Monday, July 28, 2014

Buntings and Picnics

Hello!  Welcome!  I've been happily crocheting away for several days on some colorful flags/pennants/bunting to hang on our shade canopy we put up over our picnic table at camp.  This is what I have so far and I want to at least double or triple it.  Don't mind the hanging strings on the bottom, I need to buy some bells to hang on the bottom of each one.  Two of them have bells I found in my craft drawer.  I thought it would be fun to have them tinkling in the breeze.  

These are easy - I chain 28, then double crochet into the 3rd chain from hook, and dc across to end, chain 3, turn, then dc into 1st dc (do not dc into beginning chain 3 as this is how you decrease) - dc across to last true dc, ch 3 and turn.. you do this back and forth until you have 2 dcs - tie off.  Make sure that each row is one less than the last.  When I get all my pennants done, I will chain a tie for about 25 ch or so, then sc across the pennants with 2 or 3 chains between the flags, on the end, another 25 chains, tie off.  Why don't you try this with leftover yarn?  I recommend cotton, but I'm sure anything would do.

Yesterday we made a huge pot of Orange Baked Beans in our big turquoise French oven to take to the Friends of Multnomah Falls Annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic at Guy W. Talbot State Park in the little village of Latourell in the Columbia River Gorge.  Each year one of our male volunteers brings 2 special cakes from the amazing bakery called "Petite Provence".  Take a gander at this one!  And it was good.. 

He brings the same ones each time - the chocolate one and this strawberry one with lady fingers all around.

One of the guys told me.. no photos this year.. they are all the same.  WELL.. excuse me, but we had a photo.  :-)  Actually, it's kind of fun to get everyone posed.. the bravest ones go on top of picnic table, then the bench, then the standers, then the sitters.  I think it came out well, what do you think?

Dayle and I brought and put up our shade canopy, with the help of 2 of the guys.  We also brought a folding 7 foot table with my retro green oil cloth tablecloth with cherries on it.

Here is our BBQ lunch.  We never assign potluck items to bring, but we might have to do a bit more planning as most everyone brought dessert!  LOL!  Not one potato or pasta salad!  :-)

One of our volunteers, Chris, brought several old jars filled with flowers from her garden, I got to bring this one home with me!  I think it was one of our best picnics and everyone told me it was a great time.  

My yearly photo of the poor old Latourell house.. the family is letting it rot away instead of fixing it up or selling it to someone who would.  ::sigh::  The blackberries are winning this battle.  :-(

On our drive back home from the picnic I pulled over to get a shot of these pretty wild sweet peas and Queen Anne's Lace.  I'd spotted them on our drive there and vowed to get a shot on the way home.  And we did!  Behind these are the Columbia River and Washington state across the river.

We wheeled into Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint and snapped this shot of the flowers.. I loved it so much I made it my desktop picture.

And a shot of the gorge.. we are having horrible forest fires in both Oregon and Washington, so the air is not as pure and clear as usual.  I do hope they get them out soon.

Our son Travis took his family to his 20 year High School Reunion picnic yesterday and shined up his car - which is the one he had when he graduated from high school.  When we bought the car he was 15, and he took it all apart and put all new suspension, springs, shocks, and steering in it.  It's a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback.  His pride and joy.

Time to make another pennant?  And check our camping lists.. it's a beautiful day here.  What is happening in your neck of the woods?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Not much happening here. I must be super tired for I felt like I slept half my day away. Your bunting is coming along nicely and will be a colorful addition to your camp site. The bells will surely make a soft tinkling sound in the breeze. The volunteer meal looked wonderful with those awesome desserts, almost too pretty to eat. Funny how it goes with people bringing dishes to a meal like that. How many people go out of their way to make it special and how many people fight over who is going to bring the bag of chips, lol. Last time I went to a pot luck meal I was told no one ever brings that dish and low and behold there were about 5 people who did, lol. I have seen on the news about the forest fires. Even California is suffering drought conditions. We have been so fortunate. The farmers look like they will be having a bountiful crop this year. Corn is way over my head and we have had rain which has only made it taller. It is hard to believe that August will be here soon and school will be starting for all the kiddies. Where does time go anyways!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. Well, my favorite photos in this post are those of the flowers [and the MFV :) ] I got reservations for the motel today and the details for the trip are falling into place. Hooray!!! xx

  3. Magnificent pictures again Teresa and I did like that great group shot ☺ Oh and yummy looking
    food, I love baked beans, the man here is not so keen lol

  4. Love that car! My dad worked on Mustangs when I was in high school and I drove around a 1968.

  5. Yum on the picnic food, as always! Your table is the prettiest!!! :)

    I love the bunting you are making for your camp. How fun!

