Monday, March 10, 2014

Flowers In and Out

Did you have a good weekend?  We had a nice one - our son and his wife had a getaway at Cannon Beach for 2 nights and her sister and husband took the boys for 2 days to Crater Lake and Klamath Falls.  I've had a surprise bloom of all 3 of my Christmas Cactus'! 

This one is my favorite as it's the one I rescued from my mother's room in the assisted living facility where she spent her last days.  I knew mom was seriously not with us when I saw this poor little plant completely withered due to lack of water.  I brought it home, set it in my garden window, watered it and not long after we lost mom it flowered.  Every time it flowers I believe it's my mother saying hello.  I know it's silly, but it brings me happiness.

I mean really?  Is this gorgeous or what?

Many years ago I visited my aunt Helyn in Annapolis MD and she gave me a few leaves of her HUGE CC and I stuck them in a pot of dirt outside and look at it now?  This plant is amazing.

The photo above was taken yesterday before the white one opened fully, today I snapped these showing it open.  It's pure white with a little pink in the throat and a pink pistil.

The petals are so delicate that you shouldn't touch them.

This is the 3rd one that I bought.. it's pinkish orange.  

Shall we take a walk outside in the garden?  Spring has sprung!  The Daphne are open and smell outrageously faboo!  I will bring in a bouquet later today.

And look what else is in bloom!  The first daffodil opened!  

The pond area is starting to wake up.. Dayle did his best to clean out some winter debris and replaced the pond pump and cleaned the filter the other day.  So, as you can see he's doing better after his full knee replacement!  How many garden art pieces do you see?

A favorite of mine is Dayle's parents little concrete Chinese lantern that was by his dad's tiny little waterfall in their backyard.

The Koi have gotten HUGE over the winter.

The creeping myrtle/vinca is starting to bloom too.

The pot of bulbs is growing, it's always a surprise to see what is in there as we stick bulbs in there all the time.  

Almost open.. I'm amazed how these poor girls made it through a blizzard and an ice storm, nature is so resilient!

OK, I have to race and pack my swim bag and then off to the Portland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting at Eastmoreland Golf Club.  I hope you have a great week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh Teresa, it all looks so lovely, I feel sightly envious because we are due another big snow storm Wednesday-Thursday!!!! : ( BUT love seeing your surroundings, so very beautiful.

  2. Your home and garden has so many beautiful flowers, so pretty.

    Very pleased to hear that Dayle is making such a great recovery.


  3. All your blooms here are bloomin' gorgeous Teresa! Glad to hear you enjoyed the weekend, it reached 18c here on Sunday....just bliss! Have a great week x

  4. My CC is about to bloom again soon. I have 4 and 3 are looking promising. So what do Koi eat during the winter when the pond is frozen over. Love your pond and I bet you love it too during the warmer months. Such a relaxing place to be when a person just needs to clear their mind or sit and think.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Beautiful!!! I had a great time at Twin Rocks this weekend...some flowers blooming there too. Our daffodils are almost ready to open up :) My swim bag is packed, too! xx

  6. I'm amazed that you have so many flowers already. Obviously you're farther along in spring than we are over here. The koi are huge. I admit, I wondered if they would survive that huge snow storm and freeze. My favorite is the deep pink cactus. Beautiful. Have a lovely day ad see you next week

  7. It's all looking so lush and colorful, Teresa. I really hope my little Christmas cactus that I bought this past Christmas will be as healthy as yours are. I love that the one from your mom did so well after she passed away and continues to be a lovely reminder for you. I hope you had a nice time swimming and at DAR.

  8. Your flowers always make me smile, for they are so lovely. :)

    I don't think it's silly at all what you said about your Mother and the Christmas Cactus. I think it's quite nice actually. :)


  9. Oh my...I love seeing your flowers and especially that Christmas Cactus that was your mother's every year. Glad to see the koi made it through that big freeze too.

  10. Hello Teresa. Beautiful photos. We have had lovely warm weather and there are lots of signs of Spring. We had a lovely weekend with our sons, one D.I.L. and our grandchildren. Sadly our other D.I.L. could not be with us as she stayed at home to support her mum and spend as much time as possible with her father as he is seriously ill and does not have long. Hugs Anne x

  11. Oh my those flowers are beautiful ♥

  12. Your flowers look so very beautiful! We had warm temps today and really enjoyed it!

  13. Beautiful CC blooms Teresa! I am happily enjoying the blooms of spring too:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. Oh Teresa, there is something so special about a Christmas Cactus.
    Thank you for posting so many lovely photo's.

  15. The Chistmas Cacti are wonderful, especially so as they're in a group. I had a pale one once, but the second time it bloomed it reverted to bright pink. I shall look out for a white one, it's lovely. And how nice to have the one that used to be your mother's.

  16. Hi Teresa...stunning garden as always, are those tulips in the pot? you feed them at all? Was wondering if I need to feed my black tulips in a pot? Help lol
    Hugs x

  17. Such super beautiful blooms in and out. Those daffodils sure does make me smile. Hugs Judy

  18. Your Christmas cacti are just amazing, Teresa....gorgeous colours!! I love the photos of your pond....we are just re making ours :) Love the daphne will be lovely having a posy of it in your home.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen xox

  19. Oh boy, looks like Spring has sprung for you. Such beautiful flowers - I love the pink and white cactus flower - so perfect. We're still getting warm days but it won't be long before our cold weather arrives and the heating will have to go on (sigh) .. very hard on the pocket as gas has become so expensive and we have ducted gas heating. I refuse to be cold though. Enjoy those floral beauties. xoxox

  20. So interesting - I have a Christmas cactus that is also ready to bloom - never has done it this time of year before and it appears to be just half of it. Beautiful photos - what plant would not want to live with you?!!

  21. I need a little fountain of water …your little creek is amazing and I Love the added art pieces!

  22. As always . A real treat to come on a visit. Thank you so much for showing me such beautiful things. Dayle is on the mend... That is the best news!!

  23. Spring is looking beautiful at your farm Teresa, glad the fish survived the winter.


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