Friday, April 5, 2013

A Surprise Gift and Hayden Turns 5!

On Wednesday we picked up some fun balloons and headed to our son's house to help celebrate the birthday of our youngest son Travis' oldest son, Hayden.  Kristi made spaghetti and garlic bread for us all and she also made the cake, which was nummy!  She said Hayden wanted balloons on his cake. :-)
Happy Birthday to you! 
Then yesterday Dayle brought in a package from the mail lady and I went.. hmmm.. did I order something?  Then I opened the box and there was a very nice note from Susanne at Forget-Me-Not blog - and a sweet little gift of 2 hand crocheted dollhouse doilies and some miniatures that she said were duplicates so she sent them to me!  WOW!!  How sweet and generous!!  She hoped that I didn't have these same items and I don't, so these will look awesome in my dollhouse!  I especially am excited about the doilies as she made them and I don't have any in my dollhouse. :-)
There are the 2 doilies, a copper pot, a stainless frying pan, a little milk bottle, a little wooden piggy bank and a coffee grinder!  I have a grinder like this that I used for years to grind our coffee by hand.  Love it! 
Isn't this a pretty, tiny little doily?

*T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* Susanne!!  
I am on my last 2 rows of my shawl!  I want to wear it at my DAR meeting on Monday, so I am determined to finish it this weekend.  I'll show you the whole thing when it's done.  And so.. don't tell hubby.. but I ordered some cotton yarn from KnitPicks for a blanket I want to do... I've loved the soft pastel cotton blankets that Shari has made from Kashmere Kisses blog... so I put in an order and I want to try out their new line of bulky cotton yarn called "Billow".  I also ordered 1 skein of their "CotLin" which is a cotton and linen blend.  And a few other things... can't wait for the order to come.. it seems to take a LONG time. :-) 
I've been way too busy lately and we have a clear calendar for 3 days.. BLISS!  What do you have planned for the weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. Hayden! Love the cake your DIL made--good job!
    What great new items to add to your already awesome dollhouse...the mini doilies are gorgeous!
    This weekend's plans are dependent on the weather and how tired my hubby man is...I always have a ready 'to go' list in my mind, just in case:)
    Have a really nice weekend Teresa...
    Blessings, Aimee

  2. Happy birthday to your grandson Teresa, what a great cake. How kind to be sent those miniatures... I spotted that cute pig too ;0) Looking forward to seeing your finished shawl, such great shades. We also have a freeish weekend...bliss too x

  3. You have had so much to celebrate this week I can imagine three days unscheduled will be bliss of a little more restful kind :) A happy Hayden B'day, a WONDERful surprise package, your beautiful new shawl almost complete and new yarn on the way are a positive post report for certain! I just paid my taxes so in spite of the tremendous KP temptation I am telling myself I don't need more yarn...I don't need more yarn.... And I am determined to make progress on "your" shawl this weekend as well. It is right beside me in its basket as I type :)

  4. Happy birthday to Hayden! What an adorable cake. Those dollhouse miniatures are so cool. I love dollhouses and everything that goes in them. How fun. I hope I can have a dollhouse someday too. My grandmother had one when I was a child and I was in love with it.

  5. Susanne, is just the sweetest. Here she is having a difficult time and thinking about you, she is lovely, lovely and more lovely. I adore the little wooden pig. Happy Birthday to your boy, oh my he looks so excited. I just ordered yarn myself, from Annie's Attic for a shawl I have been eying a long time. I have had a rough week so I thought I deserved a bit of yarn, even though I bought some last Saturday. Love your shawl Teresa, you are going to look fantastic at your meeting.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Teresa, what a nice surprise from the mail girl!! Susanne was so kind and the items are so great. I love them all, I love miniatures, I think that's why I love the bunnies so much that I made for Easter! Something about tiny things, just makes me happy! You should be really HAPPY, and I know you are.
    Happy Birthday to Hayden, what a sweetie.
    Hope you have a blissful weekend and can't wait to see your shawl.

  7. Happy birthday Hayden. A great cake. Love your gifts. A girl can never have too much yarn. Have a great weekend. Love & hugs Anne x

  8. Happy birthday Hayden. A great cake. Love your gifts. A girl can never have too much yarn. Have a great weekend. Love & hugs Anne x

  9. Happy Birthday Hayden, brilliant cake!
    How lovely to see the sun making your beautiful flowers "glow", I do love pansies with their cheeky little faces.
    What a kind gift from Susanne, fabulous doilies.
    Hope you have a great weekend - you ask what what have we got planned - you've heard of rain dances? Well I think I need to practice a sun dance!
    Carol xx

  10. Oops, sorry Teresa, the pansies are on Jennifer's blog!

  11. You put your order in before me!!!! Don't you just love all those colors. I so wish I could have every single ball and in each color but that would cost me a penny or two. I hope the birthday boy had a great day....that cake sure does look delicious! and blogging friends are just the best, how sweet!
    Hugs, Shari xx

  12. Happy Birthday to Hayden! What a sweet cake with balloons! You always make me think I need a dollhouse when I visit here!

  13. What a great birthday Hayden had! Fun! I sure wish I had thought to make you tiny doilies. What a sweet & thoughtful gift. Your dollhouse is getting spiffed up for sure. I've been thinking of a cotton blanket like Sharis too. I love the calm pastels. I've been using so many brights in pillows & blankets that i think I'm ready for some quieter colors.

  14. I've been eyeing up that CotLin myself and I know what you mean about Knit Picks orders taking a while to arrive. I'm always anxiously awaiting my orders from them too. It seems like it always takes a week or so and that can seem like forever when your waiting for new yarn! Love your shawl and those cotton pastel blankets look so soft and pretty. Looks like a fun new project!!

  15. Awwwww, what a sweet treat from Susanne! Aren't surprises THE best? Teresa, the colors in that shawl are screaming my name! All my faves...can't wait to see it on you! Enjoy your bliss while it's quiet! Hugs, Annette

  16. Awww...that gift of little miniatures is so cute! What is it about tiny things that's so fascinating and fun?! Ooooh....I'd love to see your doll house. I started building and decorating one years ago but life got busy. I have an aunt that completed one. I think it even had little lights. So fun!

  17. I am going to have to get a catalog from Knitpiks! Your shawl is just beautiful Teresa! Can't wait to see it in it's full glory! I have put my dollhouse work on hold for a while. I have a doll house to start building too. I am such a procrastinator! Love the little crocheted doilies!~xo, Patti

  18. Happy 5th Hayden!! Cute miniatures and love the piggy and doiley's.

  19. Happy birthday Hayden. The cake is so sweet. And that little box of tiny goodies is sweet, too. Good luck getting your shawl done. Best wishes, Tammy

  20. Hayden is 5 already?!?! I can't wait to see what you make with that yarn...I popped over to her blog and she makes beautiful stuff.

  21. Happy Birthday, Hayden! Such a cute cake. The doll's house pieces are so lovely, perfect for your collection and such a thoughtful gift! Enjoy your shawl making, and your peaceful times!
    Helen x


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