Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage Faux Tortoise Knitting Needles

The other day I was showing you my collection of crochet hooks and knitting needles.  I had 2 pair of vintage faux tortoise shell knitting needles that I'd gotten off eBay from Australia.  Unfortunately, they are a tiny gauge and although I love to look at them, I couldn't use them as the size I need for my knitted dish cloths are size 7.  So, I was cruising eBay and found 4 sets of these gorgeous needles which included the size I wanted.  I love "Buy It Now" as you don't have to worry and wait to see if you win the auction.  They arrived a few days ago.  I am happily working on a organic cotton unbleached cloth with my 7s.  I cannot say enough for KnitPicks organic cotton yarn!
For some reason I am really in love with these needles.  
I've always loved the mottled, organic look of tortoise shell things, and yes, I know they are faux, which is all the better, no tortoises were harmed in the making of these things.
I do love the look of these knitted dish cloths and they work great.
The new needles on the lace tablecloth.

I knit in the continental style - which means I carry the thread through my left hand exactly as I do while crocheting.  I was taught in the English style where you have to use your right hand to bring the yarn around for each stitch, which doubles the efforts of knitting. I highly recommend the continental style!  Here is a YouTube video on how-to.
Here are two dishcloths I crocheted.  The knitted ones are more "elastic", but I like them both.
My sweetie brought home a bouquet of flowers and a little pot of cyclamen which I put between my 2 pots of Primrose.
I love having flowers on the table! 
We inherited this unusual pottery item from Dayle's parents - I have no idea what it's for, so I put the 3 pots in it.  Do you know what it be used for?
I wish blogger had "smell-a-vision" - Dayle baked a smoked spiral sliced with a maple glaze ham last night and made scalloped potatoes with cheese and buttered corn.  YUM!
This lily just opened up this morning. 
And I adore these lime green chrysanthemums. 
Cyclamen remind me of butterflies.   
We have no plans so far for today, what are you up to?  I'm going to finish knitting my dishcloth and then I need to figure out my next big project.  Life is good.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Don't ya just love old needles.

    I think of all those that have used them before me.

    Like the needles I've inherited from my Grandmother. I think of her and the beautiful sweaters she'd knit for me every time I use them.

    Spring is coming and your pretty posies have me yearning to get my hands in the garden again.

  2. What pretty new needles! All the dishcloths look nice too, and the flowers make your table very cheery.

  3. The knitting needles are gorgeous, the flowers are stunning, and I am drooling over the ham. It's probably a good thing there isn't smell-a-whatever because that would do me in. Ham is one of my favorite meals. :)

  4. WHAT GORGEOUS FLOWERS!!!!! Dayle did good....even in the kitchen! I can smell that ham from here!
    I love your knitted dishcloths. I keep telling myself I need to learn how to knit but never seem to do it....first things knitting needles! Yours are very pretty!
    Hugs, Shari ")

  5. What pretty needles Teresa and lovely dishcloths. Your flowers all look so cheerful. The weekend is finished here and it's now bed time ready for work in the morning! Night night x

  6. I love your pretty Valentine table Teresa! Your knitting needles are very nice too, I'm hooked in Knit picks interchangeables. I use them for everything. Your knitted dishcloth is turning out very nice. I didn't realize you knit too. That Dayle is sure a "keeper". Flowers and ham! Both are yummy!!


  7. Those needles are beautiful! Lovely flowers and a delicious dinner, he is quite a catch. :)

  8. I love the look of those needles. Really beautiful. I also am a fan of the "buy it now", button :)

  9. Those needles are absolutely gorgeous. And I love your dishcloths. I only crochet but the more I see of knitting in blogland, the more I want to do it. I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head but there are sooooo many lovely items made with knittin. Your flowers are lovely and the dinner made me hungry. Hang on to that man! He is a keeper!


  10. Flowers galore.....I love them all. Love your needles and dish clothes. I think it would fun to knit with them too. I'm going to check out the YouTube, I would like to learn the continental method!
    So much faster!!!

  11. Pretty flowers from that great hubby of yours. Love the dishcloths too, and the needles make a very pretty stitch (or you do)!

