Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shawl FINALLY Done and Garden Safari

Oh my goodness.. I'm FINALLY done with this shawl!  I wanted to wear it to my DAR meeting yesterday but made a pattern mistake on the 3rd to the last row and had to take it ALL out and do it over.  Then I made a mistake on the next row and had to take out from the middle back.  Then I started the last row and found a KNOT about a foot into it and decided to take it out and tie off at the edge instead.  Then I got the last row done and can you believe there was another factory knot 2 inches from the end?  GRRRR.  I'm starting to lose my love of this yarn due to factory knots.  ::deep breath::  Anyway.  I'm done.  
Even with all the trials and tribulations, I know I'm going to love this shawl.  I wear it like a scarf, and also over my shoulders when it's just a bit chilly.  The pattern is Ruby, it's a bit frustrating of a pattern, but I do love the results, especially the ruffly, lacy edging.  You can get the pattern here:  CLICK HERE
The yarn is Deborah Norville's Serenity Garden - color is "SEA".
Do you like the colors?
It kind of looks like a butterfly in the garden!
I am going to wear it this evening - it's Beth's birthday!
We are getting lots of eggs now.. so we had to boil up some and make egg salad.  I just love all the different colors! 
I thought I'd show you where the dollhouse is for now.. in our bedroom in the bay window.  It's fun to have it there. 
The Hostas are coming up.. I love them so much. 
And the Bleeding Heart is starting to bloom! 
My big white Azalea is starting to open, I planted a white Lilac next to it, for a "white garden".   
The white Lilac is just beginning to open.. I will have 3 colors of lilac soon - they make great bouquets! 
Oregon Grape flowers.. or Mahonia as it's know everywhere but Oregon.. :-) 
And the red Azalea is almost all open! 
The red leaf Japanese Maple is just starting to leaf out.
And I just had to share my 2 granddaughter's Easter photos.. Paige is 4 and Jenna is 8.   
One of them is a ham.. can you guess which one?


  1. Ficou muito lindo o xale.
    Adorei a cor.

  2. I LOVE the shawl! The color is absolutely gorgeous.

    Still no flowers here yet... but maybe soon! Thanks for sharing yours in the meantime. =)

  3. Oh, Teresa! Your shawl is gorgeous! You did a splendid job with it. I love the colors and it absolutely does look like a butterfly spread out that way. I'm sorry the yarn gave you headaches; I have been there and done that, let me tell ya. Your bed is just incredible, what a gorgeous piece of furniture. And all of your flowers look wonderful as do your beautiful granddaughters. What a lovely post.

  4. LOVE the shawl!! Sounds like you had a hard time finishing it up. I just hate that! I have never come across any knots with that yarn. You must have just gotten a bad skein. I bet they'd give you a coupon or send you some free yarn if you wrote them and bitched...it's worth a try. Love the colors of this one too. I still have four skeins of the earth colored ones to use. I'm sure it will end up being a shawl too. Way to persevere and finish it up. Looks like it was worth it!

  5. Your flowers are looking beautiful! And so do your granddaughters. And your shawl, gorgeous colors. Groetjes, Gerda

  6. Love those photos of the girls! They remind me of my granddaughters...in more ways than one:)
    Your shawl is wonderful...wow! Love the design, the colors, that awesome ruffled edge--beautiful!
    I have a lot of white in my garden too-but there is always room for more:)
    PS: Now you have me wanting to check my hostas and it is getting dark out there. Guess it will have to wait till tomorrow.

  7. Love the colour of yarn you choose for your shawl.
    And I am so envious that you have buds and blooms. We have snow here in Calgary.
    I miss Oregon!
    Take Care.

  8. Oooooh! So many pretties in this post! I love your shawl! The colors and pattern are beautiful! I like the ruffly edge too. Sorry to hear you had problems with knots. I've used that yarn a lot and I'm trying to remember if I've ever come across any....Hmmm?...I think I did on the last project but can't remember any other times. Hopefully, it's just a fluke because I love that yarn too. And...Wow!...SO many beautiful flowers! Is that your yard where you photographed your shawl? Gorgeous! And, your grand daughters are beautiful too. :-)

  9. Oh Teresa....where to begin? The shawl is absolutely magnificent! I adore the colors in this shawl! It does look like a beautiful butterfly in the garden all splayed out the way you have it shown. I love the ruffly edge on it too. So pretty! You will get a lot of use out of this pretty piece!!!
    Your four poster bed is so grand!!! And I love the doll house in there for you to enjoy!!
    It is fun to see what is "springing" up in gardens everywhere. Each zone so different from one another. Your photos are so pretty, and everything is always such a verdant green.
    Your little grand girls are adorable. Yes, you do have one with a bit of Sass!!! I bet you are counting the days til they come to stay with you!
    I have been quit absent from blogging lately, and I have missed all of my pals.

