Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out To Lunch

Betsy was coming to Portland to see her daughter, so we quickly put together a blogger's girls lunch.  Gracie, Betsy & Taci and I.  Gracie and I brought our two Maggie bunnies to meet.  We had all brought little gifties... we chatted away and had a great time!

Betsy's sweater she made for her granddaughter. 

Glass cozy, Gracie.  Doily, Betsy.  Magnets, Taci. 

 The girls.
New Spring door wreath. 

My mid-century Corning pot I scored on Etsy. 

Our DIL Beth's birthday dinner at Gustav's German restaurant on Tuesday evening.
Okay - I must dash to volunteer at the falls.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I think it is so great that you have the chance to get together with blogging friends. That just adds another dimension to our blogging world. How lucky and wonderful to have those girls in your circle. Love the rabbits. You and Gracie did a great job.


  2. Gustav's sounds so good and I love your new spring wreath. Really wonderful that you girls get together :)

  3. You are all so darned cute I can't even stand it. I bet you all had just the best time. I love that the bunnies got to meet each other, and all those gifts are so nice. Blogging friends are the very best. Have a great day at the Falls,

  4. Yep, you are all darling together! Love seeing your lunches, and your treasures! Wish I could be there too!!
    Fun stuff going on in your world!!! Enjoy!
    xo Kris

  5. You're all so sweet having lunch together. That must be a lot of fun. And two Maggies along for the trip, how nice. Your wreath is very pretty and cheerful.

  6. The bunnies are so cute together! Love their little outfits and booties! I am off to see your finished shawl. I was trying to leave a comment the other day and my internet was acting up and couldn't do it. I am glad you had so much fun at your blog friend luncheon!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Yet another fun filled day with the best of friends....You all look so nice together. Your bunnies are just adorable, you both did a great job! also....on your wreath, very very pretty!
    Hugs, Shari

  8. Thank you for the great photos, Teresa! I really enjoyed our gathering and got ok fussing about what to post :) Also thank you for the beautiful eggs! I still have two left...did I tell you that I crush the shells and spread them in my front flower garden? Your wreath is so sunshiny! I think I should add some forsythia branches to my grapevine wreath as well :) Hope you had a wonderful day at the falls today!

  9. I love seeing your pictures of your lunches with the ladies. I get to have a little "I told you so" moment because I told you they were out there...I try not be feel smug because I didn't introduce you and I wasn't instrumental in any way, but I knew that you sweet lady would find your friends :) Hugs!!!

  10. What fun! Cute bunnies - new friends!

    The wreath is gorgeous. I have a twig wreath that I change up with the seasons - I think I will get some pretty silk flowers and try to make a spring wreath!

  11. Your bloggers lunches look like so much fun and I love how you take along little gifts. Aren't those bunnies cute? Teresa your scarf look gorgeous - is it your most recent FO ? xoxox

  12. How lovely to have a bloggers lunch Teresa. Enjoy the weekend, nearly there x

  13. You definitely have lots going on over there. Sure is nice that you and the girls are able to meet up so often. Am I right that tonight you are getting together at Taci's place? The bunnies you and Gracie made are adorable. Lots of bloggers have been making them with such sweet results. Love the Spring wreath.

    As for the muffins, I always use the same recipe and then just throw in extras. You can find it here:

    This time I only used 1 banana and chopped up dried strawberries.

    Omit the banana and put in grated lemon zest, a TBS of lemon juice and blueberries. Really yummy!

    Or switch out the milk for orange juice and add dried cranberries and coconut.

    Or add 1/2 can of pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices.

    Very versatile. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Another fabulous gathering with the girls. You all look to be having a hoot.

  15. Well how did I miss your post yesterday? I must have been busy yarn shopping with Miss Piper. I found yarn to start my shawl tonight, although it's not the same brand you used. :-(
    So much fun we had Wednesday and now knit-night at Taci's tonight! Yippee!
    Beautiful wreath and your new eBay find is great. Thank you again for the eggs, I had two for breakfast today.

  16. Love your spring wreath Teresa--one of the nicest ones I have seen!
    What beautiful handmade items and you know I have been eagerly awaiting the meeting of the Maggies:)
    Have a great time tonight knitting!
    PS:Great photo of you ladies!

  17. Wonderful times you have with friend's like Gracie and your family too.
    Told her I love the bunnies ☺ Your chook eggs are amazing!
    xo wendy in oz

  18. Loving the corning dish and can't wait to now see your teapot x

  19. Theresa was so fun to read about your bloggers lunch and see all the gifts your girls shared! I think I would have also enjoyed going to Gustav's. :) Yum Hope the birthday celebration was a grand one.

  20. Lovely photographs of the 'girls' at lunch Teresa. Lovely gifts you gave to each other. The Spring wreath is so pretty. Lovely photo of you and your lovely family as well. Love and Hugs Anne x


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