  12. Wonderful pictures Teresa, love the needles too you do have a fabulous collection of hooks and needles I'm so jealous.
    Hehe won't have much to spend on hols after booking the Holiday early plus car tax and insurance to find this month we are broke lol.....hugs xx

  13. Love those needles Teresa!!!
    And such pretty flowers too!!!
    xo Kris

  14. Teresa, thank you so much for sharing your life's moments with us, they are always beautiful and bright! You also have a good camera :)
    The bouquet looks so beautiful! the colors of it are unbelievable.
    The ham looks delicious...I'm hungry now.
    Have a lovely day!

  15. The needles are just beautiful. U have sucha collection of knitting and crochet needles. Beautiful organic yarn also...I lvE organic coton. And your flower... No need to say a word...they take my barrage away.... Gorgeous.

  16. I have that same knitted dish cloth pattern and I love it although I have not tried Knit Picks organic cotton yet. I will have to give it a try. Love the needles too! And the ham......well now I'm hungry! :-)

  17. You have such interesting knitting needles and crochet hooks, Teresa! I love your flowers today too, and your beautifully neat knitting. Cyclamen flowers make me think of buterflies too :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  18. I think I'm having problems leaving a comment again. Just wrote a rather long one and it seems to have gone off to the never-never !! What I was trying to say was that you're lucky to have got those gorgeous needles. I think the long container is meant for exactly what you've done - put flower pots into it. Also wanted to let you know that you might get some people from our Australiacrochet group visit your blog. I gave them the link to your beautiful heart pattern as our Pattern of the Week. I hope they leave a comment to let you know they've visited. Have a great week. xoxox

  19. Such lovely photography. The needles look devine.

    I have knitted english style for over 30 years so couldn't change now but do crotchet with yarn in left hand.

    I love the flowers so great having a bit of colour indoors I think.

    Sara x

  20. I love the needles, your knitted dish cloth is the first pattern I learned to knit. I remember the lovely ladies I worked with ripping out my knitting as they were teaching me. Getting caught up today, tending to my parents, working and cleaning up after being gone all weekend.

  21. Oh, I love the needles and the flowers are so pretty, too. You are making me want to knit now. :)

    Blessings always

  22. Hi Teresa. Super post as always. Love your needles. I have been knitting a dishcloth as well but think it's going to come up on the small side :-( Your flowers are just beautiful. DH went out this afternoon for a few groceries for me. Need to do a big shop. He came back with some flowers for me - they are all a lovely bright yellow. Just what I needed on this cold, snowy day. Love and hugs. Anne x

  23. Those needles are beautiful. Just made my BP go down looking at them and thinking of how they'd feel. Knitting is just an enjoyable hobby, after you understand what you are doing, of course!

  24. Well, yesterday after church I frogged a row on the merino blanket I am knitting, and then managed to knit three rows correctly while watching Hallmark Valentine movies, OPB Himalaya With Michael Palin and Downton Abbey :-)

    Thanks for sharing your flowers, needles, knitting, and yummy looking ham, Teresa!!!

    Also thanks for the YouTube link. I am going to check it out and try yet again to learn the continental knitting method.

  25. Oh my goodness that ham looks amazing...tell you sweet husband I would gladly make him a raspberry pie in exchange for a yummy meal like that.
    I don't knit but if I did I would want to collect those lovely. Happy week to you...hope you gather lots of love along the way. xoxo

  26. Love your knitted dishcloths Teresa! And you just gave me an idea for my week of spoiling my DH (actually I need to give your hubby, Dayle, part of the credit too).
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Blessings, Aimee

  27. Teresa,
    I just tried to visit Debbie Doos but got a blocked screen saying the same thing as you said in an email? I have no idea what this means? I will have to investigate. I can't imagine why you couldn't reach my page? Very strange?
    So sorry...hope to resolve it soon.
    Love ya,

  28. Hi again. Debbie says to remove her blog from my blogroll. It is a problem with Google that she is working on, and that several people are having the same problem. I will keep you posted!
    xo Kris

  29. Hi Teresa. How I wish I could knit continental. I've tried so many times and it just ends up being thrown across the room!


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