Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bunnies, Eggs & Daffies

I finally got motivated to put my Easter tablecloth on and bring out the decorations!  :-)  I made both of these crocheted eggs yesterday - custom designed for my 2 granddaughters.  We Skyped with them last week and my daughter told me that Jenna had brought out the 2 eggs I gave them while they still lived here in Oregon, so I asked them each what color egg they wanted and what color stripe.  I will be sending these to Ohio tomorrow. :-)
Dayle went out this morning and cut me a bouquet of our own Daffodils - I arranged them in my Great Grandmother's (my Mom's Mom's MOM) crystal vase - oh my they smell good!  We're having a typical Spring day in Oregon.. sunshine.. clouds.. sunshine.. lol!
I added my polka dotted Cath Kidston candles to my candelabra - fun! 
 I love Easter decorations.. it makes me feel like a kid again.  I remember hunting for eggs in damp grass as a child.
I got this bunny figurine last year and I adore it!   
Here is my vintage bunny glass candy holder - it came full of jelly beans or something and when I got it it had a very old cardboard stopper in the bottom - I kind of broke the brittle old stopper when I filled this up with colorful jelly beans last year. oh my.
I actually made this ceramic bunny in 7th grade - our teacher was amazing and showed us how to prepare the greenware, glaze it and fire it.  You fill the inside with cotton and you can pull a hank of it out of the tail to use.  :-)
My basket of crocheted eggs and my special crocheted chick that my blog friend Lucy - In The Sky made and sent to me last Easter.  Isn't it cute!?
Here is my Easter tree - it's fun to find special little ornaments to hang on it. 
Last evening Dayle brought in the day's egg production - brown, dark brown and aqua!
I grabbed the camera last evening - it had been a grey rainy day and at the end, the clouds parted and brilliant sunshine was slanting across the landscape illuminating the farm yard in that special way before dusk.  See the chicken house between the shed and garage/barn?  We have not only our travel trailer, but those of both our boys here.  :-)  
Late afternoon light is so special.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I made this Shamrock pin years ago - I actually can't find it, but I have this photo. :-)   
 I am still under the weather with a cold, but I plan to be better tomorrrow!  I have a meeting to lead for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  I figure that I have had this since Thursday and by tomorrow I won't be communicable.  For now, I am enjoying a burst of sunshine.  I hope you had a nice weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


Easter Egg Pattern

F or G hook
Worsted Weight Yarn, I like using cotton for these
Stitch Marker
Polyester Stuffing
Yarn Needle

Notes: Pattern is worked in the round so there is no joining or turning. You work around and around in a spiral. It helps to use a stitch marker on the last stitch. If you want a center stripe - add it on Rnd 6 and do 3 rows of stripe color.  You don't have to cut the original color, just add the new and when you end it, pick up the original color yarn and continue - crocheting over the yarn end of stripe color.

Ch 2
Rnd 1 – work 8sc in 2nd ch from hk. (8)
Rnd 2 – (sc in next 3, 2sc in next) around. (10)
Rnd 3 – (sc in next 4, 2sc in next) around. (12)
Rnd 4 – (sc in next 2, 2sc in next) around. (16)
Rnd 5 – (sc in next 3, 2sc in next) around. (20)
Rnd 6 – sc in each st around. (20)
Rnd 7 – (sc in next 4, 2sc in next) around. (24)
Rnd 8 – sc in each st around. (24)
Rnd 9 – (sc in next 10, sc2tog) around. (22)
Rnd 10 – (sc in next 9, sc2tog) around. (20)
Rnd 11 – (sc in next 8, sc2tog) around. (18)
Rnd 12 – (sc in next, sc2tog) around. (12)
Firmly stuff your little egg now 
Rnd 13 – sc2tog around until little hole closes


  1. Looking pretty around there with all your Easter collection. Love the tree! LOVE your crocheted Easter Eggs. I am sure the girls will love them.
    How did you get the grass to grown on top of your barn???? Never seen that's beautiful!
    Sending you get well, crochet, rest, eat soup, crochet, rest!

  2. I do hope you feel better by tomorrow. I am waiting for spring here. We are expecting yet another snow storm. Your post was nice and springy. Take care. XOXO.

  3. Happy St. Paddy's day Teresa,
    You are all deck out now! Love all your decorations, especially all your crochet eggs and chick.
    Spring is looking great in your part of the country!
    Have a great week, hope you are feeling better real soon, xoRobin

  4. So many pretty decorations! I love how you embrace a holiday. Those crocheted eggs are adorable!

  5. Teresa, the colds we have had last about a week, so you are definitely over the hump. I love all your Easter decorations, and those crochet eggs with the little chick just make me smile. Thank you so much for the egg pattern, I have some beautiful quilted eggs from my sister Caludia, I think I might make some crochet ones to go with them.

    Good luck with your meeting, drink some nice warm tea before you go.

  6. Those crocheted eggs are just adorable!

  7. Amazing easter decorations, love the bunny knitting! And your crochet eggs are very cute. I crocheted my mum a shamrock which I gave to her yesterday, her birthday on 17th too ☺ Keep warm and get better.

