Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny Making

I've been working on my bunny that I bought from Alicia Paulson at Posy Gets Cozy blog for days!  It's really pretty funny as first I bought the kit, then I had to buy a sewing machine so I could sew her dress, then we had to go to Walmart yesterday to buy an iron as we lost our old one.. (blush).. and a table top ironing board so I could iron the dress.  I figure this bunny has cost us about $500.  :-)  I took the bunny out for a photo shoot at Multnomah Falls today while I was volunteering there in the Visitors Center (when I went to get an Chai tea for Shirley and a mocha for me.. 
But I'm ahead of myself.. here I am, surrounded by my trusty assistants, Lucy the cat and Buddy the dog, reading the directions, cutting out the parts and blanket stitching the ears, the body with gusset, the legs and arms...
Here is my blanket stitching, I tried to do fine small work, it turned out pretty well. 
Success, one ear on the body, embroidered eyes and whiskers added.  And Dayle's feet. 
Body done.. except the nose! Day 2 of efforts. 
OK.. now make me a dress, I'm tired of being naked! 
But I love my ears.  See all that blanket stitching!? 
Day 3.. cutting out the dress pattern.  Now, I'm not an expert seamstress, so I was a bit stressed about this step... 
OK, I can do this... 
OK, I plugged it in, and the iron in.. turned on the light... filled an empty bobbin with mauve thread, tried 3 times to bring up the bobbin thread, read book, turned the fly wheel towards me instead of away from me and gee.. doing it right worked! :-)  Here I am ready to sew my first hem on the first sleeve! 
Maggie bunny watching me and hoping that I hurry with the dress, she's cold.  New iron from Walmart, $7.95.. :-)  New ironing board, $9.95.  LOL! 
I'm sewing.. yay! 
 Dress sewn and pressed flat!  OMG.. can this be?
Next was sewing elastic around the neck and both arms and embroidering an nose!  See me!  I'm at the falls!  I have clothes!  I worked on the boots all day while volunteering.  Maggie met people from all over the world!  OK, she needs boots and THEN.. and THEN.. I have to knit a little "capelet" for her.  With my size 8 faux tortoise shell knitting needles from Australia.  I don't do anything easy, do I?
Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls. 
When I got home from the falls, hubby had the top down on his Thunderbird convertible and said.. wanna go for a ride?  Sure, sweetie!  I asked for him to slow down by the Star Magnolia for me to get a shot of one of the blooms that are open... oh so pretty! 
Obligatory shot of Vista House and the gorge - on our ride. 
I was happy to see that they've begun to work on fixing Viewpoint Inn (it was where the prom scene was filmed in the first Twilight movie). 
Dayle took us for a turn around Vista House.  I love this building, that is Washington State across the Columbia River Gorge from us.  (We're in Oregon) 
I snapped this photo yesterday as we drove down the Sandy River Gorge, the sun was shining, we had the windows open and a wild cherry tree was in bloom on the riverside!
I glanced over at my sweetie the other day and there he was holding Buddy "like a baby". Isn't that cute?
I will finish the bunny boots and knit her shawl tomorrow and do a final bunny photo shoot.  I am keeping this bunny myself.. I hope to make some more.  Dayle went shopping today while I was at the falls and brought home a huge whole smoked ham for Easter dinner and the ingredients for corn casserole, and we're trying a new recipe for "cheesy potato casserole", glazed carrots and sourdough rolls.  We have a boatload of Easter goodies for the boys.. oh boy!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

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  1. Had to laugh about how much it cost you to get that bunny made but when I saw her, I knew she was worth it. You seem to be able to turn your hand to anything Teresa - very clever lady !! Love the pic of Dayle and Buddy. Happy Easter xoxox

  2. Love your bunny! Sooo cute! You did a great job.

  3. Your bunny is precious! She turned out beautifully. I'm so glad you're having the chance to use your new machine. The new iron looks good too! I would love to have a new one, maybe I'll look at that model next time I'm at WM. My favorite thing about your photos is that there's something crocheted in almost all of them! Your house must be so cozy. I just love visiting your blog, Teresa. :)

  4. Maggie-Multnomah Falls' newest volunteer hostess! LOVE've got to send Alicia a photo or link--she looks terrific so far and very much at home by Oregon's best known waterfall:)
    Beautiful photos as always and you made my day when you showed them repairing the Viewpoint Inn!
    Have a great weekend; I know I will.
    PS: I can hardly wait to see your finished addition to being the newest volunteer for Multnomah Falls, she would make an exceptional Columbia River Gorge ambassador.

  5. Love the bunny Teresa! She's so cute! I think $500 is a very reasonable price for her. lol. Buddy and Lucy seem very interested in their new playmate. Beautiful pictures around the Gorge today. What a fun drive and in a convertible too! Lucky you.
    I'm looking forward to lunch again in a week or so. I just wish it didn't take so long to drive to Portland. :-)
    You asked on my blog about Alex visiting. We're planning to fly him home in August for two weeks. I can't wait to see him again. By then it will be 23 months, almost two years since I hugged him last. Too long to go without seeing your baby no matter how old he is.
    Happy Easter my friend.

