Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter! And the 6 Day Bunny

I want to wish a Happy Easter to you and your family.  We are getting things ready today for a family dinner here on the farm with our sons and their families.  We have a huge ham and will have glazed carrots, cheesy potato bake, corn casserole and sourdough rolls.  After dinner there will be some egg hunting in the farm yard.  The weather is simply amazing!  Not a cloud in the sky and very warm.. it's 73 and will be that again tomorrow!  I noticed that our Trilliums are in bloom and hubby trekked up into the forest and snapped me these photos.  Aren't they wonderful? 
And so, I wish you a lovely day and I hope you tell me all about it!
And now.. to finish the bunny.  She needed boots.  Here is the first one.  Oh my goodness, it was a trial and a tribulation to sew these up properly!  I had to take stitches out and start over a time or two.  
The second one was easier as I learned what NOT to do on the first.  Isn't that always how it is?
Day 5 saw both shoes done and the last thing to make was the capelet.  The color of yarn that came with my kit was a muted sage green.  I discussed this with my friend Shirley and we decided I needed a brighter shade - so I went shopping in my "studio" (yarn hoarding room) and I found the most lovely shade of raspberry in a Debbie Bliss Andes - 65% baby alpaca and 35% mulberry silk.  Nothing is too good for this bunny!  I got the yarn in a swap from a lady in England from the Ravelry group - "We Love Lucy". :-) 
Is this luscious.. or what?  Sweetie held the hank of yarn while I lovingly wound it into a ball.  I know the ball winders are handy, but there really isn't anything as homey and pretty as a hand wound ball of yarn.
Day 6.. the finishing of the knitted capelet.  I learned a new technique, knitting a curve. Such soft yarn!
 Almost done.. knit knit.. talked to my daughter in Ohio for a few hours while knitting.
It's not perfect.. and goodness.. seeing the nose close up is embarrassing.. but she's done by hand and that's how handwork goes.  :-)
Maggie (her name for now) modeled a bit.  Dayle surprised me with this big bunch of flowers when he went shopping for the Easter dinner things.. isn't he sweet?
 Taking in some sun under the giant daffodils by the pond. :-)
 On the sitting rock by the waterfall.  
And good news.. both of our new chickens are laying as we've had two of these aqua beauties a day!  The bad news is Hershey and Buffy have gone broody and have stopped laying.  Dayle keeps removing them from the nest and putting them in the chicken yard - but it hasn't stopped them yet.  Does anyone know a tried and true method of getting them to stop being broody?  
OK, I have some housework to do.. so off I go.. have a GREAT day tomorrow!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy easter to you and your family Teresa.
    Love the bunny and wonderful boots you made.
    All your photo's as always are great ☺☺
    Quiet easter here as just back from a weeks holiday

  2. You have a lovely day planned, hope the sun shines for you. Beautiful Trilliums and Maggie (why did I think she was called Millie?) is a gorgeous rabbit dressed in her perfect outfit.
    Enjoy your family Sunday.
    Carol xx

  3. Happy Easter Teresa..Sounds like beautiful weather in your part of the world. It was pretty nice here in Ohio today. We had part 1 of our Easter today with our 3 grands and our youngest son and tomorrow we will have another dinner with our oldest son. He had to work today but will be here tomorrow. You have to take them when you can get them! Your bunny is just the cutest thing! My favorite photo is the one by the water and the rocks. I know nothing about chickens but my next door neighbors just got some so I am sure I am in for a learnng experience! Enjoy your holiday! ~Hugs, Patti

  4. Maggie is a beauty! I think she really likes it by the waterfall. You did a great job with her. Happy Easter to you and your family, Teresa!

  5. The bunny has turned out so cute. I love the ears! Happy Easter to you!

  6. Maggie is beautiful! She looks quite at home in her chair modeling for you and ready for a hike in her new boots and cape. So sweet. Hubby and I spent the day at the lake de-winterizing the trailer, turning on the fridge and taking food out. Tomorrow after church we're heading back out there to grill pork chops for lunch and then I'm staying for two nights while hubby works. Poor man. It was absolutely perfect weather there today. 68 degrees and not a cloud to be seen. Yippee!
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family Teresa.

  7. Maggie is adorable, precious, sweet, cute and frankly lovely. Well done. Happy Easter to you and Dayle and Maggie too of course.

