Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Flowers & Little Chefs

Our yard is brimming with wild violets!  Of course, guess who got on his mower yesterday and annihilated thousands of them?  So, these are from the back part he didn't get to.  I wish I could share the aroma of them with you.  Have you ever had the opportunity to bury your nose in a posy of these?  They are tiny, it's not easy arranging a bouquet of them - I use this tiny vintage cream bottle that roadside diners used to serve coffee cream in - they came with little creamery paper labels stuck in the top.  Did you ever see one in action?  I am dating myself by having these memories, but that's okay. :-)
These wild violets come in variations of pure white, lavender and dark purple. 
Here they are in their natural habitat.. :-) 

Spring is really here - Dayle trimmed the yew bushes, they get out of hand quickly.  Those two little yew poufs used to completely block out all the view of the hillside behind our farmhouse.  Dayle chainsawed them down ten years ago.  At my request, he also cut back the dwarf variegated bamboo, as it was burying the little Japanese lace leaf we planted to the right of it. 
The daffodils are almost all opened up! 
Dayle found several Primrose plants blooming in different pots and decided to put them all in one pot.  I love these!  Did you ever smell one?  They have a light rose scent. 
Here is a Hyacinth that surprised us coming out of a pot on the deck. :-) 
Our Daphne Odora is opening up well - have you ever smelled one?  They have the most exotic and wonderful scent! 
I thought I'd show you where the Daphne bush is, it's right next to the brick walkway that leads up to our back door - so when you visit, you get a big rush of perfume from this plant, in Spring. :-)
Our daffies with the moss covered rock we moved there and the little lace leaf is to the left - no leaves on it yet! 
Dayle took the camera out near the road to snap these volunteer daffodils. 
Dayle went to Costco yesterday while I was volunteering at Multnomah Falls and the sweetheart picked up these colorful melamine bowls, which each come with their own plastic lid for storing food in the fridge!  How nice of him! 
Yesterday our son came out to bring some yard debris to add to our burn pile - we asked our littlest grandsons if they were hungry.. of course they were!  So, Dayle cut up some ham and sauteed it and let the little guys help break the eggs for a scramble and then let them help stir the eggs.. they love to be involved in things!
Smile for grandma!
Our home grown eggs are so rich and the yolks are so dark.. we also had hot biscuit with honey, homemade raspberry jam and orange marmalade.  It was fun to introduce the little guys to raspberry jam and marmalade.  Caleb said "I don't like jam, but I like honey!"  We talked them both into trying both and they loved it!
The little guys ate and ate!  They each had a plate of eggs and ham and two whole biscuits each!  We love to feed them.  Our son enjoyed the meal with us too.  
Travis loves his Toyota Land Cruiser and so do the boys.
The little guys love to make faces when grandma pulls out her camera. lol!
After they headed off I also headed off to my swimming workout.  I was supposed to go today but have come down with a cold.  Pooey.  I guess I'll catch up with some paper work I need to do.  We don't have a lot planned for the weekend, which is fine.  What plans do you have?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous violets. I used to have one called'Freckles' but it disappeared, we have some wild Heartsease but it will be a while before they are out. The one (and only) benefit of this long winter is that the snowdops have lasted for weeks, still looking good. Our daffs just have a hint of yellow so far.
    Great photos of the children.
    Hope you are soon feeling better and enjoy the weekend.
    We've got visitors tomorrow and then I need to get my crochet hook working making some promised brooches.
    Carol xx

  2. Your grandchildren are just so adorable. I love how much fun they always seem to be having when they visit you. I almost bought those melamine bowls from Costco too! I recognized them right away. :)

  3. Looks like you had a nice day. How sweet of Dayle to get those bowls. I wish spring would come here.We are expecting more snow. Talk to you soon.

  4. Beautiful photos of your flowers - so cheering. Our daffs not opened at all yet. Dayle is very sweet to bring you those bowls. Your grandchildren appear to being having a real great time. My plans for the weekend have changed slightly after I received some upsetting news earlier. Hope you have fun Teresa. Love and hugs Anne x

  5. Always a joy to see your garden blooming. We are not even close here. So I guess I'm safe to head south to the beach. Still so sad and have no clue what I'll do without my Google Reader, it made keeping track of my blog friends so easy. Working off the sidebar is not the best options and too hard as it's totally not cleaned up. And knowing blogger once a clean it up they will switch that out too. Just proves why I don't sweat this stuff anymore. I'll figure something out.

    1. Hi Kate, goodness, I'm glad I never used Google Reader as those that did are upset at it going away. I just use my sidebar blog list and that has worked for me. Enjoy your trip to sunny Florida!! Lucky!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I love your flowers so much, it makes it seem like Spring will truly be coming even though I don't see any signs. You must have raked well last fall because everything looks so neat and colorful! So cute to see the boys cooking, you guys sure do introduce the boys to all kinds of skills. You two are great grandparents and parents! I hope you know this!! Have a great weekend : )

  7. Mrs. Teresa I wish spring would come here. We have lovely deep purple wild violets all over our yard.

  8. Those little violets are so sweet! Teeny tiny! Those cute boys of yours...what great fun you must have with them! And such wonderful grandparents you are!