  6. Ooh those cakes look yummy! The bunting is coming along great, and I'm thinking of making one for our campsite as I have lots of leftover cotton. Your pictures are beautiful as always and I love the flowers. We have the same smoky skies here and now another fire is burning tonight just outside of Spokane. It's not very big yet and I think it will be under control very quickly. (I hope.)
    See you in a few days. I'm so looking forward to Tad's Chic & Dump and seeing you girls!

  7. What a fantastic picnic and all deserts made me smile. The bunting is coming on really well and will look great tinkling in the breeze. It's ladies lunch with my girlies today can't wait xx

  8. The bunting is beautiful, I might give it a go. The picnic looks great, amazing cakes and delightful flowers. Have a great week.

  9. What a fab picnic, you all look so happy together!

    That car really looks the best, no wonder it is his pride and joy!

    This week my DH is home from work, no real plans but just pottering about and taking each day as it comes!


  10. Those cakes are beautiful! Wow, he is some talented baker. I had to laugh at the fact that there were so many desserts because as I was looking at the picnic photos I was wondering if anyone had brought either ambrosia salad or Watergate salad (the one with pistachio pudding) because I always look for those at a barbecue. :)

  11. Oh such lovely photos. The wild flowers are so very pretty. I always smile when I see Queen Anne's lace swaying in the breeze in the wild, it's such a lovely flower. Looks you all had a blast! Love the bunting, what a clever idea to have bells. How very festive.

    Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. :)

  12. Splendid photo of the group. You rarely see such a nice photo of so many people and they're all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. Good job!

    The cakes look very tasty, too.

  13. Your picnic looked perfect.Great photo of everyone! Those cakes are wonderful. I think I would like to make some pennants/bunting for the garden - think it will have to be for next year now I think. I have been so busy. DH and I did enjoy just pleasing ourselves on Sunday!!!! Beautiful photos as always. Hugs Anne x

  14. Beautiful photos and the picnic looks like a lot of fun. The car is beautiful and you can tell your son takes excellent care of it. Hope you are enjoying a nice week. Heather

  15. You all are look so happy and full of fun, what a lovely day. And beautiful shots of your lovely area Teresa. Love your triangle bunting.

  16. hello Teresa
    Bobbing by to wave and say hello, and to let you know that I often stop by your sweet blog but don't often have time to write. It seems I have become something of a lurker which I feel bad about....trying to make time to leave a trail of words behind me when I visit my favourite blogs this week :)
    I love your colourful crochet pennants, they will look super cute with little bells on the bottom. Looking forward to seeing your summer trip, I always enjoy your vacations!
    Sending a big hug and much love

  17. WOW!!!! The chocolate work on those cakes are amazing!!!! Love your cheerful buntings!!!! We saw the terrible fires on TV and I pray that they get them under control soon!!! Your picnic looked like a lot of fun and of course there has to be a photo every year!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  18. Gorgeous bunting, Teresa, how quickly you made it! It will look lovely with the bells on too, what a great idea. I loved all your photos in this post...such a great picnic and wonderful flowers.
    Wishing you lots more fun times this week :)
    Helen xox

  19. Love your bunting. I have some bells I bought at an estate sale this summer. A dozen one-inch bells.
    I also have some 2-inchers but I think they would be too heavy for your bunting.
    Say the word and I will post them to you.
    Not sure if the one-inch bells would be too heavy but if you want some free ones....

    Looking forward to your wildflower photos from Waldo Lake.

  20. ...and those pies - amazement.

  21. love the blog, just found you. Do you mind if I add you to my blog-roll?

  22. Love that bunting (and that car) so much! We could do with some bunting here today, it's pouring with rain and the colour would cheer us all up!


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