Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Parade 2014

Hello!  How was your weekend?  When I last left you we were heading up to the 4th of July - the Corbett Fun Festival!  Dayle and the boys set up a shade canopy as it was a warm sunny day and we enjoyed watching the old cars, floats, kids and horses parade by.  I could not show you ALL the vintage autos, but picked out some of my favorites.  I loved this red/orange 1931 or 32 Ford pickup.

Leading the parade were several of our local volunteer Dept. Fire Trucks.

Who wouldn't love to have a 1960 RED Corvette convertible?

Neat old red car - a Pontiac Chieftain.

This is a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback.  Our son Travis has a similar car, his first car ever when he was 15, which he totally took apart and put back together with new steering, suspension, etc.  His is true red and a GT.

See the "rumble" seat on this cute car?

This long and lean Cadillac is the style when I was a child!

My personal favorite is this old farm truck.. I'd love to have one of these and drive it in the parade with the grandkids on the back!

A 50s Buick Roadmaster.

Next were the horses and floats... these 2 women were on some big draft horses, followed by a beautiful wagon with more draft horses.

We see this wagon often - the owners live out here and sell wagon rides to people.  I want to hire them to drive us up to Vista House and back! :-)

A break in the parade so I took a shot up the road to show you the crowds watching.

Caleb learned quick to wave and say hello to the people throwing candy!  He was the only grandkid with us as Hayden was spending 3 days with Kristi's sister and Mike and Gabe are in Los Angeles with their other grandparents.  Caleb was happy as he got ALL the candy thrown his way.  LOL!

A modern day covered wagon for the 4-H kids.  I was a 4-H leader for Dairy Goats with my 3 children - for 5 years we milked registered Nubian goats and had lots of baby goats and showed them at the County Fair.  Oh the memories.

There were lots of horses and almost all were ridden by women and girls.  There were Arabians, Quarter horses, draft horses and many other breeds.

Patriotic riders.

More draft horses and a pretty carriage.

Caleb had to go out and hug a miniature horse.  :-)

I was amazed when this gymnastic group of girls dropped into splits right in front of me and I said.. "smile".. and they did!!  

How about a tiny tractor and wagon?

And a big older tractor!  

Our local historical society has purchased land for a future museum!

A float, but I'm not sure what it was about.

Our local high school cheerleaders.

The Fire trucks signaled the end of the parade.  What a fun time!

Our little encampment.  Caleb, Kristi and Travis.

Kristi and Travis' VW Bus, behind that is our son Shawn and his wife Beth in their pickup bed, Dayle, Caleb, Kristi and Travis.

We made a hasty exit from the parade route, we're just 2 minutes from our house.  We came back and had a BBQ.  We forgot hamburger buns, but had sandwich rolls, so I formed the hamburger patties into "long burgers".  I made a way too big potato salad and just the right amount of baked beans.  Kristi made a delicious fruit ambrosia with pineapple, bananas, whipped cream, coconut, walnuts and maraschino cherries.

Kristi also made some iced tea and I'd picked up some star spangled paper straws at World Market the other day.  :-)

I am really enjoying the patriotic decor.. we may leave it up for a few more days.

I thought I'd show you the smaller flag plates I made with the extra glass I had from my big platter project - I made 3 of these.  This one resides on the window sill.

I had to take a photo of the living room - it's rarely this tidy.  :-)  I also used orange oil to dust the baby grand, mantel, secretary, china cabinet and coffee table which is a cut down antique oak dining table.

I play Scrabble on Facebook - and it keeps a running rating - and for just a day I was #1!  I had to show you!  LOL!  Then I lost to my friend Shirley and plummeted to #3.  Argh!  Oh well!  Feel free to start a game with me on Facebook/Scrabble if you'd like.  :-)

I spent all day yesterday resting up from all the hullaballoo of the 4th of July.  Dayle finished painting the baseboards in the "log" room upstairs.  We have a log bed in there.  The carpet installers arrive early tomorrow morning.  Once that is done the upstairs 2 bedrooms will be all remodeled and comfortable for our son and his family.  

How was your weekend?  We have lovely sunny days stretching before us.. thank heavens for our AC units as it's 81 deg. F. out and 71 inside.  Have a super week.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I miss parades, sigh! Yours looked like so much fun and Caleb looks like he had a grand time.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  2. Thanks for sharing the parade, Teresa...Caleb hugging the pony is my favorite photo :) but I enjoyed the whole parade! I loved seeing your shiny furniture, red, white and blue decor, and especially the fabulous plates you made. Now I have to go check out our Scrabble game :) xx

  3. That's a nice set-up you had there with the canopy blocking the sun. Wish I had a plate of that food sitting in front of me right this minute! Cap just went outside to mow and I'm starving for supper. Guess I'll have to wait. Glad y'all had a nice 4th!

  4. This looks like such a great parade. Here, the horses are the last ones in the parade line ;)

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  6. Wow what a busy day you had my dear frienD. I love it. We have the same here in the HV park. What a beautiful parade!,,,

  7. You certainly know how to spend a great day out!!! Loved the parade, thank you!!!! BBQ looked like a winner too!!!! Have a fab week!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  8. What a wonderful day - thanks for sharing. Gosh it hardly seems a whole year has gone by since you posted about the 4th July parade last time. I love your theme decorations and agree - you should leave these ones up a bit longer. xox

  9. It looks like a very fun day. I really enjoy parades. I loved seeing the old cars. I had to show them to my son, who really likes them. The Pontiac Chieftain is a perfect example of what he has always called an "Old West Car," since he was very little. I don't know where he came up with this term, but we all know what he means when he says it. :)

  10. Love your pictures. I want a mini horse..I really do

  11. Love the parade pictures...looks like so much fun! :)

  12. What a absolutely fun day with your family Teresa! The pictures are great-especially the cheerleaders grinning at you. Cute! Where in the world do you stire all of your decorations? You do such a great job decorating for every imaginable event. I stink at scrabble so I think we're ALL better off if I don't ask you to play with me. :-)

  13. Love small town parades with all their wonderful horses (especially the Arabians), vintage cars and more! Great post Teresa!
    PS: That is AWESOME about the future historical museum!

  14. What fab pictures of the parade, Teresa! It looks like such a great family day too.....and yummy food! Thanks for sharing....will show this post to my hb, he will enjoy seeing all the vehicles!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  15. The Parade looks such fun Teresa. Lovely times with your lovely family just like we had at the weekend :-) Hugs Anne x


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