Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowed In, Baby Hat and Jadeite

Be careful what you wish for.. :-)  I wished for one pretty picturesque snowfall.  Well.. we got a blizzard.  For three days.  Then freezing rain.  But, we're cozy by the fire and have enough to eat and the most important thing.. no one has run into a power pole and knocked out our electricity.  Or no ice laden trees have fallen on the power lines.  Yet.  

I took the dog for a nice long walk yesterday around the farm.  It was 25 deg. F.  Today it's 29.5.. warming up! :-)

Buddy was enjoying checking out everything.  Look at the poor Rhododendron, it's all shriveled up in the freezing temps.  

In other news.. look who lost his very first tooth?  Kristi gave him an icicle to chew on and look what happened?  And he promptly swallowed it!  :-)  The Tooth Fairy was on top of it though and left him a nice first tooth gift.  And two chocolate coins, one of which he promptly gave to his little brother.  :-)

Our friend, Keturah, had her third baby at home.  So, I went shopping in my yarn stash and found this fun yarn, 75% acrylic, 25% wool.  I started a "boy" hat, a ribbed crochet pattern that I developed myself.  

To make a ribbed crochet hat, you chain as tall as you want the hat, then single crochet back down the chain in the back loop, at the end, chain one, turn and SC back up the work, stop 3 from the top, ch 1 and turn, sc back down to the bottom, ch 1 and back up, stop short 3 from the last row, turn and go back to the bottom and back up -- when you get to the top, sc up the 3 on the last row, then the 3 to the top.  Keep doing that until you have the hat as big around as you want.  Cut the end in a long tail and use it on a yarn needle to sew up the side, at the top, knot off and then use the rest to sew around the top and pull it closed.  

Here is the finished hat, now to go visit the new baby and give him something to keep his noggin warm!

You can make this hat in all sizes and colors.  Try it, you'll like it!  I used to make a pom pom to put on top, but invariably they would come apart and fall out.  So, I tried something different - I did single crochet loops on top.  I kind of like this!

I picked up a few new Jadeite pieces -- and I blame Jennifer from Thistlebear Home blog.  A few posts ago she showed some photos she found on Pinterest and there were a few Jadeite pieces on it... and there was a clickable link to where it was sold on Etsy, which got me surfing Etsy for Jadeite, which got me surfing eBay for Jadeite and which in turn.. made me want some "berry bowls" for my collection.  They are quite little and JUST adorable and now I have 5 of them.  I need at least one more.  :-)  Maybe 3 more.  

These are PERFECT for desserts and sauces and such.  *LOVE*

In other crafty news.. one of the girls on Facebook on the "I Love Lucy II" page showed this neat crochet hook roll and it was just what I needed to organize my hooks!  You can click HERE if you're interested. (If you'd like to join the Facebook group, there is a link on the top right of my side bar.)

What is wonderful about this is it has little tags on each slot with the US size and MM size!  I guess I need some bigger hooks?  I also put my bronze size one double pointed needles from Celtic Swan forge (My friends, Molly & John Swan Sheeran).  I got them to make socks and then never made a 2nd pair.  :-D

I love this thing!

Last evening Kristi came in with two long icicles for the boys to see... I told them to pretend that they were Star Wars light sabers!  :-)

As I was sitting at the dining table snapping photos of the Jadeite bowls I looked outside.  Our poor pond is so full of snow and ice you can't even see it.  I sure hope the koi and goldfish live through this.  

