Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hibiscus and Penquins

Hello my friends.. thanks for stopping by.  Last summer we repotted several of my favorite houseplants, one of which was my Hibiscus tree.  It was pretty puny looking but still produced these amazing saucer sized bright red blooms.  WELL.. it's been SO happy in it's new pot and soil and has put out all kinds of new branches and leaves and was looking quite wonderful.  Then, a few weeks ago I noticed some buds.. and yesterday we were treated to this visual POP.  This morning there are 2 more open blooms.  Did you know Hibiscus flowers only stay open for one day and then they curl up and die?

See all the buds?  They're amazing as they grow bigger and open.

For some reason it's hard to get a good photo of these beauties.. the red kind of overpowers the camera.

When I visited Winco for groceries after swimming on Wednesday I saw these little pots of deep purple Hyacinths and had to bring one home.  Gorgeous, eh?

You should smell it!

My Orchid, Hyacinth and the bushy Hibiscus.

One last glimpse.. 

NOW.. on to the penguins.  My nephew, Shane Hawke, is quite simply an amazing traveler and photographer.  He is an engineer, and lives in the east and his job affords him a lot of time for travel and he is flying about the globe at a remarkable rate.  He has visited 7 continents in the 10 months!  Just last week he and his father, my sister Denise's husband, visited Antarctica!  I invite you to see a slide show of his fantastic photos of this trip by clicking HERE.  This photo is of my BIL Steve.

And how about this iceberg?

I got a kick out of their "cruise ship".. not the normal scene of pools and circular slides, is it?  :-)  

Please visit his home page and look at the side bar on the left - yes, he's visited all those places and has taken amazing photos.  Click HERE to visit.  I have been to Canada and Mexico, Hawaii and several states in the USA.  But my nephew amazes me.  How many of those places have you visited?  I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow - such extremes, the beauty of both flowers and snow and ice - such contrast but love them both!


  2. He's on an amazing voyage. His photos are really incredible, thank you for sharing his site. I love your hibiscus, I have some in the backyard and having them bloom is one of the highlights of the year for me!

  3. Awesome photos on your blog...and his, too. :)


  4. Amazing photos Teresa. Both your's and your nephew's. I've been to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, England, France and Japan. Hubby has been many, many of the places that your nephew has been too. I'll bet they could have some great conversations! I love your hibiscus and the orchid and hyacinth! Oh my. The purple!! I love it.

  5. What fabulous photos! Both yours, and your nephew!!!
    I love hibiscus! And hyacinth! The aroma....oh my!!
    xo Kris

  6. Amazing!!! He is very talented! I wish I could say that I have even been to 1/10th of these places by the time my time on earth is done!

  7. I adore hyacinths - I think they're one of my top 3 favourites and the smell is divine. What a gorgeous colour too. Haven't checked out Shane's pics yet but will do so later. xox

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  9. Your hibiscus is so beautiful Teresa. We have them all over Florida, but the deer love them so I do not have one outside anymore, I miss their gorgeous flowers. Very interesting about your nephew, what a fabulous excursion he and his Dad went on.

  10. I am such a homebody! love your nephews images.
    I need to go buy flowers now..thanks

  11. Hello Teresa, I am sure your home has the most lovely smells of Spring. I think I would love to go to Antarctica and see all the sea life and Penguins. Amazing photos.

  12. Wow Teresa, those slides were amazing! Love the glaciers, the colors is beautiful. I really love your hibiscus, I have some too and really enjoy them. Aren't flowers the best!?

  13. That trip was a once in a lifetime journey, but right now it would be the last place I would want to go. I have had enough snow, ice and freezing cold to last me the rest of my life. Your flowers are always a bright spot for me. The colors are perfect and so pretty.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. I would be in heaven to see penguins in the wild because they're one of my most favorite creatures! When I get some time I'll have to take a look at your nephew's blog:)
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: I have only been to HA, Canada, Mexico and other USA states. Members of my family have been to Central America (Belize), some places in Europe and the Middle East, and all over SE Asia and China. If only I wasn't afraid of flying :)


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