Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adding Color to Your Life

Isn't it wonderful that you can add color and music to your life to brighten it up?  A few years ago I crocheted a banner/bunting/pennants in red, white and blue.  I decided to make a colorful banner to take to our camping trip to hang on our shade canopy we erect over our picnic table.  I cannot tell you how much joy this colorful banner brings me.  I showed a photo of my work-in-progress and mentioned that I would be adding bells to the bottom of the pennants - for 2 reasons.  To hold them down and to add music when they blow in the wind.  One of my blog friends read that and offered to send me a bag of bells that she'd gotten at an estate sale.  I happily accepted and a few days ago the mail came and one envelope had a distinctive jingling sound and I knew the bells had arrived!  Thank you, Kathy - please go visit her at Running With Rocket. I just visited and she has one heck of a colorful flower garden on her patio!

I had to show you the bells when I opened the envelope... the perfect size!

I organized my pennants by the colors of the rainbow and began crocheting them together and adding the bells.  I put 3 chains between triangles and single crocheted across the top of each flag. 

It looks awfully pretty across the pergola on the deck, with flowers peeking between.  

These are easy - I chain 28, then double crochet into the 3rd chain from hook, and dc across to end, chain 3, turn, then dc into 1st dc (do not dc into beginning chain 3 as this is how you decrease) - dc across to last true dc, (and not into the top of the chain 3) ch 3 and turn.. you do this back and forth until you have 2 dcs - tie off.  Make sure that each row is one less than the last.  When I get all my pennants done, I will chain a tie for about 25 ch or so, then sc across the pennants with 2 or 3 chains between the flags, on the end, another 25 chains, tie off.  Why don't you try this with leftover yarn?  I recommend cotton, but I'm sure anything would do.  You can make them bigger or smaller to your taste by how many chains you make to begin with.

This is the best year ever for the flowers that Dayle winters over, such as this tuberous begonia.  We've had the sunniest year ever.  Climate change?  

We have 3 color varieties of these.. I love this white one with pretty pink edging.

The Asian lilies are happy with the sun but they are aging and drying out faster with the warm dry weather.

Another of my wonderful blog friends, Meredith at Mereknits made a Queen Anne's Lace scarf and when I was shopping at Craft Warehouse I saw this fabulous variegated yarn and grabbed two skeins of this luscious acrylic in single ply - it looks hand-spun and is very lustrous!  I think my two granddaughters might like a scarf in this pink rainbow color.

This one is rather like a peacock color.  They will make great scarves as they are soft.

It feels as yummy as it looks.

A few more shots of the bunting here, next it will be hung in our campsite at Waldo Lake!

We ran some errands yesterday and I quickly snapped this shot on my phone as we passed over the Stark Street Bridge over the Sandy River.. we've had some hot weather of late and the river is FULL of people cooling off by swimming and rafting down the river.  

Well, time to make lunch for Dayle and I and then we're going power shopping at Costco and Winco to get the fresh food for our trip.  What are you up to this fine day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such a riot of wonderful colour!

    Today has been a day of running errands, although have managed to sneak a bit of crochet in between jobs!

    You must be getting very excited now about your upcoming holiday trip!


  2. What fun your bunting is Teresa, it will look fab hanging and jingling when you put it up at your camp. The bells really do finish it off perfectly. It's nearly bedtime here. We have enjoyed a sunny day xx

  3. Hi Teresa! What a fun post. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! This is the time of year where everything begins to burn up here. And your bunting.....oh my....I am in love!! I saw it on fb, and the pics on your blog are even more beautiful! I can well imagine it, blowing in the breeze at Waldo Lake, with a little jingling music as it sways to and fro in the breeze!!! I love bunting! I have several out of fabric, but have not yet made one with crochet. And now I must! How sweet of your friend to send you those bells. They are the perfect size too!!!
    Love the yummy yarn. The girls will love a scarf in those pretty colors!
    Will you be posting from the lake?
    xo Kris

  4. So lovely to pop into your colur ful world. Gave the best time in your holidays x

  5. Lovely post Teresa. Adore the bunting and bells. I have just returned from eldest son's home. Feeling sad. X

  6. Today was the last day of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow...and the closing ceremony was tonight. So proud to be a Glaswegian; could never live anywhere but Glasgow. Love reading your blog.

  7. The bunting turned out so pretty and Kathy's bells are just the right touch. Looks great hanging on the pergola - such wonderful color!

    The Prism yarn is perfect for Meredith's 'Queen Anne's Lace Scarf' pattern. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. It's going to be very lovely.

    I don't know about you, but we here in north Portland are ready to see an end to all this awful hot weather. Right now, this minute!!! (smile) I don't remember in my 10 yrs. living here, it ever having been so hot. But then again our other house did have central AC. (smile). Plus, I'm 'of an age', ha ha.

