Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sisters + Friends = Love

In my last post I mentioned going to a restaurant named "Trees" with my 2 sisters and sister-friend Shirley.  It's a fun place, kind of hidden and it's off a deck surrounded by forest so you feel like you're in a treehouse.  We got a new waiter and we had to laugh, he got so many things wrong with our order it was funny.  I did good with my new healthy eating program, having salad with dressing on the side and cedar plank roasted salmon with a dill rub on top of the salad.  I used only a tiny bit of dressing.  :-)
This is the dining room.  It's in Sherwood, OR.
Afterwards we went to the nursery Shirley found called the "Corner Garden" - home of the worlds largest hanging basket.  I was looking forward to seeing that and I was not disappointed!  It's below and the edge of the basket is above my head!  Remember the tiny hanging basket Shirley gave me for my birthday?  This is made just like that only gigantic!  (The chimpanzee on the side is life-size but not real.)
It was a great nursery and had the most fun thing - the curtains hanging above were indicative of what color flowers were.  Clever, huh? 
The owner made us each a hot mocha and delivered them to us in porcelain cappuccino cups!  I loved this pretty petunia!
After visiting the nursery I had to take my car into the Ford dealership service as something was wrong... no power.. 2 hours and $400 later, I was on my way home. :-)  

Yesterday I spent time getting all my things ready for the Oregon State Society - Daughters of the American Revolution - State Conference.  I will be singing in the chorus and Friday I've been asked to lead the National Anthem in front of 200-250 people.  ::gulp::  Not only that our President General of DAR will be attending.  Big doings!  I will take some photos.. but you knew that. :-)

Today I met my beloved fellow bloggers for lunch, Gracie, Taci & Betsy at Boccelli's restaurant in Gresham.  It's really amazing how neat it is to be able to talk with fellow bloggers and crafters - we "get" each other!  We showed projects we're working on and then we pulled out some little gifties we'd brought.  I got a kick out taking a photo of Gracie and Taci taking photos of our goodies.  We all have iPhones and I taught them how to make the type bigger on their phones. :-)
Taci crocheted a flower and put beads on the ends for a bookmark, Gracie crocheted us each a double think pot holder and Betsy knitted a cool spiral/round dishcloth and wrapped it around a coaster with sheep on it.  We all feel like it's Christmas when we do this.  :-)  I brought fresh farm eggs which the girls were quite pleased about.  
Sweet Betsy - she's the fastest knitter ever! 
My pile of goodies. 
Betsy's goodies. :-) 
After lunch today I went to a place for a manicure and pedicure so I'd look "polished" tomorrow.  If you've never had one, I highly recommend it - hot rock massage on hands and legs, all kinds of hot wax on my feet and stuff.. and new polish!  Woo hoo!  OK, I'll be back soon.. hugs and smooches all around.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Oh your manicure and pedicure sound so nice! I should have gone with you. :-). I had so much fun today. Mandy is jealous that I'm taking the eggs home tomorrow and not leaving them for her. Day like this I wish I lived closer so we could have fun together more often. See you again soon, I hope!

  2. You've been having a fun few days! I would love to eat at the Trees restaurant; I really enjoy outdoor dining like that. Your lunch with the ladies looks lovely; I started reading Gracie's blog a few weeks ago and she's been reading mine; she is such a nice lady and I'm glad we connected, through you. :)

  3. What wonderful handmade items--you ladies impress me SO much with your talents! Beautiful!
    I think I may have been to that same restaurant--Trees--years ago. It sounds and looks a bit familiar. Your meal sounds yummy:)
    Wishing you well on your big event tomorrow! I will be cooking Norwegian food in celebration of Syttende Mai (wish me luck, it involves baking a cake from scratch).

  4. Oh my dear friend I treasure your friendship ( and Betsy and Gracie) like a great gift... I was so happy to see you all. I love the eggs and all my goodies... Couldn't wait to get home to look at them again. The dinner went well. I'm so glad you had fun with your sister and friend. I had lots of fun with you today. Hope you have a great time tomorrow.,can't wait to see your pictures :)

  5. Nice meeting and a lovely place for it :) So good to see your gift exchange!
    Oh, I love those flowers in a big hanging basket so much!
    Have a fab day, Teresa!

