Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Ode to Mothers

I think it's wonderful that we take one day a year to honor and thank all the mother's in our lives.  Let's face it, we all had one. :-)  My mom had 4 kids, a pair of twins, Robert and Roberta, then me and then my younger sister Denise.  I'm happy to say we all turned out honest and respectable people.  Thanks, Mom - for giving us life and taking care of us.  We lost her 4 years ago, but she had personality.. and could bake a fantastic pie, and was just a great cook.  This is my 4th of July rose, first bloom, and this is for my mom and all the mothers I know.. Happy Mother's Day!
There is not much prettier than a rose, is there?  We had 3 kids and I tried to give them a childhood that was better than mine, by that I mean that sometimes I felt that my younger sister and I were on our own a lot and I envied the mothers that cared enough to be the girl scout leaders and were involved with their kids.  So I did 3 years of scout leading PER child, 9 in all.  We lived on a farm so my kids could have ponies, chickens, ducks, and I was the 4-H leader for 5 years, we raised registered Nubian dairy goats and we took them to the county fair and they got ribbons and trophies.  I never missed a school program or teachers conference.  I hope my kids remember my love and attention.  :-)
We went to the Gresham Farmer's Market yesterday - we brought home this wonderful bright orange geranium.
We got 2 bunches of these wonderful asparagus.  There wasn't much more produce available yet, just some greens and rhubarb.  
We enjoyed the Farmer's Market, but my oh my.. it was HOT!  See that line?  It's for the Hawaiian Shaved Ice booth! :-)
The flower hanging baskets were flying out of the booths.. I envision that that couple bought one for each of their mothers. 
This booth was full of hand-made baskets.. nice big ones too. 
This booth had some beautiful plantings. 
I think we need a couple of these on the back deck.. don't you? :-)

Need some herbs? 
Dayle surprised me with this gorgeous pink and white Azalea for Mother's Day. 
He knows I like two-tone flowers.  
 Dayle surprised me with this card --

To My Wife   --  Your warmth and your caring, day in and day out, give our family much to be thankful about...
You're a wonderful mother and a wonderful wife - You're the heart of our home and the love of my life.  Happy Mother's Day
I wonder why it is that Lucy the cat always wants to snuggle on my lap when I'm knitting?
We're expecting our 2 boys and their families for a visit later.  That's the best gift I could ever hope for.. is seeing my family today.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Teresa! You are a wonderful mother and grandmother. I know just what you mean about giving your family a better childhood because I strive for that too. There were some issues in mine and I want better for my children. My husband had what I consider to be an ideal childhood and I try to model my parenting on that. Funny that your family has twins; mine does too. I'm the oldest, with twin sisters next and a brother younger than them. I never had twins and I was kind of relieved. :)

  2. Have a lovely day with your family and happy mother's day to you! Those hanging baskets are amazing and lucy is the cutest cat! We have two cats and I have to avoid knitting when they are around, they love clawing the yarn. :)

  3. Happy Mothers Day Teresa :) Hope you had a really lovely day when your family arrived. The market looked lovely especially all the baskets! We got J's mum a similar one for her birthday (June) one year and it lasted forever, she absolutely loved it :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day! I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family.

  5. Thanks for another wonderful post, Teresa! We are having a good celebration over at our home, too. I admire who you are and am glad Dayle found just the right card for you! [Well done, Dayle :-)] Your flowers are sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Thanks for sharing the great photos, Teresa. [The Farmer's Market looked like fun, but isn't it amazing it was HOT :-)?]

  6. Happy Mothers Day Teresa, and I like two tone flowers too; the 4th of July rose is spectacular and now your fancy new azalea. I am sure I would like that market too. I even saw the Gyros sign, yum.

  7. Teresa, your post today warms my heart. A lovely day at the market, a now for Mother's Day a lovely card and a visit with your family. Perfect.
    Hugs to you and Dayle,

  8. Happy Mother's Day Teresa! What a beautiful azalea and heartfelt card from Dayle! I loved seeing a little glimpse of your Farmer's Market. It is very like ours.
    I am quite sure your children did benefit, in many ways, from your love and attention to them as they were growing up. I was so fortunate to have had that kind of parent participation, and guidance. I hope that our kids will also remember fondly, the things we did to guide them along.
    Loved your photo of kitty in your knitting! Such a pretty color too!!'
    xo Kris

  9. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU TO TERESA! Your children and grandchildren are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, sweet, and caring mother and grandmother.I can tell just from the little time I have gotten to know you that you are truly a wonderful and special person who deserves nothing but the best! Hope you had a lovely day. I just got in from our day. Lauren drove us home....for the first time,(she got her learners permit). I think I held my breath the whole time but we made it all in one piece time to rest. Tomorrow is her birthday, 15yrs, baby is growing up to fast!
    Big Hugs to you,
    xx Shari!

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you Teresa! I do love your Farmer's Market! So many vendors!

  11. Happy Mother's Day my friend. I'm so happy you had a great day. Dennis and I had a good day together and although none of our children were able to be with us we heard from them all. In fact, Alex called twice from Japan! I love your flowers. I'm planning to get mine for outside next weekend after I return home from Portland if the weather cooperates. I didn't want to have to worry about the watering of them this week while I'm gone. Okay, this has been a looonnnng comment! All to say I'm so happy it's been a good day for you my friend. See you in a few days.

  12. That farmers market looks Fab! I'm lovin those baskets! Oh and your Lucy is beautiful!! It must be that time of year for new dish rags...I'm whipping up a few myself. How to you like the Knit Picks Simply cotton? I've been wanting to give it a try.

  13. Happy happy Mother's Day my dear friend.your kids are very lucky kids to have such an amazing mom and I'm sure they know how blessed they are...I sure feel blessed for your friendship and to have you in my life.
    Happy Mother's Day my friend !

  14. I hope all you Mum's across the pond enjoyed your Mother's day, the weather looked perfect too. What an amazing Farmer's much gorgeous produce to buy. Enjoy your week Teresa x

  15. Hope you had a happy Mothers Day too Teresa. Sounds like you did - what gorgeous flowers and so thoughtful of Dale to get you that pretty two-tone plant. Love the look of those markets, particularly the basket stand. Mind you, everything looks fabulous. xoxox

  16. Farmer Markets are always wonderful to explore. Love the 2 tone pink color Rhodie... Very pretty indeed... I hope you had a lovely day with your family. Hugs Judy

  17. I lost my Mum in 2009 too, much missed.
    Lovely photographs, what a great day.
    Lucy is very sweet.
    Carol xx


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