top our little warming fireplace, I can't imagine having a hummingbird right now (in the midst of snow), and I am COMPLETELY with you on Downton Abbey! I am obsessively in love with this show, but surely they don't have to kill everyone so quickly...


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