Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swing Set & Watercolors

Yesterday I got an email out of the blue ordering a print of one of my watercolors of our family's fleet of Sunfish Sailboats.  They wanted the tall one, this is the horizontal one, and more close-up of the boats.  Mine is the prettiest one.. (-: - the one in the middle with striped water on the bottom, an island of green an 5 palm trees against a huge orange setting sun.  Dayle, my brother and sister and I and other family sailed these across Waldo Lake and pulled the boats ashore and were out swimming.  My sister, Roberta, took the photos.  
The one below is one my sister commissioned me to paint for her - she insisted that she wanted it just like the photo, with a lot of water and the grasses in front and the boats far across the water.  So, I obliged and did this one for her.  The one above I did for myself.  She was right (don't tell her I said so.. ) as everyone seems to like this one best.  The water really is that clear, one of the 4 purest lakes on the planet, with a visibility depth of 115 feet!  We go there every August.
They got the swing set and fort done (I'm not fond of the name "play structure") - and I wanted to show you the boys are thrilled.  Here is Hayden sliding down whilst eating a banana. LOL! 
The boys swinging.. Caleb said.. grandma will you push me?  And I said, no, you need to learn to swing yourself - and I told him how and to watch Hayden.. and lo and behold soon he was swinging high on his own!  :-)  Excuse the truck and building debris, Dayle is going to clean it all up today. 
Here I am taking a photo from the back - see how high Caleb is swinging on his own?  And you can see the relationship to the house and deck.  See the climbing wall and ladder to the 2nd floor?
We've been testing out Buddy off-leash and he's done fairly well.  Here is is walking under the apple tree and not bothering the chickens at all.  Good boy. 
I will leave you with a closeup photo of my Double Delight rose with lots of color sun bronzed into it's petals with a glowing yellow center. 
I have to run off to my swimming workout.. tomorrow we're having a big 4th of July party on the deck and will go to the top of our road to watch the Corbett Parade.  Fun fun!
-:¦:-·:*'""*:·.-:¦:-·* HAPPY 4th of JULY! *·-:¦:-·:*'''''*:·-:¦:-
 ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Lease could you send e a package of your energy pretty please xxx

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  3. Oh my goodness, that rose photo could win an award. What a beautiful photo. I love the play structure too. Your watercolors are beautiful, you are very talented. XOXO

  4. Hi Teresa. Congratulations on the sale of your art work. I think they are both spectacular! You are quite gifted!!!! How I wish I could draw!
    The play set turned out fantastic!!! What fun they will all have, for years to come!
    Enjoy your 4th of July celebration. We are off to the lake. Maybe tonight....or early tomorrow. Boating is the best fun!!!

  5. Teresa, your paintings are fantastic! I had no idea you were a painter too. Wow, you are one talented lady. :)

  6. I bet you felt thrilled when someone chose your painting to buy. How exciting! You better get out your paints and canvas and whip up several more. You never know when the right person will come along and want one. They are pretty, and just think someone will have it hanging in their home. My youngest took stained glass classes when she was in college and a doctor's wife commissioned her to make a small stained glass picture for her husband. He was so pleased with it, and according to his wife they moved it for several weeks because they just couldn't decide which window to put it in. I know how excited my daughter was to do the work. She also did a stained glass trout for a restaurant at Bay View up by the lake. The restaurant was "the Angry Trout" and they hung the fish in their front window. When they closed down someone dropped the fish, cracked it and they gave it back to Meghan. The prettiest stained glass window she made for her sister, all sunflowers. I really should get a pic of that........anyways, enough about me and mine, back to you hon, the outside play house is neat. Almost makes me want to be a kid again and play in it myself. They have such neat play structures for children these days. Is it you or Dale who has the green thumb for the roses? I say, I see those flowers and it makes me want to run to the nursery and buy some of those beauties. Have a good 4th.
    As always, Susanne ♥

  7. Love that second painting-the water is amazing in it! Looks like the grand-kiddos are having lots of fun:)

  8. Oh my goodness!!! That rose!!! Awesome! The play set is really cool too. I don't know where you get all your energy. Happy 4th to you and your family!!

  9. That rose looks like a watercolor painting! So beautiful.
    The boys look like your Fort and swingset are a sure hit with them. I'm sure it will be as equally fun for the girls. Caleb is doing a great job swinging on his own.
    Both of your paintings are gorgeous, but the first is my favorite. Such a beautiful lake.
    We've been watching fireworks here at the lake for the last hour. They are pretty but Chloe is scared to death. Enjoy your day tomorrow my friend.

  10. Hi Teresa,Love your paintings!!!Gosh!!You are so talented!!!It must be really difficult to make water look like real water!!!!I can see the boys are loving their new playground!!!They looks so happy!!!Enjoy your celebrations!!!

  11. Such a lovely painting Teresa, the colours are so vibrant. The boys are loving their playground, it must be wonderful to have so much space on your land. What lucky lads they are. The heatwave is on its way here for the weekend...woop woop x

  12. Wow my dear friend! Just a big, huge wow...your paintings are absolutely gorgeous! Great flowers also.hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

  13. Happy Fourth of July, Teresa!
    have happy celebration with your family! The fort turned out great, boys love it, it is seen in the pics.
    Beautiful rose... indeed like a sunshine caught in it!

  14. Holy Smokes, the photo of the rose looks like a Georgia O'Keefe painting! The playground looks great...many happy memories will be made there I'm sure.
    Enjoy your 4th :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  15. You are one talented woman, Teresa! The paintings are beautiful! It's funny. Lately I've had this thought keep running through my head. Try watercolors. I don't know why, since I feel I have no talent in that particular area, But maybe I should try.


  16. Mrs. Teresa those paintings are Gorgeous!!!! You have so much talent! The swing set is also amazing. Unfortunately my kiddos are too old for one (their words).

  17. Teresa, I've been reading your blog for a while now. I think you must live in the most beautiful place in the world, and I have been telling my husband all about where you live and your amazing house and family. You have a perfect life with a beautiful home, loving husband and family and an amazing social life. I love reading all about your wonderful life, and your crafty bits and pieces. I would really like to visit where you live, it looks fabulous.


    Belfast, Northern Ireland

  18. Exciting to get an order "out of the blue"! While I like both perspectives, I favor the more vertical view as well...and I won't tell Roberta she was right :-) The boys are grand swingers, and I can imagine the Fort Swingset will be appreciated by all your grands. Buddy looks doggedly determined exploring and enjoying his freedom. My reaction to your rose photo was similar to DianeM. I immediately thought of Georgia O'Keefe paintings! Have you ever tried to paint a large painting of a blossom? I think I would like to try. We had a happy 4th with family and friends here for food and fireworks and am glad to note from your FB entry that you and yours had a happy celebration, too :-) xx Gracie

  19. Your paintings are beautiful Teresa!..I particularly like the vibrant colours in the first one..
    Your boys are going to have so much fun there and such a great way to use up all their energy too!
    Your little Buddy is gorgeous and such a pretty pic of your rose...Hope you had a great day yesterday celebrating 4th of July!
    Happy Friday,
    Susan x


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