  8. I always enjoy seeing your decorations for the different times of the year. Your candelabra is magnificent and those candles look so pretty. Hope you're feeling better soon. xoxox

  9. I love the little crochet eggs and will attempt to make one and if I am successful, I will try to do more. Hope you cold gets better! ~Hugs, Patti

  10. Where did you find your easter tree?
    I am looking for one (branch or wire) for a memory tree for my mom's 80th birthday - next weekend(!).
    I tried in vain at Michaels. Also looked at target/walmart.
    I robbed my neighbor of forsythia branches instead but maybe you know where to find a small 'tree'.
    The memory tree will be for guests/family to write down a favorite memory of my mom and clothespin to a branch.
    Hopefully it will amuse her this next year to unfold small memories from people who love her.

    I lust after the cath kidston candles. Perfect for easter.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Kathy - Canbyland

    1. Hi Kathy, I don't really remember where I got my Easter tree - wish I could! Your idea for your the memory tree is wonderful! I got the CK candles off her USA website. Thanks for the good wishes. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Love your crochet egg. And your bunnies are adorable! I especially love the glass one! Thanks for posting the egg pattern, I just might have to try one:)

  12. Your Easter decorations are so cute and so are the daffodils. Thank you for including the Easter egg pattern. I think I need to try to make a few when I get home. I hope you're feeling better by tomorrow. Hubby was finally bett today-he's had it 8 days. Ick! I'm glad I was here visiting all of you ladies and not catching his cold!!! S I drive home tomorrow. I hope to see you again soon and lunch at your lovely farmhouse.

  13. So glad Dayle brought some daffodils in for you to enjoy inside, Teresa. I think we will have enough open ones at our place to bring in a bouquet of them in the next few days :-)

    I want to make some more crocheted eggs this week, too. Thanks for explaining how to make them with a stripe.

    Your hens are doing a beautiful job "decorating" their eggs! The Martha Stewart Living magazine has an article about Martha's hens and how she cares for them in the April issue....also how to make ink print designs on eggs....very pretty.

    Wishing you well!!!

  14. Lovely crochet eggs! I will make few for Easter too :)
    Your farm looks fabulous!
    Have a happy week!

  15. So sorry you are still ill...
    Love your eggs-all of them :-)
    Blessings, Aimee

  16. che belle uova ad uncinetto , brava ciao.

  17. All your decorations are so cute but the Polk-a-dot candles are the best! Thanks for getting me in the Easter Spirit with this post. Hope you are feeling better soon. :-)

  18. As always, you have beautiful pictures to share and it makes me anxious for Spring! Thanks for sharing the egg pattern. I am going to make some up for my grand daughter!
    Have a great week!

  19. hI Teresa.. I must say it does feel like a real Spring clean at my blog and it has made me spread my wings abit and also connect properly with people I had "lost" a bit using my Ipad--- you and your lovely blog included. I agree with Suztats that I often look at Blog Lists that people have when I am enjoying their personal blogs. I guess you will probably like the same kind of things. I have linked to your lovely Easter post on my last post.xx

  20. Phew! I think I am all caught up now. I have been so busy, and have gotten way behind in my favorite blogs! Loved your little chefs post! And all of the pretty flowers. Loved this post too. That photo of the barn and yards with the moss on the roofs is so neat. Love your Easter Eggs, and the bunny you made in 7th grade!!
    I hope your cold is gone soon, and you are back to your old self in no time!!!
    Bug hug Teresa!
    xo Kris

  21. Teresa, I love that basket of crocheted eggs and the little chick. So cute! Must try the pattern. Everything is looking so green and beautiful in your neck of the woods. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Best wishes, Tammy

  22. Thanks for the egg pattern! Your crocheted eggs are so sweet, but your "real" eggs are beautiful!

    Spring in Oregon - I'm homesick! It is about 29 degrees and snowing here....

  23. Well Teresa I would not be able to take a picture of mine with a comparable egg unless I went raiding nests in the garden!!!!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures. The lambs belong to our neighbours. She has three fields. 1 as a Nursery, 1 a kindergarten and 1 for them as they become independent. I hate that bit as the ewes bleat so pitifully to begin with.
    Love Linda

  24. You have a charming collection of Easter decorations which add color and a festive glow to the rooms. I don't crochet but like to see what others create.

  25. Love all your Easter decorations!

  26. Those polka dot candles are fabulous! And those cute little crochet eggs make me want to learn to crochet... but I don't think I'd learn in time for Easter!


  27. Oh what a lovely 'Springtime'post Teresa. Beautiful photos of beautiful and fun things. I must try to get myself sorted re my Easter decorations. Thankyou for sharing. Hugs Anne x

  28. Oh my those little crochet eggs are sooo pretty! I love your Easter decorations so much, Teresa! The white dotty candles and all the gorgeous bunnies!! A lovely post!
    Helen x

  29. So green and pretty and your house. And the daffodils -- what a treat! I just returned from Tennessee where I was visiting my parents. Their daffs, pansies, and forsythia were in bloom. Such a joy to see before returning home where it was eleven degrees this morning! Your decorations are so fun and cheerful.


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