Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Booties, Boys and Beaches

My friend Gracie is awaiting the arrival of her daughter's 4th baby girl.. so I thought I'd make her my own special booties as a gift.  Here is the first one I completed, now to make the 2nd one.  

I used KnitPicks "CotLin" which is a blend of cotton and linen - in the color of "Flamingo.  I start with 10 chains and add 3 SCs to each end for 5 rows for the base.  I actually wrote this pattern up, but everyone who tried it had trouble with it, so I gave up on sharing this, as I don't want to frustrate anyone! :-)

I go up one row and then do the toe with sc, ch, sc across and sc, dc, across.. I used my freshly groomed dog to photograph this part.

I begin working the upper part of the bootie with hdc, ch - which gives me holes to lace the pretty satin pink ribbon in it when finished.

I walked into the dining room the other day and the dog was laying in a pool of sunshine, and Caleb was laying there with him nuzzling him and giggling.. I had to try to capture that.  So sweet... they love each other.

Mid nuzzle and giggle.

Yesterday we packed up and headed out for the coast for Dayle's birthday.  We had a good trip down.  The only bad part is that it's totally sunny back home and it's grey and cloudy here - but hopefully it will burn off (as the weather app tells me) and get prettier.  My siblings are all joining us this time for a family gathering.  My brother Rob and his wife D'Ann arrived with their trailer just 45 minutes ahead of us and they are right across from us.  My sisters Denise and Roberta are staying in hotels.  We will be meeting them for lunch today and figure out what we all want to do for fun.  This is the view from our trailer - we tried a different space this time and it's got a better view as it's sideways to the ocean instead of aiming right at it, so our big window on the side has this view.  :-)

Can you believe we're this close to the Pacific Ocean?  We're right above Depoe Bay on the central Oregon Coast.  The grey whales are migrating past us, we'll need to watch for them.

I am looking forward to 5 days enjoying the ocean!  I think I'll get some work done on Caleb's blanket, too.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello to you.  What fun things are you up to this week?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh! How I love sharing your lovely life.Thank you.

  2. I love your bootie, Teresa. It's so delicate and feminine and I like the color very much. Hope you're having a wonderful time at the beach. Happy birthday to Dayle!

  3. Thank you, Teresa! [We all are still waiting...sigh] ( I promise to let you know as soon as I know :) I love the photos of Buddy and Caleb, and the position of your trailer is wonderful indeed! Hope you make happy memories with your siblings this week and that you have lots of sunshine. Thanks for showing how you construct the beautiful booties! I want to try to make them, too. Happy Birthday, Dayle!
    Love with hugs,
    Gracie xx

  4. Oh, how fun! I wouldn't even care that it's not sunny. I'd just sit in the comfort of your trailer and watch the ocean all day. Have fun with your sisters!

  5. There is no moss growing on your North side, heavens, you are always doing something interesting and I am so glad that you share it all with us. I feel like a shut-in, or a recluse at times. My fun days are spending time with my grandson and I can see that you also have a lot of fun with your boys too. Regardless, we are all blessed with so many good things in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful time and Happy Birthday to your the bootie, the new mom will love them.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. So happy you popped in Teresa. Always wonderful to read your blog. Love the baby booties. They are just so sweet, 4th girl, WOW!! I hope you have a lovely 5 days. I'm hoping the weather burns off and you have lots of SUN.
    Enjoy and Happy Birthday Dayle, xoRobin

  7. Those little booties are just adorable Teresa. Gracie is going to love them! Tell Dayle I am sending Birthday wishes his way....I am sure you all are going to have a lovely time!

  8. Gosh is it really a whole year since you went away for Dayle's birthday, how quick the months fly by. Have a great time with your family x

  9. Beautiful little bootie Teresa. I'm sure that Gracie's newest Grand will enjoy having toasty warm toes soon.
    You have a beautiful spot with a perfect view. Maybe sometime I can get Hubby to pull our trailer over and we can camp together. *sigh* What fun we would have.

    I love Depot Bay and hope to make it over there in December. Hubby and I will just steal Piper for the day and head to the coast for some fun!

    Have a great week with all of your family.


  10. Such a beautiful view you have there my bloggie friend! The Depoe Bay area is a great place to visit and I do hope you see whales while you're there! FYI, if you are adventuresome (and the sea isn't too rough) you can take a charter out of the town there and get even closer--my daughter, two of her boys and DH did that a couple of years ago and it wasn't very expensive.
    The photo you're asking about was taken at Neskowin Beach--a bit north of Lincoln City.
    Love the bootie; always enjoy seeing photos of the little one(s)!
    Have fun with your family and wish Dayle a very happy birthday from me!

  11. I just came back from an oceanside holiday too and had the same weather experience. I still enjoyed myself. Love all the pics and your little bootie. Have fun!

  12. Depoe Bay is nice. I love the coast. I like that you have a great view of the ocean. I'd pop right over but I'm working tomorrow! Ha! Well, it's not that far from me nor is Hood River, which we've grown to love alot as well. I think it's the drive that is great as well, up and back, just Gorgeous! Enjoy your time and Happy Birthday to your husband!

  13. Such a cute photo of Caleb and Buddy!! They've got the right idea cuddling up in the sun rays. The booties are darling! Enjoy that beautiful view of the ocean!! What a perfect spot to curl up and crochet. :-) Maybe you can get a shot of the whales with your zoom lens to share with us all. That would be cool! ;-)

  14. Wow, what a gorgeous view you have! Enjoy your time away :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  15. Those little booties are so cute, Gracie is going to love them for her new Granddaughter. Love the views from your window, I bet the sound of the surf is divine. Love the photo of Caleb and Buddy, I am sure Buddy loves having the boys around to play with.

    Enjoy your time away on that beautiful coast and enjoy your time with family.

  16. Happy Birthday to Dayle - looks a wonderful place to celebrate. Hope you make some beautiful memories.
    Lovely bootee for Gracie's new granddaughter. Sweet photo of Caleb and Buddy. Hugs Anne x

  17. So beautiful! What a lovely place to spend your husband's birthday. Love, love those sweet booties.


  18. Oh Mrs. Teresa your ocean pictures make me miss the ocean very much! We lived only 10 minutes from the ocean when we lived in Florida. I do miss it so.

    I love those baby booties. They are so beautiful! And your grandson and puppy. Best of friends.

  19. Love the colours in your header and that top picture today! You are so good at crochet, Teresa! The little booties are beautiful. Love the picture of Caleb and Buddy. Happy Birthday to Dayle........hope you all had a wonderful time.
    Helen x

  20. That is the best view from your camper!

  21. How cute is that pink bootie? I like the ripple blanket too ;-) And oh, to be this close to the ocean...

  22. Love that little bootee.. and wow what a view from your camper.. I am so envious I was brought up by the sea and long some days to go back. We visit Southend quite often and love to sit and look at the sea where in spite of the fact it is only about 25 miles from London there are often seals basking on the sand banks. What a wonderful world we live in.
    Happy days


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