  9. You have the most prettiest flowers a garden can have... and those little ones are precious!!

  10. No plans for us, which is fine. Our work weeks are so busy. LOVE you violets in the vintage creamer bottles. I have quite a few of those bottles.

  11. Oh what a lovely Spring filled post Weather here just barely melting the snow ...but alas I posted warm sunny pics today of the farm in Summer last year . I am SO longing for warmer weather and gardening!

  12. We seem to be stuck in winter while the rest of the country is enjoying the buds and blooms of spring. This has been a long winter for me, I am so ready for warmer weather, at least enough warmth to be able to do what everyone else is doing and that is out cleaning up all the things winter leaves behind, sticks and some leaves. Your man better watch out, looks like he has some competition in the kitchen, lol. Sweet boys, they are truly a blessing to you, their youth and laughter, their companionship and innocence. I totally enjoy time spent with my grandson, but there comes a time by the end of the day that it is good to see his mommy come for him. Love your violets, they do make a darling little bouquet. I'm sure all the blooms you are enjoying do smell send some of that warmer weather my way.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  13. Hope your cold does not get worse and love the daffodil pictures. Look forward to mine coming up in quite a few months yet as only into autumn now.
    Gorgeous grandsons ☺

  14. Mrs. Teresa I wish spring would come here! Today was ok but they say we may not get spring like weather until April!! I am so ready!!
    We have beautiful, deep purple, wild violets growing in our yard!
    I long for spring and warmer weather!

  15. Well Spring has definitely sprung by you. We're not any where close yet....still snowing here. Sigh. Love your little violets! We have them all over the yard here too but we won't be seeing them here yet for quite a while so I thoroughly enjoyed seeing yours.

  16. It's looking very spring like there. And, that breakfast looks sooo good! Have a great weekend!

  17. It's looking very much like Spring over there, Teresa. It's gloomy and raining here. I've never smelled real life violets so I am envious as I do have and love Penhaligon's Violetta perfume. I have smelled Daphne, however, glorious!
    Hen x

  18. Hi Teresa, your grandsons are so precious. They are adorable. Love the flowers. I hope you feel better soon. We had lots of fun at our knit/crochet group, but we missed you :(
    Hope you get better soon ! Loves :)

  19. We missed you at Taci's nice group of stitching friends ,Teresa :-(. I can almost smell your lovely flowers through my iPad screen. I'm glad you had a good day with your menfolk and I hope you will be well soon!!!!!!! Xx, Gracie

  20. Absolutely LOVE your wild violets! And your grandsons-cute as alwaya :-)
    Wishing you good health soon!
    Blessings, Aimee

  21. Either that little vase of violets is TINY or the bowls Dayle bought for you are super huge !! The boys look happy in their photos - such cuties. Your post today has taught me something. What you call biscuits we call scones - usually eaten with jam and cream as an afternoon tea treat. (Jam is what I believe you call jelly) ???? Anyway, I think what you call cookies are our biscuits. Crazy world isn't it ?

  22. Hi there, what lovely springtime pic's - I came accross your name on Rosy Little Things blog's comments!!

    I had a little violet plant growing in the lawn - I KNOW they're impossible to pick and arrange, so I dug it up and planted it in a little chipped jug - it looks lovely and the scent is to die for!!

    Kathy, FRANCE

  23. Spring is so beautiful where you live, gorgeous colors popping out everywhere. I am saying good-bye to my son David today as he heads back to school. Wah!!!! I miss him so much, but I do not miss the mess he makes. I am thinking about planting some flowers and maybe if it warms up a walk on the beach tomorrow.
    Hugs to you and Dayle,

  24. Your flower pictures are beautiful. I'm partial to those violets and the daffodils are so happy. :-). It looks like the boys are having a great time coking with Grandpa. I saw the bowls last week at Costco too and was tempted but I'm trying to simplify not buy more things. That's easier said than done. We missed you last night. I hope to see you again soon.

  25. Flowers...bowls and boys...all are so lovely today...especially the sweet faces of those BOYS! xoxo Hugs

  26. My goodness Teresa..I've just been catching up on your last two posts and almost forgot the time! I love the one showing all the vintage buttons. They're fabulous!
    Love your latest post and all your spring flowers are looking so pretty. Lovely pics of your grandsons having fun too...little ones love to be involved in the kitchen, don't they?
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  27. So envious of all your flowers! We get those violets in the spring, too, Teresa, but it seems a long way off until I see them!


  28. Hello Teresa Your flowers today are so gorgeous, I loved all your pictures, but most especially those beautiful violets....I really love those sweet little flowers and you are so lucky to have so many of them growing there! They make me want to get out my watercolour paints and try to capture them!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  29. We only have a few daffodils blooming around here...and maybe some crocus.Travis' Land Cruiser is awesome!

  30. We have lots of purple violets in our yard -- they are basically weeds. Once I saw a woman picking them and she looked so guilty when I went outside. lol I was glad for her to have as many as she wanted.


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