  8. Well done Teresa - your bunny looks fantastic. I love her little chair too. I'm always interested to hear about your dinners and am wondering about the corn casserole? Can you tell me how you make it please - I don't think I've heard of anyone here having that and it sounds nice. All my family are away and I'm here alone but I don't mind my own company. I'm about to have a seasoned chicken sandwich for lunch and will probably just have steak and veggies (small potato, carrot, broccoli, tomato and peas) for dinner tonight.

  9. Teresa,
    The bunny is just darling! Love the capelet, and the color you chose. I hope you had a lovely time with the family today.
    Happy Easter!
    xo Kris

  10. Oh, the boots and caplet are darling on this precious little Maggie bunny! And the little chair is so cute! You're lucky to have such nice weather for Easter. Sounds perfect for an egg hunt. :-)

  11. Happy Easter Teresa and what perfect weather you have there...gosh it looks glorious. Maggie has come out so well,those boots are very cute and I agree the pink shawl really finished her off. She looks as though she is looking after all those other bunnies on your table. Enjoy the egg hunt, your boys will have such fun romping around your farm. What lucky boys to have all that land to explore. I hope you got all that housework done so that you are free to have a restful day. Jane x

  12. Miss Maggie is just simply adorable. I can tell you are having fun with her, the pictures are so sweet and those boots.....tooo cute!!
    Wishing you and Dayle and wonderful Easter Sunday!!
    Big Hugs,Shari xx

  13. Your bunny is adorable!!! and no need to get out the dye for those lovely eggs....Many Easter Blessings to you my friend....xoxo

  14. Miss Maggie is too cute. Loved the picture of her outside sunning herself! We have real little bunnies scampering all over the yard here. The other day we stood and watched two of them hop right across the patio in front of us. Will lay out more lettuce for them tonight, as they will be tired from today's festivities. Enjoy your Easter and family.

  15. Your work is so lovely. What a lovely surprise ans special time for everybody. Easter blessings to you all xx

  16. Your bunny is absolutely adorable and marvelous! What a neat hand-made treasure you have created! I can't tell you how much I love it. It's priceless! I love, love, love the boots you made her...totally worth any hassle you went through, and I also love that you incorporated a bit of crochet into the making of her. Way to go, Teresa!

    Hope you had a nice Easter. Nice and quiet around here. I've been working on the last round of a doily ALL FREAKIN' DAY! I bet I've ripped it out five times, at least, and it's a BIG doily with a loooong last row. Now I remember why I didn't finish it over two years ago when I started it. It's just a challenge now. I'm not going to bed until it's done, and that's all there is to it. Grrrr...

  17. Your Miss Maggie Rabbit looks perfect to me, Teresa! Seeing her capelet now I think my curve is on the bottom rather than the top... I may have to rip it out one more time... I think the color yarn I picked is close to yours. It is a bargain wool silk skein my kids bought me for my birthday. Hasn't this weather been fabulous!!! We have had a great day in and out. Little Molly and Hayley picked a bouquet of daffodils for me this morning, so my room smells heavenly. I want to go hunt for Trilliums out in our woods; yours are so pretty. Looking forward to hearing about your day and hope to visit with you soon :)

  18. Your adventure with Maggie the bunny has made me think about buying a kit. So I went to her website and it all sold out. Maybe I'll get something else or wait till later when she has ore. Lovely!
    You are so creative and talented :)

  19. Hi Teresa, your bunny is fab, mine is finally finished an took aaaaages too! The weather looks beautiful with you and all seems fresh and green, I'm envious as its cold and a bit dull here. Still, I am jetting off somewhere hot and sunny tomorrow! Hope you all had a lovely Easter.
    Hen xxx

  20. She is perfect! Her little capelet is so pretty in that shade!

    Thanks for showing us the finished bunny!

  21. Hello Teresa This post- and the previous one- really made me smile! You are sooo creative, you seem able to make anything you decide to do! I loved your bunny making story, and you have done a lovely job! Great pictures too, and the flowers are beautiful! I also loved seeing the close up of your ripple blanket as I have just started one :) Hope you and your family had a very happy Easter weekend.
    Helen x

  22. Maggie Bunny turned out perfect---love her! And the photo by your waterfall of her is adorable...looks like she had a very busy weekend:)
    Your trilliums are SO's funny but I was looking at trilliums several hours south of you--in the forest too--on Saturday. Ours, at home though, are still not in bloom...sigh, but both of our bleeding hearts are!
    Glad you had a nice Easter.
    PS: LOVED your choice of the raspberry for Maggie's capelet--perfection!

  23. OK, so I think my favorite part of your bunny are those boots...too cute! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


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