  10. Your shawl turned out beautifully. Will you wear it at lunch for us? The knots are sometimes a problem in the Softee baby yarn I use too. It can get very aggravating as you well know.
    Love your flower photos and your granddaughter "flowers" are the prettiest of all.
    See you tomorrow!

  11. Wow! That is some shawl. I don't think I would be able to keep all the rows straight. Looks great and your garden is so beautiful. The perfect place for a photo shoot! I can definitely tell which of the girls enjoys hamming it up. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  12. Stunning shawl, adore the colour. Wow to your garden, it's looking fabulous....spring has definitely sprung your way.
    Hope you enjoy the book....it seems to be getting a very positive response so far....I'm just over the moon about it.
    Hugs xx

  13. Gorgeous photos, Teresa!
    Your shawl is superb! I do love the colors!
    all the flower sin your garden are beautiful! how I wish I had such garden here, but these days it has become difficult to grow plants as it is about +36 C in day time! i need a break from this heat! and I found it in your post :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. It was well worth the effort, your shawl is gorgeous! Such beautiful pictures of the girls too :-) xxxx

  15. Your shawl is beautiful Teresa, just my colours. I totally love the colour of your bedroom walls too! All those beautiful flowers coming out, spring is so late here in UK! Fiona

  16. Teresa, I just spent quite a bit of time tonight weaving in the ends of a factory knot in my first skein of yarn in my shawl so I feel your pain. I untied the knot and used an embroidery needle to weave in the ends...a challenge!!! [ I am hopeful that I secured it well enough that I won't end up with a hole]
    Your new shawl is lush!!! And such beautiful pictures of it in your garden and of your garden and your granddaughters [eggs and dollhouse, too :)]
    Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

  17. Love the shawl Teresa,it is so beautiful. I have a thing about factory knots in yarn, the more expensive the yarn the more irritated I get. Beautiful flowers and beautiful granddaughters. They are growing up so fast. Have a great time today at lunch with the ladies.

  18. Beautiful shawl ! Love the edging :) Spring has sprung at your house ! Your granddaughters are adorable !

  19. Hi there Teresa, Just love your shawl and the colors are fabulous! It will go with so many colors! I can't believe all your flowers and trees in bloom, I want some.
    Now to those gorgeous girls, my have they grown. Paige is so cute and her hair has grown so long!! Jenna is so tall and looks so composed. I bet you are counting the days until their visit!!!! (and I bet they are TOO)
    Take care, xoRobin

  20. The shawl is gorgeous, but then I knew it would be :) I can't believe how big the girls are getting!

  21. The shawl is just beautiful!!!!

  22. Your butterfly in the garden is magnificent! All your spring colors are popping out beautifully. My host as haven't crowned yet...waiting anxiously! Your granddaughters...sooooo pretty!

  23. I am just loving all your spring blooms and the Ruby shawl is so pretty! That ruffled edging is beautiful!!! My Hostas are still buried deep beneath the snow. ;-( But those granddaughter's smiles are so infectious....that they are making me smile in spite of all my snow. They look so nice in their dresses. Oh and I love that canopy bed!!!!!!!!

  24. Your shawl turned out beautifully! But how frustrating it must have been with the knots.

    Love seeing your spring flowers. We still have only crocus.

  25. Loving all your pretties today! I knew that shawl would come out lovely...sorry for all the knots, dislike that also! Your granddaughters are "adorable". I can surely tell who is the "ham", very cute! Beautiful photos as always!
    Hugs, Shari

  26. Yes, the shawl is beautiful! I do love the colors and you did a fantastic job! Have fun wearing it! ~Hugs, Patti

  27. All so beautiful but especially the girls. x Anne


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