Monday, July 1, 2013

Summertime & The Livin' is Easy...

We're having a rare and wonderful run of hot, sunny weather!  It began on Friday when I hosted a ladies luncheon on the deck.  Over the weekend our DIL Kristi and youngest son Travis - have been working with Dayle on the play structure for the boys.  Yesterday it got up to 95 degrees!  Some cooling down was in order.  Kristi pulled my old galvanized wash tub up on the porch and filled it with water from the hose and Caleb took a dip in his shorts and cooled down.  He had to share his pool with grandma's feet. :-)
I ran to town for take and bake pizza and Dayle cooked it on a ceramic baking sheet for the pellet BBQ - the smoky flavor of the wood fire really enhances it!  The first part of the play structure was putting together the child-sized picnic table together - the boys are really enjoying it!
Yesterday when it was so hot, grandpa took Caleb for a trip to the store to get a shade canopy and a blow up pool for the kids.  Our older son and his family came to visit - here are the 3 younger boys having a ball in the pool - Michael the 13 year old had already gotten in, cooled off and gotten out.
My 3 little "seals".. arf arf! 
The water was cold, fresh from the hose, so the boys got out and went over to sit in the sun on the big maple stump to warm up.  :-) 
Kristi brought 2 roast beefs over and Dayle tried cooking them in the pellet BBQ - he added Yukon Gold potatoes and carrots - actually a nice healthy dinner - no gravies or rich things.  The adults were at the big table and the 4 boys at the kids table.  Warm!!
Now today - Travis and Kristi and Dayle are back at the construction project before it gets too hot.  The boys are loving it already!!! 
The building party - Kristi is the organizer of the process, reading the instruction booklet and telling the guys what to do next. :-)
Travis, our agile son, climbing around and screwing in things.  The boys are enjoying going in and out of the door since it's just their size.  Ha! 
Caleb and Hayden have climbed every inch of this, even without floors and a roof. :-) 
Caleb was very proud of being on the very top.  Eek.  Hopefully the roof will solve this issue.  Or not.  Probably not.  
I watched the building for a while then came back in to do this blog post.  I admired my clump of striped grass - this is large, probably 4 feet tall.  I have several special grasses in the garden.. have you tried them?  They are so pretty, graceful and add a nice visual element to the garden. 
This is the pond from above.. the fish are enjoying the warmth, too. 
I just love the color of the Rose Campion! 
I potted up a new planter with bright colors - the Lantana in the center and all around Moss Roses in an assortment of colors - I sure hope this fills out fast.   
This is the play structure from the deck - it will be nice to be able to keep an eye on the kids from the shady gazebo.  :-)  I'm excited for Amy (my daughter who moved FAR FAR away to Ohio and took my granddaughters away from me 2 years ago..) :-) -- will be arriving for a 10 day visit in a few weeks - I think the girls, 5 & 8, will love this!  See Kristi studying the instruction book? :-)
Okey dokey - I'm going to pack my swim bag, have lunch and head to the pool for my 1 hour workout.  What are you doing on this fine day?  OH.. I wanted you to know I've been keeping a Book List of all your suggestions.  I am reading the "Shell Seekers" by Rosamunde Pilcher and a LOVING it!  Such a well-written book!  I am only 500 pages in, but it's just what I was hoping for.. a delight.  Next will be Sacajewea!  OK, tata.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa we have just got home from an amazing day at Wimbledon..sipping Pimm's, eating strawberries and watching great tennis. You are having such HOT weather, wow that's a bit steamy but great to have the pool to dive in to. ;0) Jane x

  2. That play structure is awesome! They're going to have years of fun and playing with it. I read The Shell Seekers a long time ago and I agree, it's an excellent book. I hope you're able to keep cool!

  3. Hi Teresa, What a fun time it looks like everyone is having. I just got back from swimming and we all had a great time. I love the kid's house. Can't wait to see it all finished up. XOXO

  4. Your family sounds wonderful, the playhouse looks like fun, and the pool so refreshing on a hot day. And the granddaughters and daughter visiting from Ohio will be a treat. I read a cute book by Rhys Bowen, Her Royal Spyness, that you might like.

