Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Men in Uniform

I attended my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting yesterday and our program was given by two wonderful men in period uniform of the First Virginia Regiment - 1776 - during the War of Independence.  Aren't they handsome?  They gave a wonderful and informative program.
A voice from the audience asked that we see the back of the uniform. :-) 
And they told us ALL about their rifles.. the one on the left is the Brown Bess which was the English standard arm for over a 100 years.  The guy on the left said that General Washington wanted them all to wear the brown coat as appearing as hunters would be more intimidating than the fancy uniforms.
3 of our chapter members came to the meeting in period dress, my sister is on the left, she'd just made the apron herself using no pattern, her husband, (My BIL), Teddy, is in the buckskin outfit - he's the descendent of Daniel Boone's younger brother. 
They brought a brick of tea such as would have been thrown overboard the ship in the Boston Tea Party.   
They brought a trunk full of period items that they've put together to take with them to schools and group meetings.  It was fun to guess what everything was.   
Do you know what all these things are?  I do.. now! :-) 
Of special interest to me are these beautiful powder horns used to carry gun powder for their rifles.  I love the scrimshaw on these.  They told us that the men would etch in their names in case they were killed in battle, and on the other side they would etch their wife's name and address.. so their body could be returned to them. :-( 
I love this one with the ship scrimshaw. 
We had a very fun Mother's Day here at the farm.  Both our sons and their families were here.  I didn't get a good photo all day, but I like this one of grandpa horsing around with the two littlest boys.  Dayle made homemade from scratch macaroni and cheese with peas for them and we had a lo-cal dinner. I just love when everyone is here and everyone is talking and laughing - it did my heart good.  
Buddy heard that I put a photo of the cat on my lap the other day and he wanted equal time.  This is his usual spot.
I'm soon to head off for a lunch with my sisters, plus sister Shirley.  We're going to a place called "Trees" and then we're going to a plant nursery.  Should be fun!  I hope your day is wondrous.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. A very fun post to read! I particularly enjoyed seeing the 'brick' of tea (I had never seen one before)and the costumes (so cool)!
    Happy to hear you had a great Mother's Day with your family. Have a fun time today shopping for trees:)

  2. Love the cool history stuff...History was my minor. Oh what I could do with that brick of tea ;) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! I'm sure it was since you were surround with family.

  3. You're really taking me back to my days in the CAR! We had so much fun and learned a lot from the reenactors and historians we were able to meet. It sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day. :)

  4. I bet that was an amazing talk, yes, they do look handsome chaps. The scrimshaw is wonderful.
    Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day.
    Hope you enjoy the nursery trip.
    Carol xx

  5. Hi Teresa, SO happy to be able to relax and read your lovely and always informative post! Love seeing the uniforms and all the period items. Love that you had a wonderful Mother's Day and all the boys were there. These are priceless times. Hope you enjoy your lunch and nursery visit. Sounds fun, xoRobin

  6. My goodness you are having a good time. love all your photos and information, fascinating stuff. So glad you had a nice Mother's Day, hope lunch was yummy.
    Hugs to you sweet Teresa,

  7. What a great meeting that must have been and I also love the scrimshaw on the horn. It must have been lovely to have your family with you for Mother's day. Enjoy lunch, it's bedtime here ;0)
    Jane x

  8. What an interesting program ...so educational and entertaining! Learning should be fun! The fact that soldiers carved their wife's name and address on the powder horns is so poignant yet pragmatic. Lives were lost in the War for Independence. Enjoyed my visit with you... Lovely blog! Susan

  9. Interesting, Teresa! I like Aimee had never seen a brick of tea either...did not know it was compressed like that. Thanks for taking the time to post what you learned at the DAR meeting and a snapshot of the good time you had on Mother's Day. Please give Buddy and Lucy pats from me. xx, Gracie

  10. Oh I would have loved to be ya your meeting. I've always enjoyed American history. The scrimshaw and the brick of tea are very interesting. I'm glad you had a happy Mothers Day too. See you Thursday!

  11. Hi Teresa. Oh I love history, and hearing about such interesting things as you mention in this post. The scrimshaw on the horns is lovely. I have a pretty scrimshaw necklace that my parents got me in Hawaii years ago.
    I love your sister and BIL in period dress. And the uniforms on the guys were every so handsome.
    Your Mother's Day dinner sounded tasty and fun. I know what you mean about having everyone gathered in your home.
    I don't know why you are sad today, but I do hope that feeling has by now fled.
    Much love to you my friend.
    XO Kris

  12. INTERESTING! I don't believe I've ever seen a brick of tea before. Buddy is every bit as cute as Lucy but we mustn't tell her that. If she's anything like my Lilly Bean, she will need to feel more important than the dog in the house. :-)

  13. What a interesting post! History was not my best subject in school but as I get older things like this just fascinate me! Everyone looks so nice in uniform and I never knew Tea came in a brick, boy.....times sure have changed! I am glad you have wonderful Mother's Day, and I can't wait to here all about this place called "Trees"...Have fun!
    xx, Shari!

  14. hello Teresa have missed one or two posts- life has been so hectic. have read them all though. Belated !Mother's Day greetings. what a lovely card from Dayle. All around the falls looks beautiful. enjoyed the history lesson I always imagined the tea was loose tea that we put in the teapot :-) .Love & hugs Anne x

  15. Such a fascinating post...you have a real knack for explaining history in a really interesting way! Love all the pictures and little details. So glad you had a happy Mother's Day.....and what a loving hubby you have :) wishing you a wonderful week, Teresa.
    Helen x

  16. Hi There, Love history!!!!and those powder horns!!!Just look at the craftsmanship!!!Also love the candle holder and the tea brick!!!Amazing!!!Have a super happy weekend!!!


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