Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!  We are heading up to the parade very soon!  We are celebrating America's freedom.  I made this fused glass platter a few years ago and it looks just right on the table for this patriotic day.  

I took this shot with more light on the front - the glass is iridescent and I put a rainbow strip of glass over the joints to make it neat and the multi colors signifies that America is a multi-cultural country.

We continue to have lovely weather - the best Spring ever and also the Summer is giving us beautiful weather - the pink rose is happy.

The peachy rose is looking nice too.

The pastel Lantana is pleasing.. 

This is the brighter one - starts red in the center, opens to yellow, then turns orange and finally a fuchsia pink.  

The Astilbe is filling out.

And also the hydrangea is looking happy and pretty.

We keep taking good care of our resident Hummingbirds.

Last night we all went to Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins.. Caleb was ready for dinner.

The view out of the window was nice.. a perfect summer evening.

The river flows by lazily and clean.. fishermen in their boats pass by.

These 2 kayakers went by and I zoomed in to snap their photo.

I love their sign.  Located on the Sandy River and the Historic Columbia River Highway near Troutdale.

We have several pots of Asian lilies.. this was the first to open up.

I took Buddy to a new groomer yesterday and when i went in to pick him up these people were holding my dog!  I said.. is that my dog?  And she goes, no, but I see yours (in a cage) and he looks just like ours!  OK - can you pick out MY dog?  The other one was a Norwich Terrier.  Aren't they cute?

Dayle and I decorated our gazebo for the 4th.. 

I cleaned up our 1911 "Rayo" coach or railroad lantern.  

Dayle stayed out during dusk last night to take some photos of the gazebo all lit up.

So - today we went up to the parade and the guys set up our shade canopy and set up our folding chairs and we watched the parade go by.  I will share those photos in a few days.  We BBQed hot dogs for lunch and I made a much too large potato salad and some baked beans are simmering on the stove.  Dayle chopped some celery, onion and pickles for my salad.  Right now we're all resting from the busy morning and afternoon and then will BBQ hamburgers and the potato salad and baked beans for dinner.  

What did you do to celebrate today?  I know many of my readers are not Americans, but I hope you enjoyed my post and will enjoy the parade photos to come.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Beautiful, Teresa! Thanks for sharing your celebration! We are enjoying friends and family and fun, hot dogs hamburgers and watermelon, patriotic marching music, and now I am off to watch some more fireworks with a grateful heart that we know so much freedom and beauty here in the USA! xx

  2. Loved reading all of this Teresa and what a great day you have look forward to more pictures ☺

  3. I love your glass platter Teresa, such glorious colours and your gazebo looks brilliant by day and night. Enjoy the celebrations x

  4. I LoVe your gazebo decorations! I celebrated the 4th over here in the UK as it is my birthday! We went to an American restaurant and I loved all the decorations there too. Your plate is amazing, and so is your beautiful beadwork in your previous post (still catching up). You are such a creative lady, Teresa. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th and am looking forward to the parade pictures!
    Helen xox

  5. Yeah, Chic Dump! Haha. Your flowers are looking so pretty. I thought of you yesterday when I was looking at my mother-in-law's potted lantanas. Hers are plain yellow. The glass plate is beautiful, you are a woman of so many talents.

  6. Another fantastic, beautiful day for you and your family. We stayed close to home, Little Buddy went in the pool with John, the water is almost too hot to take him in right now, We watched soccer and baseball and went to bed early.
    Hugs to you Teresa and have a great day today,

  7. Your platter is beautiful. You are one talented woman! Love the gazebo. Your grandkids are going to have such great memories! The picture w/the lights at night should be in Country Living!

    1. I'm glad you like my platter.. it was quite the project! I designed it, cut the glass, even the stars.. and then it went into a kiln to fuse the colored glass onto clear glass. We sure have enjoyed the gazebo - it brought the needed shade yesterday on a sunny 4th of July. Dayle was happy when you liked his dusk gazebo photo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. The dogs really could be twins! Your gazebo and flowers are beautiful. Glad you had a happy Fourth. We did home repair type things, and again today. It feels good to get some things done.

  9. Your flowers are so luscious!

    Very pretty July 4th decor & great job on the platter, too!

    I wish I liked the 4th but alas all the fireworks going off and my poor dogs (Gus & Rosie) have a terrible time of it. Poor Rosie would not pee until after 4am when they finally stopped going off. I wish they would ban them - what with people not being careful, the injuries, fires, and animals running away.
    Anyway enough of my soap box griping (smile).

    Our Gus is a Cairn Terrier, too! But he is more of a white. I think he might have a tiny bit of Westie in him. Rosie is a Scottish Terrier. Both are rescues & they're both sweet, sweet pups.

    All the best to you & the family!

  10. Your decorations are fantastic! Hope you had a lovely day with your family.


  11. We had a good day, in spite of being a bit sad....anyway, Phil and I went to the St. Paul rodeo late afternoon, walked around among the crowd. Figured out what we wanted to eat at the venues there. We picked different ones but ate together, leaning against a wall, found a spot to sit my drink and nobody knocked it off the little post. Rodeo was good, took some photos and fireworks photos did good too. I love your patriotic plate. Good job! Gazebo is pretty too. I love parades too but decided against going to the rodeo parade since I've not been sleeping well this week. Have a good weekend!

  12. Love your plate! My guess is that YOUR Buddy is on the right. He kind of has a, "Mommy, what are you doing and why are you not picking me up?" look on his face. You did a fantastic job decorating your patio. It's beautiful, especially the night-time picture all sparkly! Our biggest excitement is the race tonight at Daytona on TV. Looking forward to that. Our city had their fireworks show last Saturday night. Y'all have fun!

  13. Invited or not Im headed over. I LOVE your patio~! I want a norwich terrier now.
    Our astilbe in Chicago is at the exact same stage!

  14. Love your decorations Teresa. I am waaaay behind in blog reading since ai've been playing with PIPER ALL WEEK. SHE GOES HOME TO ORROW AND I hope to get a post done on Sunday or Monday. Meanwhile I would love to sit and chat awhile in your gazebo with you. Maybe go to the Chic Dump for dinner? I'll be down your way soon to help Mandy with a garage sale before they move. We girls will have to get together.

  15. Happy (belated) 4th of July!! I absolutely love your glass platter, it's amazing! The thought behind the multi coloured join is really beautiful too Teresa, absolutely love it. Hope you and your family had some wonderful celebrations x


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