    As for my day - Let's see - I cooked up 48 meals for my two pups (Gus & Rosie). Those will only last for 12 days, then I will need to cook again. Then I'll give them both a good bath tonight when it's the hottest so they'll be cool. Having pups with diet issues isn't for the weak of heart. Our Gus is about 14 yrs old & Rosie about 8 yrs. I say about because they're both rescues. Gus (Cairn) has liver & kidney issues. Rosie (Scottie) is healthy (fingers crossed) & we want to keep her that way so we give her the same home cooked diet as Gus.

    Sorry for all the info - just feeling talkative. (((Hugs))) Lacy

  8. I love the bunting with the bells!

  9. Wow. Just wow. I have SERious garden envy now, and not just of the bunting, your pergola thingy is gorgeous! Loving all the amazing colour. How can you bear to leave such a place, even for a week or so ?! Have a great trip :)

  10. To think I was worried those one-inch bells would be too heavy - they are perfect.
    I am so happy you could put them to use.

    note to self: hurry and figure out the crochet thing so I can have bunting like Teresa's

  11. We are having that sunny weather too, and since there has been little rain we now have a terrible mess with our Lake Erie because of the previous run off of the farm fields and all the other crap people decide to dump there. Even our neighbor to the north, Detroit gets rid of stuff in the lake. Now they have to clean it up and everyone is being warned about water safety and not to drink or even boil that water till it clears up. No bathing in it either unless you are a healthy adult. I think maybe if you would chance it then later on you may not be so healthy. I thank God that I have a well and do not have to depend on the river or the lake for my water. I agree with Jill, how can you leave such a pretty place as you have to call "home". It would just be a vacation to sit out on the pergola and listen to the little pond stream you have so close by. The little bells would tinkle and that would be so relaxing. Reading a book or crocheting would be so much fun. I tell you what, you guys go ahead on your trip and I will come vacation at your place. Of course I am just pulling your leg, lol. Hope you both enjoy your trip and safe traveling. It was so nice that a friend sent you the bells. What a nice random act of kindness.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  12. I'm here! I'm here!! Dinner tomorrow at Tad's! Yippee! This post confirms my thoughts. I need to make a bunting for the lake. I just need to find a place to hang it!! Jingle bells for sure. 😍. Your trip sounds so special. I can't wait till tomorrow.

  13. Hi Teresa, looking fabulous and all those glorious flowers have a wonderful trip , sounds exciting
    Hugs x

  14. Lovely bunting, and the bells on the ends are genius. I love the idea of power shopping, I'll remember that next time I have to make a big shopping trip. Lots of chores about the place needed this morning, and some organising of things too. We'll be going into our little town this afternoon - a little shopping and to the library. Nothing very exciting - Mondays tend to be like that around here. I hope you have a lovely trip, CJ xx

  15. The bunting is stunning and the added bells are a real delight. Beautiful garden.

  16. I love your bunting Teresa and it looks so good on your pergola. I think you should put it up there after you've returned from your trip. The way you've placed the colours is beautiful - can't go past a rainbow for beauty can you? That Mary Maxim yarn looks gorgeous and will make great scarves. Wish we got yarn like that over here. xox

  17. The bunting is so colorful and cheerful! I love that you put the bells on there, so now when the wind blows they will chime. :) Hope you all have a most wonderful camping trip, and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. The flowers at your place are always so beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us today. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  18. As always, it's wonderful to visit with you in your bright, colorful happy world!!!! Best thing to be doing on a hot summer day!!!! Have a happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  19. Well your flags are adorable! Bells too!
    I love those floating down the river folks! We used to float down the Tomahawk river several times a day when my father had a north woods cabin

  20. oh i forgot: today:
    lunch with a retired nurse friend and another nurse I don't get to see often enough.
    QUiet afternoon bloggin, knitting a baby sweater, and hanging out on the porch with Fireman. Ahhhh

  21. Thanks for adding more color to my life through this pretty post, Teresa! I want to make a bunting like yours, too :) But for now I need to get busy and pack for my trip to CA. See you in a week! xx

  22. Your bunting with the bells looks wonderful Teresa and do have a awsome time away.
    That is some lovely wool you have their and bright colours can change our day ☺

  23. The bunting is even more perfect with those bells on, how thoughtful of your friend. Love the new yarn you are going to use to make the scarves, your darling granddaughters in Ohio are going to love them. Hope you had a fun dinner last night, I am off to surgery with my son in a few hours. Wish him luck,

  24. What a fun banner -- it looks like jester caps! I am loving color more as I get older. I have some ideas to redo my little office; when I shared them with my son, he wondered why I can't just use neutrals. Lol! You're so right that color brings joy!

  25. Your bunting is gorgeous! I love it. I might make one in "boy" colors to use when my son has birthday parties. I made a fabric bunting for my daughter a couple of years ago and use it when she has her parties but hadn't made one for him yet. I love reusable decorations. Your flowers are beautiful, I just love begonias. I hope you and Dayle have a wonderful trip, relax and enjoy!

  26. Love the pictures of your bunting hanging out back, and the bells are the perfect embellishment!

  27. Oh I love your bunting! The bells are a brilliant idea, do they jungle in the wind?

    Ohhhh your prism yarn is SO gorgeous!!! It looks super soft and cosy, must resist buying!! x


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