  5. Those boys look like they are having the time of their lives. I think Grandma and Grandpa's house is their favorite place to be. Glad the play yard will be ready for the little girls, they are going to love it. Glad you are enjoying The Shell Seekers, I just downloaded September and I think I will download The Shell Seekers, too as it has been so long since I read it.
    Hugs to you sweet Teresa,

  6. Hi Teresa what fun you are all having. I love The Shell Seekers. Hugs Anne x

  7. Teresa, That galvanized tub brought back so many memories for me.. That is how my grandmother would bath us in the summer when we were kids... Wow... talk about memories flashing before me... Looks like a fun,fun, summer..

  8. Teresa~
    Now you have me wanting to fill our old water feature pond with cold water...the kids look SO cool and happy in their new pool!
    I have a feeling you are right about Caleb--he might see the roof as a challenge--LOL. I know my youngest son probably would have:)
    PS: Only a few more weeks? SO happy for you!

  9. The pool looks like the perfect thing for those boys! Also, how great that you will have this playground set for them to use. You and Dayle and are awesome!

  10. Awsome can I come over to?? It's fantastic fun at your place ☺

  11. Looks beautiful on your property, Teresa. Love your flowers and grasses and the kids look like they are having a LOT of fun! Stay cool!


  12. Everything looks good in your corner of the world. The kids appear to be loving their new play house and that is terrific. All kids need a place of their own to play in and dream. You will have to help them decorate it for when your little grand daughters come for their visit. My children use to love little picnics, sack lunches and just having tons of fun. There seems to be all kinds of activity going on at the Kasner's, and thank you again for letting us be a part of it. What fun!
    Susanne :)

  13. If I could fit myself in that wash tub with Caleb...I surely would! What a great idea and just perfect for his size, {to too cute!} But then.....the bigger pool came along and now all can enjoy. That is one big pool! I am sure the boys are really love it. You all always have some kind of construction site going on....what's next????
    Hope you have a lovely swim. Garrett and I went to the public pool today and boy am I sore this evening. I guess I am more out of shape than I thought.
    Hugs, Shari

  14. Wow! A perfect Summer...looks wonderful Teresa just perfect
    Hugs x

  15. You need to cool down there. And the boys seemed enjoyed the pool so much :) Also what a fun idea to build a house for them - kids love to have such place to sit in and relax, or play.
    Love your mixed flower pots, we also have moss roses here, and they will be blooming soon, Is aw the buds today.
    Have a wonderful day, Teresa!

  16. There are exciting things going on at your house this summer! Love the new play structure! Won't the grandkids have a ball with that! And how nice to be able to keep an eye out from the new covered pergola!! I got a kick out of Dayle going to get the kids the pool. That is something my Dad would have done. He would pile all the grandkids in and go get something that would be so fun for everyone!
    I love the ornamental grasses! I will have to try some! Your weather is very warm for your area! My husband is up near you for a couple of days on business. I wish I could have come along!
    I read Shell Seekers so many years ago, and I still remember how it made me feel like I was there! Such a beautifully written book. And will love it.
    XO Kris

    1. I sure wish you'd come with Greg to visit here.. we could have had tea on my deck! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Those boys are living such a brilliant childhood over at their grandparents'! :-) I'm very happy to hear the girls will be joining you soon for a visit, how exciting! If you're still interested in recommendations, these are a few modern novels that I recently read and really recommend:
    The Last Runaway(by Tracy Chevalier), Wonder (by R.J. Palacio), Some Kind of Fairytale (by Graham Joyce), The Age of Miracles (Karen Thompson Walker)
    All wonderful and captivating stories! xxxx

  18. Hi Teresa,Looks like you having the perfect summer!!Good weather,cool water,good food,friends and family!!!What more could one ask for!!!

  19. So glad you had such a great weekend :-) It was wonderful to be at the beach in Crescent City...will try to post soon.
    Carolyn and I got home last night and are settling in today :-) Hope to see you soon, Teresa! xx, Gracie
    ps I enjoyed the Shell Seekers and am glad you are enjoying it , too!


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