And so.. I will be back to working on Caleb's blanket.  And then, next up is the blood red alpaca/silk shawl.  What are you doing for fun this weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Snow and ice have begun crackling and thumping from the cherry tree outside my window, along with a few little branches. Our power has been off twice so far, but Jason has to go to work today and still has chains on his car wheels. I love the hat you created and thanks for sharing the pattern! The hook organizer really is neat! ....and the Jadeite is lovely, too. Thanks for posting! xx

  2. What beautiful crochet hooks you have, and the crochet roll is lovely. Brilliant baby hat as well. That's a happy, gappy smile. My eldest swallowed his first lost baby tooth as well, while eating a pear. Then he lost one in the diving pool at the leisure centre. Luckily the tooth fairy is quite understanding about this kind of thing. I'm hoping you both stay safe and warm, CJ xx

  3. Gosh Teresa do keep snug and I hope your power stays on, that's quite some some snow. Your baby hat is really neat and will keep that newborn head so warm. We still have our girls staying and have had such a great few days x

  4. My fault!? Haha. I'm just an enabler. :) I've been sick for a few days and am just catching up with your blog. So excited for the new baby and the lost tooth. Stay warm and cozy!

  5. I went out and enjoyed our snow of one foot yesterday afternoon. Megan drove us to church since it didn't rain. Her car has chains and we made it ok. I was sitting in the back seat. Took photos on my cell phone. Got a few groceries while we were out since she didn't want to go out again. I put suet out for the birds last night. They were squabbling this a.m. Broke the suet cage! Oh dear! Snow is melting. I hope you all get warmed up soon. Hugs and have a good week. I love your crafts. I don't crochet but I guess I should start tending to my knitting again, huh?

  6. Beautiful snow! Looks so peaceful. I want that VW van!! Your jadeite is beautiful stuff. My sister collects it too. What pattern are you going to use for your shawl? Blood red! YES! Can't wait to see.

  7. Your yard looks like mine has looked for over a month! Snow, snow everywhere snow! Spring will be a most welcome site for me this year I can assure you. :)

    The hat is adorable...and I am so eager to see your lovely shawl....can't wait! :)

    I am crocheting along on the tablecloth and trying to stay warm.

    Blessings always

  8. Do stay warm and nice to see that the Tooth Fairy is on top of her job ; )

  9. We're starting to have melting here too. It looks as though I'll be able to go home Wednesday-maybe. It's predicted to snow at home every day this week except Wednesday so I'll try for then. I think your new bowls are very pretty Teresa. I also love your little baby hat and your crochet roll. I made a similar one for my knitting needles a couple of years ago but it's at home. I'll have to try to remember to post a picture of it. Stay warm and dry and tell Dayle hi. Did he like his crossword puzzles?

  10. What beautiful snow photos! I love the hook roll, and the baby hat! I just made my son a ribbed crochet hat in an army green. It was fun, and easy. I like your alternative to the pom pom top!
    Love your berry bowls too. It is so fun to have things to collect and look for, I think.
    Today we took all three of the kiddos to lunch and to see The Nut Job. So cute! I am worn out now, and laying in my warm bed, watching the Olympics. Have a bit of a cold, and feeling a little EH....
    xo Kris

  11. I love this hat! I have another grandbaby on the way and I would love to make it. Time will tell I guess if I can interpret the pattern right. I am not very good at that sometimes. Here in ohio we are still dealing with snow and's getting old.
    Hugs, Patti

  12. Hi Teresa, just trying to do a bit of catching! Some snow you got there. Love the little hat, it's going to make a fab gift. Great alternative to a pom pom too.
    Huge hugs to keep the cold out. X

  13. You are snowed in my friend...we just have chilly weather here. Love your dishes...I have a whole set myself. Usually bring it out in the Spring. Happy Valentine's week to you. xoxoxo

  14. Hello my dear friend, we have been snowed in also since Thursday... A good brake I should say. Love the baby hat, I'm going to try to make a few for the orphanage my mom supports in Brazil. It looks fun and quick pattern. Love your new dishes... I love how you collect all kind of cute little things :)

  15. Super cute hat!

    Icicle battles--too fun. =)

  16. Star Wars Icicle swords! So cute. That crocheted baby hat is amazing as is having 3 babies at home. (NICU nurse would worry way too much to do that…good for them!)

  17. Love the baby hat, love the bowls, love the missing tooth (LOL) and just love it all. I am back-tracking and trying to catch up, just feel the need to comment whether you want to hear it of you girl. thanks for sharing.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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