Friday, February 8, 2013

Presidents & Serendipity

In the United States, we always celebrate our Presidents on the 3rd Monday of February. I belong to the Portland Women's Forum - and our President & Vice President decided to celebrate our living Presidents yesterday at our meeting.  They had just started to slice the cake and I said.. "WAIT! I need a picture!" - so here is the beautiful cake with some slices in it.  LOL!  
Here is a photo of the current living presidents plus our State Parks liaison.  From the right, her term was 1969-70. I had us line up according to our terms, which range from 1969 to our current president to the far left.  I served in this position for 3 years.
I catch a ride to the meeting each month with my old co-worker from Vista House - Sally King.  I hired her as my Assistant Manager when I worked as the Executive Director for the Friends of Vista House from 1982 to 1998.  We've been friends for 30 years!  On our way home she said, "Do you want to drive up to see Vista House?"  Sure!  They've been working on the viaduct around VH for months and it's been closed to the public until last week.  
Of course, our first stop was Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint - the place where the absolute BEST photos of the gorge and Vista House are taken.  The light is always changing here, it looks different each time.  I zoomed from there to get Vista House.
I also zoomed down to Rooster Rock, this is an interesting shot as it's Washington state reflecting above the rock, which is on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge.
See Rooster Rock down at the bottom left?  And Vista House looms above it on the bluff on the right, 733 feet above the river. 
Here is the newly re-installed Portland Women's Forum monument that I coordinated to get put back at the park.  It was a drinking fountain in honor of Gertrude Glutsch Jensen, one of the past presidents of our group.  The fountain had been removed by State Parks as it was not ADA approved (American's with Disabilities Act) and stored in their workshop yard for years, and I led the movement to get it re-installed as a monument as it still had the plaque on it.  I'm so happy to see it back here.  State Parks has been doing some clearing around the property to improve the views, and now you can see the river beyond the monument!
Looking East.
Then we headed down to Vista House and Sally showed me where they've done more view clearing here.. yay! 
My beloved historic building, built in 1918 as an observation point and visitors center. 
Sally kept on driving and pulled into her ranch of 25 acres right on the Historic Columbia River Highway - I snapped a photo of 2 of her 4 horses.  She has sheep, chickens, a goat and other livestock.
She then took me to see the newly finished parking area and rockwork at Latourell Falls. 
On to Wahkeena Falls. 
We drove past Multnomah Falls, but I figured you'd seen enough photos of that one so I didn't even take a photo. :-)  The one below is Horsetail Falls.  Then Sally said, shall we drive on to Cascade Locks and over the Bridge of the Gods to Stevenson, WA and get an ice cream?  Sure! 
And finally she dropped me off at home after a huge loop around the gorge.  Below is a photo of Dayle and our 4 grandsons when we met our boys and their families for Chinese dinner on Wed eve. Caleb had swiped grandpa's cap and put it on and was mugging for the camera.  What a character!
When I got home there was a package awaiting me.. it was from Claudia in New York.. 
She's selling these adorable felted heart earrings made by her sister and my friend Meredith!  Click HERE for their Etsy shop.  Thanks, Meredith and Claudia!  I love them! 
And last but certainly not least, it's my firstborn child's birthday today!  Here is my darling Amy as a toddler.  
At her wedding to Jay.  Isn't she a beautiful bride?  My son's look so handsome too.  Yes, I had dyed my hair for a few years.. lol!
She is now a wife and mother to two adorable and charming daughters.  Happy Birthday, honey!  Have a wonderful day!!
Well, it's been a whirlwind week.  I'm taking today "off" for some R&R and some crochet.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Let me be the first today to's been a perfect week out your way. I never get tired of your driving trips. Aren't those earrings too cute. Leave it to Claud and Mere to come up with the perfect v-day treat. Let's just hope Claudia survives the storm out there today.

  2. Thanks for taking us your drive Teresa...great photos. Happy birthday to your daughter! Jane x

  3. Beautiful country up there! I long to live somewhere with scenic views like that! Love the earrings. I was contemplating buying the very same ones. You get outta my head, you! And hand over a piece of that cake while you're at it!

  4. Such beautiful scenery!!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride! BTW, we drove to Louisville, KY, for our Punch Brothers concert this week. It is close to a 3 hour round trip and I really did get up and go to work the next day!

