Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beachy Fun

We are having fun at the beach for my birthday trip!  Our son Travis met us on the road down with his wife Kristi and 2 boys Hayden & Caleb - then helped us get the big trailer parked at the RV park.. right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean!  The lighthouse below is Yaquina Head.
Then on Monday my younger sister Denise arrived and was booked into the same hotel as our son's family.  This is a photo of the boys horsing around wearing grandpa's tshirts when they went for a walk on the beach and got their clothes wet.  :-)
Here is everyone on the beach looking for agates.  Dayle fell down on the way down there and pulled the wound open on his hand.. it started bleeding again, but he's okay.  
This is Caleb.. my little mer-man.
We went to lunch at Georgies Grill in Newport and afterwards drove down to Seal Rock to have ice cream.
I'm a nut for lighthouses.. 
There are bird nesting rocks all around this lighthouse.. these are cormorants.
Pretty.. huh?
A rare contemplative moment for Caleb, who is usually in perpetual motion.  :-)
Grandpa LOVES to feed the grandkids, he made maple sausage and our fresh eggs - and chocolate milk. :-)
Our moon is 3/4 full and I got this shot of it last evening.
This is my DIL Kristi.. she is a beachcomber extraordinaire.  
I enjoy seeing waves backlit by the sunshine.
Kristi made my birthday cake, a zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting.. yum!  The boys sang happy birthday to me.
This morning we awoke to a cloudless sunny day.. this is the view from the door of our trailer.
Look at the treasure trove of agates and shells that Kristi found.. we figure about a quart and a half of beautiful rocks!!  And she gave them all to me!
A pint jar filled.. and a plastic pan half full!  My sister gave me 12 of these Ball jars, they are a limited edition of new jars to commemorate the old aqua blue ones.
Kristi found 3 pieces of beach glass.. green, brown and this big clear one!
This was the biggest score of agates ever and they are on the beach right in front of our trailer!
We're thinking of getting a rock polisher for them.

Sunset last night was nice and colorful.  The kids are heading home in an hour.  We've sure enjoyed having them all here!  Talk to you soon... ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a totally perfect and fun few days you've had for your birthday! I'm so jealous. Wish I had some of those rocks and glass...AND a beach to go to. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Wonderful pictures Teresa and good family fun time for you all, even buddy ☺
    Love the rocks, such a lovely assortment.

    wendy in oz

  3. It looks like you're having a wonderful trip and a very happy birthday! I love seeing a granny stripe afghan in your trailer, so cheerful and homey. I'd love to be able to travel that way someday, and I'll fill it up with crocheted items. Ha! :)

  4. I could go for the beach and an ice cream right about NOW! xoxo

  5. Wow! I AM SO JEALOUS!!! We never seem to get those cloudless days when we're in Lincoln City. We have another friend there this week and he's enjoyed texting us and telling us how beautiful the weather is. :-)
    I'm also amazed at the beautiful agates you've collected. Such fun you're having Teresa. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for taking us to some of my very favorites places on this earth. Send us more pictures!

  6. Perfect pictures....I feel like I have been there with you, thanks :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! all week long, Teresa:-)

  7. We are so lucky to live near the coast.
    My poor sis in minnesota is still fighting snow.
    I think tomorrow will be 80'.
    Great photos!

  8. Happy birthday!! Looks like such a wonderful time..zucchini cake what does that taste like? Now you got me thinking.....

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And what a wonderful way to spend it. Camping on the edge of the Pacific Ocean must be amazing. The views are breathtaking as usual! And little Caleb has the most amazing head of curly hair!! What a cutie!

  10. Happy Birthday Teresa! When is the actual day? What a great way to celebrate too! Poor Dayle....ouch!!! He needs to be careful!!!! I loved the pictures of the boys in Grandpa's tee shirts. All of the grandkids loved to wear my Dad's when we were there to swim, or they stayed overnight unexpectedly. Such a cozy thing!
    Wowie, that is a great haul from the beach!!! So fun!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay!
    xo Kris

  11. Happy birthday Teresa!! Such gorgeous pictures, the light is precious at the seaside! Have a wonderful time :-) xxxx

  12. You've obviously had a fantastic day Teresa ...... happy birthday from me too. Did you tell whoever made your cake that they had the numbers back to front ? xoxox

  13. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Teresa, what a glorious setting for it and how lovely to have your family join you there. Your grandsons had a whale of a time and I am very jealous of all those agates your DIL found you..what beauties. They would look gorgeous tumble polished. Have a safe journey home.
    Jane x

  14. Yay!we must both be Taureans. Happy Birthday indeed. Your pictures are party perfect xx

  15. One of my favorite family vacations was to Seaside for a week. So much fun was had by all:) What kind of camera are you using to get such a great shot of the moon? I have tried several times, but have never had that success. Love it and the sunset picture.

  16. Happy Birthday Dear Teresa!!!!! I am so glad you are having a great time on your Birthday trip. I love the agates, so gorgeous, your weather looks amazing and the time with your family is perfect. Enjoy,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ( can you tell I was singing?) I hope you had a wonderful day....what a perfect place to celebrate!

  18. Your pictures are amazing. It is truly beautiful where you are. Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday wishes to you dear friend. The photos are lovely.

    Blessings always

  20. Happy Birthday Sweet Lady!!! It looks like a perfect one.

    I do love a good lighthouse as well. When I was younger, I wanted to live in one.

  21. It's so beautiful there! I love sea glass and agates - I'm a wee bit jealous. Happy Birthday!!


  22. Birthday blessings to you dear one! I am SO happy that you are out and enjoying the beach during our wonderful spring (more like summer) weather! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy BUT NO MORE accidents for that hubby man of yours.
    Blessings always,
    PS: I LOVE lighthouses, backlit waves and agates too...oh and did I say time with grandkiddos in paradise:)

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERESA!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful setting for a birthday celebrate and such beautiful weather. Love all your pictures but that moon is striking. Curly top is soooo cute and both seem like such nice and fun to be with kinda kids! Both you continue to have good weather and lots of happy moments.
    Dayle be careful walking : )

  24. You have had a wonderful birthday Teresa just the sort I like. Many, many Happy Returns. My DS is 35 on Sunday and DH has his birthday next Tuesday. Some lovely celebrations for us as well.
    Your GS 's are so delightful. Love the beautiful stones you all found.
    We had a beautiful sunny day in the garden yesterday but much duller, colder today with a little rain. Enjoy the rest of your time away. Hugs Anne x

  25. WOW! That looks like a fabulous holiday..and such a blue sky.
    Stunning as always
    Hugs x

  26. Dear Theresa,

    Happy Birthday to You !
    I wich you many and many others fantastics days, in a very very very long life....
    With always a good health, and all your nice family near you.

    Read you soon.

  27. A very happy birthday to you, what a wonderful time you are having with your family. Poor hubby, hope he is ok after his fall.

    The beach looks wonderful, a bit like the UK.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  28. Happy Birthday to you dear Teresa. You are lovely and I hope your new year brings you many wonderful things. XOXO

  29. What a perfect birthday trip. Happy Birthday! I love the lighthouse and I especially love the sunset. I hope you have a wonderful week.



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