  6. Thank you for another great visit, Teresa, and for the beautiful eggs that will be such a treat to eat! The creative chatter amongst you, Betsy, Taci and me is so much fun :-) I enjoyed seeing pictures of your sisters-outing, and look forward to hearing about your DAR event. Did you end up going to the place I suggested or did you find another place to have your nails done? I got some pictures of our red flowered rhododendron bush today, and my youngest Grand Girl rolled half way across my living room floor this evening! Love with hugs from Gracie

  7. What an idyllic place for lunch - and well done you for keeping to the healthy menu!

    What a treat to get together with your blogger friends, and what a lovely pile of gifts you gave to each other!

    Have a lovely weekend - the weather looks much kinder where you are, windy and rain here so far...


  8. What a happy post Teresa. Your garden centre looks amazing, that hanging basket would fill my garden! How lovely to spend time with your blogging friends, you look as though you had a wonderful time and you all bought such special gifts. Enjoy the weekend my friend x

  9. What a fun time you have had lately! The Trees looks like the most delightful restaurant. I loved reading about your blogging friends, what a nice little network you have and so nice to be able to meet up and share gifts too. I have only had a manicure once and it was such a lovely experience, it's nice to be pampered once in a while! Have a great day. :)

  10. Happy Days!

    Love the petunia, enjoy the manicure.

    CN x

  11. Wow beautiful place, Looks like you had a great time.

  12. It looks like such a fun day! My sister lives in Wilsonville - although her address is Sherwood. Next time I visit, I should ask her to take me to Trees!

  13. Seeing you all having a fun and happy gathering made me smile. You all are so fortunate to live near each other and be able to develop these great friendships.. Love all the goodies too. I would like a dozen of those eggs please.. LOL Hugs Judy

  14. What a nice place to meet!....I would love to sit out on the deck and smell all that fresh clean air, it's beautiful there and I can't get over that hanging basket, that things is HUGE! So glad all of my favorite friends get to meet up once again for another luncheon! I just love hearing all about it.
    One more thing before I sign off.....Do you ever sleep? You are always on the go doing wonderful things, I was just wondering! ")

    Hugs, Shari

  15. Sounds like you are quite busy and well on your way to being a celebrity ;) Your luncheon looks like great fun!

  16. Hi There,What a lovely nursery!!!I am sure one can spend a lot of time and money there!!!How great to meet fellow bloggers!!!Good luck to you and your choir!!!That's quite a big deal!!!Have a super weekend!!!

  17. Oh what a great get-together you girls enjoyed, so lucky! Betsy is indeed a fast knitter, I said I thought she'd been blessed with 48 hours in every day as she packs so much in!
    A lovely exchange of perfect gifts.
    Hope all goes well tomorrow.
    Carol xx

  18. I hope you had the best day today with all your DAR activities. I bet your nails will look perfect for the occasion. i love that your friendship continues to blossom with all of these lovely ladies.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  19. Oh, how fun. I know I always say I'm jealous when y'all get together, but I am! Looks like a very cool restaurant. Good girl staying on your new healthier way of eating. Salmon, YUM.

  20. Such a lovely restauraunt Teresa...I would love to looks so beautiful and tranquil. The hanging basket is amazing. We've begun hanging ours over the last few days...I love them.
    I hope you received my news that your stitch marker arrived on Thursday...Thank you's beautiful and will be treasured...x

  21. Such happy times in this post, your meeting with your blog friends looks like such fun and what lovely gifts! I have never seen such a huge hanging basket as the one at that garden centre....i's like something out of Alice in Wonderland! Hope you are having a happy weekend, Teresa.
    Helen x

  22. The manicure and pedicure sounds heavenly! Sounds like a big event your getting ready for there but I'm sure you'll do fine leading the Nation Anthem. Can't wait for the pictures. You lead such a busy and interesting life. I love hearing all about it. :-)

  23. Fabulous post as always...sorry for not comMenting as often right venture filling up all my time right now.
    When you meet up with friends from the www makes you realise how small a world we live in and how lucky we all are to have the web and to be able to meet with people we would never have met before.
    From a friend across the pond
    Huge Hugs xx

  24. Hope your singing goes well, don't be nervous you'll do great, you wouldn't have been asked if you weren't good :)

  25. I look forward to hearing all about the singing Theresa. Wish we all could have been there :)

  26. What a wonderful meeting :-)). The big hanging basket is amazing, thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely day :-))
    xxx Nata


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