  5. Kate and Jane took the words right out of my keyboard, Teresa =) I enjoyed viewing your post, as well, and appreciate its beautiful expression of your artistry. Sharing your loves is a wonderful gift you give to all who visit with you.

  6. Wonderful post! I love to read about your life. XOXO

  7. Beautiful post Thanks for sharing. ..

  8. You have had a busy week...enjoy your time off. That cake is calling my sweet tooth something BIG right now. xoxox

  9. Another awesome post! :)

    The pictures are breath taking. I am not sure I would ever be able to go indoors if I lived there...and I know I'd have myself parked in a chair looking out at the gorge crocheting every chance I got! You really do live in a beautiful place.

    Can't wait to see what you are crocheting. :)

    Hugs and blessings always

  10. Wonderful pictures of your day Teresa. The way the sun and clouds reflected on envy thing made them even more spectacular. You have such a full life, filled with friends and family. Just wonderful.


  11. What a beautiful tribute for Amy's birthday - such lovely family memories. That first picture from the scenic view looks like a painting - beautiful. All your photos are great and I love seeing them. Have a nice, restful weekend. xoxox

  12. I couldn't take my eyes from those views.. unbelievably beautiful! you live close to nature, it's very good, and i bet you have some beautiful forests there...
    Happy Birthday to your daughter! All the best wishes to her and her family :)
    Those earrings are gorgeous, your friend creates beautiful piece of art.
    Have a happy weekend!

  13. Hi Teresa. You always inform us with such interesting facts and photos! What beautiful shots you shared today!! Love the earrings from Claudia! So cute! And your daughter must be about my daughter's age. The styles were very alike!! She was indeed a beautiful bride! And she still is! Loved seeing you with your hair dark too. So pretty!
    I hope you got to relax today. I was working on an order that is going to be picked up tomorrow. It rained and hailed all day!! Loved it!
    xo Kris

  14. What a great looking group of Presidents you are. :) And the views, breathtaking. Sounds like you had a very full day! Love your new little heart header. Best wishes for a relaxing and wonderful weekend. Tammy

  15. P.S. Happy birthday to you daughter. Love the earrings that Meredith and Claudia are making/selling. :)

  16. Wonderful pictures Teresa! Happy birth day to your daughter... We share the same birthday... I have been sick all day, but enjoyed a great omelette with the eggs you gave me this morning....thanks again my sweet friend! :)

  17. What a fabulous part of the world you live in, I always love to see your photos.

    And a very happy birthday to your daughter.


  18. Teresa, What a lovely tour! It was all so beautiful, I think I was surprised there was so snow!!! That cake was gorgeous and I bet delicious too. Your friend has some amazing horses so handsome. Happy Birthday to Amy! I can see where everyone gets their dimples!!!
    Now you rest and have fun relaxing this weekend, xoRobin❤

  19. What a wonderful sightseeing drive you and your friend took. It must be so wonderful to have such gorgeous views all around.

  20. Oh! The Gorge! Just beautiful!

    The earrings are precious - Meredith is so talented!

    The photo of your daughter's family is great! The littlest girl looks so impish!

  21. Good morning Teresa...My goodness, that was quite a trip you went on there!..I can just imagine standing at Vista House taking in that amazing view...Your photographs are stunning as always and your family pics are lovely...
    Susan x

  22. What incredible views down the valley! I would so love to visit your part of the world :)

    Happy Birthday to Amy!

  23. Teresa.....all your photos look like they belong in a catalog, you really get some great shots! The cake looks delicious! How sweet also for Meredith....she is the greatest! That Caleb, is such a Ham! too cute!!! Happy Birthday wishes to Amy, there sure is a lot of Valentine's out there I have noticed....(I am one to, on the 13th) You look great with dark hair! Very nice looking family!
    Hugs, Happy Sunday!
    Shari ")

  24. Always love your posts and the incredible photos! Such a beautiful land, America! And you're in an especially wonderful little corner of the world! And your precious daughter! What fun to see then and now! Hope your weekend is going happily! Hugs, Annette

  25. You have been very busy! The scenery in your area is gorgeous, I have always wanted to visit there. Happy birthday to your daughter, I hope she had a wonderful day. :)


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