Monday, April 1, 2013

Great Day & Happy Anniversary Honey!

Hello!  How was your Easter?  We had the BEST EVER day!  In my entire life, this was the sunniest, warmest Easter!  We had all the windows and doors open and the house was all tidy and ready, so while we waited for the kids to arrive, I played the piano and sang my Mom's favorite song - "You Are My Sunshine" - and my sweetie sang with me.  When the kids did arrive, they could hear the piano music and singing inside. :-)
Here is Dayle's 19 lb. ham coming out of the oven.  
The kids love collecting the eggs.. and they brought up one of the Ameracauna eggs and it was HUGE!  Amazing for a young chicken who's just begun to lay! 
While we were getting dinner ready to dine al fresco on the deck, the boys were riding their quads around the pasture.  
I was very pleased to see that my Hibiscus gave me a bloom on Easter! 
Our oldest son's wife Beth was getting acquainted with her new dirt bike. 
Dinner is served!  We dined outside because it was perfect weather! 
The kid's table. :-) 
Then an Easter egg hunt for the 3 youngest boys!   
The boys had fun. 
Grandpa made sure they all got equal eggs :-) 
It was also Caleb's 4th birthday celebration!!  Hayden is also 4 for a few more days, then on Wednesday he'll turn 5.  We are giving them a trip to a big water park for their gift. 
Kristi was trying to catch a big frog in the pond to show the kids. 
Then more quad riding.. our sons changed a setting on this little quad so it would only go so fast and the 4 year olds rode it around and around, taking turns.. they had a BLAST!
I had them all pose with their Easter stuffed animals we gave them and with grandpa.. I love these boys! 
Little 4 year old (he was 3 just yesterday morning!) having fun. 
Michael on the dirt bike telling Gabe how to re-start the Raptor quad. 
The guys starting the quad.. it wasn't starting easy. 
Travis giving Hayden a ride on the fast quad. 
Kristi taking their VW bus up the hill... :-)  Travis had to bring it back down. 
Travis and Caleb.. love this shot of them in the late afternoon light on the barn. 
This is a fast post as it's our Anniversary - some more fun stuff to show you tomorrow.  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your weather certainly looks glorious! What a perfect day.

  2. Teresa, so nice to see you had such a wonderful Easter!!! Happy Anniversary to you both : ) What are you guys up to now?!?
    Largest ham I've ever seen!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Teresa and your hubby. It looks like there was plenty to eat and loads of fun on Easter in your neck of the woods.



    We had a wonderful Easter celebration as well...our windows were wide open and our family spent time outside, too:)

    Thanks for all the sunny photos.


  5. A wonderful day and Happy Anniversary Teresa!!
    Pouring with rain here so these are much needed snaps lol

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Looks like you had a great Easter. Wow...that blue egg is so big and so pretty. The hibiscus blossom is gorgeous. What a beautiful area you live in. It was fun to see the VW bus in the one photo. We used to have one and have great memories from traveling in it.

  7. HaPpY aNnIvSaRy!!! I hope today was as wonderful for you as yesterday was. Beautiful pictures. It was amazing weather for March wasn't it? Sounds like a change is coming, here at least, but I'm determined to enjoy every bit of nice weather while it's here.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Dayle! What a lovely post! Such great family fun! And what a nice sunny day you had. The photos of the farm and pasture are just gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday to the boys! Have fun celebrating your marriage!!

  9. What a perfect day, such fun!! Happy Anniversary! :-) xxxx

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    Our Easter was a complete contrast to yours - one of the coldest ever recorded but now the sun is trying really hard to chase away the cold. Wonderful photos, looks such a happy day.
    "You are my Sunshine " is one of my favourites too, my Nan used to sing that and "Only 5 mins more" as she cuddled me before bedtime.
    Hope you are spoiling each other.
    Carol xx

  11. What an Easter celebration! And birthdays and an anniversary, wow! How nice. You really did have a big ham! The food looks great. I love seeing that huge egg too; we're just starting to think about getting a couple of chickens ourselves. This was a very nice post. Happy anniversary!

  12. Beautiful post, beautiful Eater and Happy Anniversary to you and Dayle. Hope you two do something fantastic to celebrate.

  13. Happy anniversary. You all look so apply . I am glad to share it

  14. Happy Anniversary Teresa, I hope you and Dayle have a wonderful day celebrating.What amazing weather you had for Easter, great to see your sunny photos,
    Jane x

  15. It looks as though you had a wonderful time with family as we did Teresa. However we were well and truly indoors- it is still very cold here. There was some sunshine today though. Happy Anniversary. Love and Hugs Anne x

  16. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Your weather looks marvelous. Love seeing all the plush green grass! We had snow, wind and cold so your post is most appreciated. And that big blue egg is amazing!!

  17. Between you and Kris, I think it's a tie for family fun. What a great looking bunch you have up northwest too. I can't beleive how fast spring has sprung there. Actually, starting to look forward to getting home to see if we have anything popping. But first let me enjoy another day in the sun at the beach.

  18. OH MY GOODNESS...what a egg! and that Ham looks divine. Looks like you all had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to the big boy! Garrett will also turn five this year, in May....they are at a fun age! Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope you have a very lovely day!
    Shari xx

  19. Well it looks like you had a perfect Easter :)

  20. I love this post Teresa, it's so great to see you all enjoying your beautiful farm together, really warms the heart.


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