Friday, October 25, 2013

Family Beach Adventure

It's officially Dayle's birthday today and we have a nice day ahead of us.  I have a few photos to share from the last few days.  On Wednesday Dayle and I met up with my 2 sisters and one brother and two of their spouses for lunch at Georgie's Grill in Newport, Oregon.  It has a great view of the Pacific ocean and really good food.  After lunch we led everyone on a little view drive - 1st stop is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in a park just south of Georgies.  I always snap a shot of this tidy and pretty little building.

Across the road from the lighthouse is a viewpoint deck where I snapped this shot of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.. I think it's very pretty.  We've sailed our sailboat Stargazer under this bridge and out into the Pacific ocean several times when we had our boat moored for one summer at the Embarcadero Marina.

We then all drove down through the historic bay front part of Newport and then parted ways to run some errands.  I took some of the group to see the stone house that I'm in love with that is on the north end of the Otter Crest Scenic Loop drive.  Isn't this the coolest house ever?

This beautiful waterfall over the cliffs is right in front of the house and it sits with a view of the ocean.  Amazing place.

My sisters and I walked out on the bridge to get this photo of the house, waterfall and the bay and ocean.  What do you think of this place?

Yesterday morning my brother Rob invited us all over to his trailer for breakfast - he made a big batch of sourdough flapjacks.  My younger sister Denise brought Irish butter and real maple syrup, and my older sister Roberta (twin of Robert) brought some fruit.  They were yummy!

My siblings.. all of us together.  :-)  The twins in front, lil sis "Nene" in the back right.

After breakfast, Denise and SIL D'Ann went for a walk on the beach together, looking for agates.

Looking south from our camp.

Our trailer, up the hill sideways.. a better view from the side.

I zoomed in on a fishing boat off our camp.. nice flat water for them!

D'Ann's agate finds.

Yesterday we all voted to try a restaurant we'd never been too - inside the Surfrider Hotel.  It's just a few miles south of here.  We were all thrilled when we were served the best cup of clam chowder we've found so far here.  I also had a crab Louis.  Yum!

After lunch we went to Depoe Bay to get some caramel corn and salt water taffy.  My SIL D'Ann got an ice cream cone of Umpua Ice Cream - the flavor?  BLACK licorice!!  You have to be brave to eat it as it turns your teeth and tongue blackish green!

We stopped back at the stone house park to show Rob and D'Ann who'd missed it the first time - and I'd forgotten to get a shot of the bridge.

We've had a cloudy time here, last evening was the first time we'd seen a glimpse of the sun.  

I have to love you and leave you as we have a birthday lunch reservation at Tidal Raves Restaurant in 1/2 hour!  Gotta run.  Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. So many fun things happening! It sounds like you're having a wonderful time. The view there is just gorgeous and your restaurant meals sound great. My husband and son just saw your SIL's photo with the ice cream and they want to try it now too! It sounds really good. Enjoy the birthday lunch!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYLE!!!!!! So glad you are all having a fantastic birthday trip. And Teresa you are right that stone house is spectacular.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. Everything looks so beautiful, even in the cloudy weather. So different from anything we see around here. All the food looks good, as always. I'd like a lick of that ice cream too. I like licorice, just not too much at once. Definitely don't want the black teeth! Captian is doing some work in the backyard with wood planks. I need to get my camera and get out there for some blogging material. Keep enjoying yourself!

  4. Have fun and a very happy birthday to Dayle...I love the idea of that ice cream but I am a fair weather ice cream eater....brrrr! X

  5. Oh My Gosh Teresa!!!!! G O R G E O U S photos! I keep looking at them over and over again!
    Sending Dayle Birthday wishes all the way from Louisiana!

  6. Happy Birthday from across the pond. Keep on keeping on having fun x

  7. Happy Birthday Dayle! May your special day bring you many blessings:)
    Wow--haven't been on the Otter Crest Loop in years so it was great seeing your photos of it! Love that waterfall and I am a HUGE admirer of old bridges (just not a fan of going over the old -- or new -- high ones). Enjoy your remaining time there--I am already dreaming of a return visit:)
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Now you have me hungry for caramel corn. Mmm!

  8. Happy Birthday, Dayle! In spite of the cloudy weather, the views around you so wonderful, Teresa. I think these are your best photos of "your" house and the bridge. Molly and I went out and brought in the last of the cherry tomatoes, basil, and chives. It is chilly and gray here, too. Today the midwife said that Mary is so ready to have the baby they should plan on getting to a hospital fast when she is in steady labor...which she isn't yet... sigh :) Thanks for taking the time to share such a beautiful post, Teresa!
    Gracie xx

  9. Happy birthday Dayle! Looks like you are really enjoying your trip! I love all the pictures they are beautiful to look at . Newport O

  10. Oops I wasn't done,,Newport is amazing need to consider visiting one day!

  11. What a fun time. I will remember to look for that house when I go to Depoe Bay. I've not seen it. I had to laugh at the licorice ice cream! I don't like licorice but funny that it turns your tongue and teeth black.....We always stop somewhere for ice cream when we are out. In Hood River we wound up at Dairy Queen. I just had a chocolate soft serve cone but Phil went hog wild with something peanut buttery. We've had some good ice cream up a few blocks, but he decided not to drive that far, since we were heading home! We didn't have sun here today at all but it wasn't too cold. Take care and have a good time together. I enjoyed the photos of you and your siblings!

  12. Happy Birthday to Dayle! Such fun times. Love the licorice teeth!!!
    xo Kris

  13. HaPpY bIrThday Dayle!!! Oh Teresa, those are some of my most favorite places in the world! I always have to make Dennis stop so I can see the stone cottage. We seriously considered buying a condo at the Embarcadero in Newport. And we ALWAYs buy Dennis caramel corn and taffy in Depoe Bay. We seriously have to go together sometime! For some reason I thought you had a 5th wheel, but the photo looks like a travel trailer like ours. Whichever it is, I know you enjoy it and you have a wonderful spot there on the coast.
    Have a wonderful week!

  14. What a beautiful state you live in, I need to visit!!

  15. Happy Birthday Dayle. I love that gorgeous lighthouse in the first photo - like out of a storybook. The bridge is similar in design to our Sydney Harbour Bridge which you may have seen as its a real landmark of our country. Those photos of the rocks, ocean and beaches appear to be in a remote area - so peaceful looking. Your caravan is huge and everyone looks so happy in the family gathering. You must get lots of pleasure in these trips.

  16. Happy Birthday to Dayle! Your photos are AMAZING! I do believe you have found Heaven!

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  18. We call your flapjacks Scotch Pancakes (English pancakes are different). A flapjack is completely different with sugar,syrup oats etc. see‎

  19. It really is so beautiful where you are. So much to see and do. Love the collected agate. Happy belated to Dayle. Best wishes, Tammy

  20. Amazing that no matter where you point your camera you find something of interest. Love that house on the cliff, by the ocean. The people who live there must think they have the perfect spot, I think they do too. I have never heard of black licorice ice cream. Your sil looks like she is thoroughly enjoying it, lol. Happy Birthday to your hubby. It is so good that you can enjoy the company of family to celebrate it. I would love the agate search. How cool would it be to have a pretty hurricane glass filled with those beautiful stones. Do you ever make any of your jewelry from the stones? It has been awhile since I checked out your jewelry store, but I do want you to know that a couple of weeks ago, when my daughter treated me to dinner, I wore the ones from you, the ones with the light blue stones. They matched my blouse perfectly.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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