  6. The sweetest bunny ever Teresa!!!
    Loved seeing you work on her!
    XO Kris

  7. Well just when I think I have read my favorite post of yours, you produce another one that is my favorite, Teresa :)

    Your Miss Maggie is very elegant and much more evenly stitched than mine. Well done! But even though the glitches in my stitches are glaringly obvious to me, the girls in my household are admiring her. I ended up stitching my Miss Maggie's dress by hand because I have such angst about threading sewing machines :( I am very proud of you for using your new sewing machine so beautifully!

    I loved your photos...especially of Buddy and Lucy and Dayle and I hope that you and yours have a very blessed Easter celebration. I continue to treasure our friendship. Can we and our Maggies get together next week?

    Love with hugs from,

  8. Hope you and yours have a Happy the cute bunny, well done you.
    Hugs xx
    PS i do pop in and don't always comment but i amm around hehe x

  9. Aww she turned out so cute, and excellent stitching, great job! Happy Easter :-) xxxx

  10. I had to laugh at all your expenses Teresa but the sewing machine is such a gorgoeus treasure. Your bunny turned out fab and looks fun hopping into all those photos. Have a very Happy Easter with your family, Jane x

  11. She is beautiful, made with love and care. Happy Easter.
    Carol xx

  12. Delightful post as usual, Teresa! your bunny turned out so nicely!
    have a wonderful day ahead!

  13. So, so cute. Great job and I can't wait to see her all finished. Bet you had fun with your new little sewing machine. It's perfect for a project like this. Carry on.

  14. Your bunny is so sweet! And you finished just in time for Easter! I'm glad to see they are repairing Viewpoint...such a pretty spot, but then I think most of your surroundings are a pretty spot. Have a lovely Easter!

  15. Miss Maggie is a delight. I love the step by step pictures and had a good laugh at how much she really cost. She is adorable and you are right I did miss buying her but I will try and get the next kit when it comes out. I love that you are keeping her for yourself, you deserve her. Happy Easter Teresa, I know you will have a yummy day with little boys running all over having a great time.
    Hugs to you and Dayle,

  16. A Maggie play group.
    This weekend is supposed to be in the 70's.
    I look forward to more Maggie photoshoots.

  17. Your bootless bunny has already seen and done more than some people. Ha! She sure turned out cute. You are the third blogger I've seen who is working on one. I don't sew at all, but have plans to crochet a few more bunnies today. I better get to work. Have a great day. Tammy

  18. Fabulous Bunny makingTeresa!!!! It's a riot about the price tag hahaha, sounds like something I would do!!! I hope you have a happy, fun and bless it Easter.

  19. Teresa, you crack me up! She is the most adorable bunny ever!! so sorry it cost you $500 to make her though....she was well worth it!
    Hope you and your family have a very enjoyable Easter Holiday!
    Hugs to you, Shari

  20. Ahhhh, another one that starts a small little project and ends up investing many dollars to achieve it. We crafters are all the same. I love your new bunny friend! I bought a couple of bunnies like this many years ago (already made and dressed) and told myself back then that someday I would make my own. Someday hasn't come yet...but with my sewing machine I got for Christmas, who knows! I'd have to stop crocheting long enough to accomplish that, however. I laughed at Dayle's feet in your we all know that he has nice CLEAN white socks. Tee hee hee. Your photos of the beauty that surrounds you are wonderful. Love that magnolia!

  21. That bunny is too cute. I love seeing pics of the falls, just never tire of them. You are so lucky to have Dayle do the shopping!

  22. She looks great, Teresa! I can't start my little bunny until I go to Hartford. And I have to buy some of the supplies. I can't wait to make her! You've inspired me.

    Don't you love the purr of your Featherweight?


  23. I hope you plan on amortizing the cost over several bunnies.

    Love that Buddy he is a cutie!

  24. Love the bunny! And that fabric, oh my. Anything in the purple family makes me swoon. Your post was great, I love how the cost of the bunny keeps going up! :) But now you have the equipment to make lots more. Have a wonderful Easter with your family.


  25. Awww...your bunny is so cute! I love it! What a pretty sewing machine you have too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Great Bunny, gorgeous pics and buddy looked very happy with Dale ☺☺

  27. Such a sweet bunny Teresa. Glad I'm not the only one that ends up spending a fortune for the sake of craft project :-) bunny wl worth it though. Happy Easter. Love&hugs Anne x

  28. Love your bunny! And sewing with that singer machine must be very pleasing. It just looks so neat....I love the old singers!!!

  29. What a wonderful week you've had Teresa. Loved following along on the story of you making your bunny. Gorgeous sewing machine. You did a great job!
    Love hen xxx

  30. Good morning Teresa...Oh my goodness, I've been laughing all the way through this post...Maggie Bunny is fab...(even if she was a little on the expensive side!) And now you have your gorgeous sewing machine too...
    Beautiful pics as always,
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend with your fanily,
    Susan x

  31. Oh my goodness! Love that bunny!!!

  32. That was the first good laugh I have had in a few days, the part where you wrote that the bunny has only cost $500, lol. Funny how things just snowball and one thing leads to another. It reminded me of years ago when my sister-in-law wanted her first real house. She swore if she got her own house she would never ask for anything else, well, next she needed carpet and then curtains and I guess you can see where this is all going, lol. You bunny is adorable and I don't blame you one bit for wanting to keep her for yourself, you should. As usual you have a lot of beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing them with us. Happy Easter to you and your family.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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